It was Samuels first day at the popular House of Justice. He stood looking at the large building, painted white with its transparent large door. The angel holding a scale and a sword. He sighed as he walked in. the titles were so clean he could see his reflection, it was cold because of Air Conditioning the weather outside is hot, it was summer in Ehteran and the weather forecast said it was now twenty degrees Celsius.

people were staring while whispering and pointing at him.

Of course, he was the popular boy, he has the highest result in the exams and was also the only survivor in the field test. Well, hes the second-highest. Trent Vanderwood the new boss he hasn met is the highest. He walked to his new office they were three other men busily putting things in order.

the office has four desks. two on each side of the large four-corner room. The tables are all white and have a drawer on each side with a white brand new looking computers on each desk.

”Hi am Samuel Bassett he said as he saluted them ”. ” you
e the new kid, ” A plumpy short man with a mustache, and a big belly, he is about 4ft 5 inches tall. said as he stared at him. ”You look so young, ” Another man said he is about 5ft 2.5 inches tall and looks Asian his skin was as white as snow, and his hair is long for a guy. ”His nineteen what do you expect ”

The broad guy said as he put on his hat, he is the tallest man Ella has ever seen, he is about 8ft 9 inches tall. He walked out of the office.

”He looks sixteen to me, ” the plumpy guy said. ”Am right here ”. Samuel said in his mind.

Trent walked into the building, the ladies couldn stop salivating at his presence. Yes hes a handsome young man, his pale skin was radiant, he is brash, well built and wore a blue fitted suit. his silver hair was scattered on his head making looking more attractive, his dark red eyes could seduce someone without him having to try a thing, and his red lips looked so damn sexy he is about 5ft 10.8 inches tall. No woman could stop staring

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