Chapter 7

(The next day)

(Theresa):[slowly waking up, yawning]. . .That was my best sleep in a long time. huh?… where did Ren go?(is he under the blanket again)

Theresa checked under the blanket. but unfortunately Ren wasn There

”He isn under the blanket, were could he be ” Theresa checked everywhere on the house but she still couldn find Ren. she was starting to get worried, until she saw a paper on the dinner table.

”Whats this ” She picked up the paper and procced to open it

”Its a note, and its from Ren… Theresa if your reading this Im on a journey for the week, Im still trying to find the dragon soul and III be back sooner than you know it, and also i cooked you some food eat it before its get cold alright and take care… from Ren ”

Theresa felt relief after reading the note, but she still has a worried feeling about Rens journey.

”Take care too Ren. where ever you are ” she said it in a worried voice

(walking on the side of the mountain)

(Ren):(I hope Theresa wakes up, the food might get cold)… Now where could this stone giant be.[looks at the poster]

(Flashback before Ren leaves the kingdom)

”Hmm… ” looking for a quest to do

”H-hello sir, are you looking for a quest by any chance? ” a knight approached Ren.

”Hm?!.. o yea Im looking for a quest. do you have any strong demons and monster by any chance ” Ren replied to the young knight

”Right on time.. is this enough sir? ” The knight took out two poster from his bag.

Ren took a look at the two poster

”Hmm.. ”

[Quest poster 1, Wanted: a stone giant, location: living close on the mountains, reward: 20,000 gold]

[Quest poster 2, Wanted: ?, location: Dessert, reward ?]

”III take two of these quest, but why does the second poster has nothing except the location ”

”I don really know either sir ” The young knight replied

”Is that so… alright time for me to take my leave. take care ”

(back to Ren)

Ren is still searching for the stone giant and slowly losing his temper ”WHERE IS THIS STONE BASTARD AT!!! ” His voiced echoed through the mountains. but suddenly he sense a energy nearby

”!! Finally i can sense you ” Ren runned towards the energy, but when he arrive nothing was there. ”What?! nothings here its just a large field, trees and mountains surrounding it ”

When Ren was about to leave the ground started shaking tremendously

”what the.. the ground is shaking ” After that the ground started raising. ”Nows its raising! ”

Ren managed to get off the raising ground and he managed to land back safely.



”(Its the stone giant)Finally! ” excitement on his voice

The stone giant noticed Ren on the ground. ”A human is in my territory ”

”Im not a human! Im a dragon and Im hear to annihilate you! ” replied to the stone giant.

The stone giant launched a uppercut at Ren and the fist of the stone giant was grinding the ground. ”HAAAAAA!… ”

”GHAAAA!… ” Ren tried to blocked the fist, but he got send flying on the mountains. ”Gha! Dammit my arms feels like its about to break. ”

Ren procced to get up like noting happened to him and he start flying towards the stone giant without hesitation.

The stone giant noticed Ren flying toward him. ”So you have a death wish dragon! i can gladly give you that! ” the stone giant launched another right fist at Ren.

Ren sees the fist coming toward his way, he start infusing his fist with fire . ”DRAGON FIST!! ”

Both fist connected with each other and it caused immense shockwaves of air across the whole planet.

”GAAAAHHH!!… ” The stone giants whole arm got annihilated by the dragon fist after that Ren continued to rapidly punch the stone giant on the chest.

”HAAAAAAA!!… ” Ren was screaming in anger while punching the stone giants chest. but the stone giant suddenly grab Ren and procced to throw Ren hard on the ground.

”You damn dragon!… WHAT?! ” The stone giant was in shocked to see Ren still alive and standing.

”Is that the best you can do ” Ren wasn even Fazed by the stone giants attack.

”What?! how come your still alive? i throwed you hard on the ground! ” The stone giant said.

”Let me teach you about us dragons ” Ren started flying toward the stone giant. ” We dragons have a thick skin! ” Ren punch the stone giant on the face.

”GHUUUU!… ” the hurt stone giant

”And we dragons have immense power and strength… DRAGON KICK!! ” Ren kicked the stone giants head so hard that the head flew from its body and it landed on the ground.



”Any last words ” Creating a energy ball in his hand

”Thank you! Im finally free! ” The stone heads replied to Ren.

”W-what?! ” Ren was in shocked after hearing that.

”Thank you dragon! now i can finally rest! ” After that the stone head finally closed his eyes.

”Hm.. rest well stone head ” Ren leaves the forest and procced go to the dessert. . . . . ”Im finally out of that forest ” Ren looked in front of him to see that the dessert is just right there. ”Oh the dessert is just right here, III just need to- ”

Ren suddenly sense a super massive energy nearby. ”(t-this energy! its insane and its bigger than my energy, i need to be careful, that massive energy is nearby) ” speaking in his consciousness.

Ren continued to walked in the dessert even though that massive energy stilled frightened him.

”I can still sense that crazy energy it-!! ” A sandstorm suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Ren tried to just fly out of the sandstorm, but he notice something that caught his attention, he flys above of the sand storm to take a closer look at it.

”that forming in the middle of the sandstorm, its the same energy from before. . . . what?! the sandstorm suddenly stop. ” Ren notice a humanoid being in the distance, he concealed his energy so that he could not be seen.

”That person, hes carrying the same crazy energy from before ”

The mysterious person suddenly looked at Ren and procced to say.

”Who are you?! ”


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