”Why were you late ” Ella finally broke the silence, mostly because he kept humming the song he was continuously playing for thirty minutes now. Title of song: am sexy and I know it.

”Oh! About that, you see El when I got out… ”Is Ella ” she cut in. ”rude but I will forgive you ” he smiled at her and she rolled her eyes. ”I got out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror in my room, and I couldn stop staring at myself, because I realize how handsome and sexy I look.

I totally lost track of time ” he said with a grin on his face. ”You
e joking right ” Ella squinted her eyes at him. ”What do you think? ” He asked with the stupid grin he still kept on his face. Ella wanted to reply but she decided to stay quiet. ”You
e so boring, El ” he said with a smug on his face.

They spotted MaryLucas Lorch because of the obvious sign board, that was welcoming them. They still had a ten-minute ride ahead of them before they could enter the main town. They pass by the beautiful long trees.

”Do you know the story of this town, my dear Ella? ” he asked ”am not your dear, but yes. Is about a young boy named Lucas, who fell in love with a fishermans daughter named Mary. They loved each other so much but Lucass Father the duke was against it even though Mary was pregnant with his grandchild, so they decided to run away together.

Unfortunately for them, Lucass best friend who Lucas told about his plan to elope told the duke about it. So the duke sent some of his men to kill Mary, they hit Mary in the head with a stone and threw her into the lake by the time Lucas arrived, he found her body floating in the water and he also jumped into the lake to die with his beloved.

It is a very sad and romantic story. ”No is a very stupid story ” Trent replied, ”why do you say that the woman he loved was killed with his unborn child! ” She gritted her teeth.

”I will tell you why am a very generous person, after all, *he patted his chest*, firstly how did they know that idiots best friend betrayed him and how many men the idiots father sent, and how did they know that it was a stone they used to smash her head, what if it was something else and if is all true instead of killing himself he could have gone back to kill his father, best friend and the men that killed Whatever her name is, then he would become the duke, marry a very beautiful lady, give birth to children and name one of his children after whats her face and live happily ever after ”.

Ella was completely dumbstruck, she didn know what to say, she stopped staring at him to find out that they have entered the town. The town was set to look like the middle age time, except for their outfit that is from the modern days, they slowly drove into the town the people kept scrutinizing them, some were even whispering.

They had to park their car and trek because the road ahead was narrow. ”Who built this shit hole, ” Trent said loud enough for some passerby to hear, they all turned to look at him. ”He doesn mean it, hes just stressed out, ” Ella said with a smile trying to ease the tension. ”I meant every word I said ” Trent replied before walking away.

Leaving Ella and the people shocked. Ella shook her head. ”I pray he doesn get us killed ” and she ran to him as they made their way to the magistrates office.

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