Ella was studying in the library when a young maid rushed in, she was breathing heavily as she held her knees for support, ”Rose, are you sure you
e meant to be a maid? ” Ella taunted her. ”Of course! ”

Rose said as she stood straight and hug her bosom. The young maid is a very busty beautiful girl, that was one thing Ella doesn have, huge breasts. she once eavesdropped on the guards conversation when they were praising women with big breasts,

she sighed unknowingly staring at her chest. ”Your Dad is here ” Roses news brightened her day, she quickly rushed to her grandfathers study and there was her Dad, Samuel Patterson.


”Lie to me and silver will tear you limp by limp ” Trent threatened with his eyes looking serious, his dangerous aura started flowing around him making Ella gulp.

”My name is Ella Patterson, I joined the house of Justice because it has always been my dream ” Well she didn lie, that was the first reason she wanted to join the House of Justice to follow in her Grandfathers and Fathers footstep. ”And? ” Trents seductive voice bought her out of her thoughts. ”What do you mean? ”

Ella asked unsure of what he meant. ”The other reason? Trents patience was starting to wear off. ”Ella tried her best to hide her shocked expression, there was no way for him to know. ” I don know what you mean ” Ella decided to feign ignorance. He smirked at her. ”Silver attack ” ”wait ”, too late Silver jumped on her as he pinned her down readying to take a bite. ”Stop ” Trents commanding voice made the wolf close its mouth.

Ella completely forgot to breathe out of fear. ”You better start talking, this forest is far from town. Trent was an impatient person. He checked the time again. ” I want to prove my fathers innocence, I am Samuel Pattersons daughter ” he was shocked, that was not what he was expecting to hear.

”You are lying Samuel Patterson had two children Edward and Ellison, ” he said staring right into her eyes. He knew she wasn lying that was one of his powers to detect lies and the girl was not lying. ”Well am his third child who grew up with his Father ”.

Ella looked sad. ”How did you know, that I am a girl? ” ”Because I have a brain while the rest have piles of poop in their heads, ” he said with so much confidence as he lit his cigarette. She stared at him, this guy is a narcissistic bastard.

She thought in her mind. ”Your father is a traitor, you should leave, ” he said without any remorse as he started walking with silver tailing him. ”You are wrong! ” her voice stopped him, he turned to stare at the girl whose eyes were filled with anger and pain.

”My father was a hard-working and honest man, who serve the organization with nothing but diligence ” she shouted at top of her voice. ”Hes also the man who sold humans to the rogues, ” he said without batting an eyelid. ”He was set up….. ” By who? he cut in. ”Leave the organization while am still being nice or I will send you to your traitorous Father, ” he said as he continued walking.

”I see, you want to get rid of me because am a human who is compared to the great pure-blooded vampire, you can stand the fact that a woman surpasses you in the future ” she smirked when he came to a halt. ”What rubbish! ” his voice sounded angry. He doesn need to face for her to know that he must be steaming red right now. ”Is not rubbish, is the truth ” she knew she has scratched his ego.

He walked close to her as he pushed her to a tree making her back hurt, he trapped her with his body, his face was just an inch away from hers, and she almost forgot to breathe. ”I am not worried about that because you can never surpass me ” she can feel his hot breath against her face.

”Then let me work in the organization I challenge you to let me work in the organization, I will prove you wrong and also proof my Fathers innocence, ” she said, staring right into his eyes.

”Fine I accept the challenge but if you fail any mission I give you in the next three weeks, you will leave the organization without turning back or I will let them know that a traitors daughter is pretending to be a boy working in the organization.

And trust me, you don want that ”. ”Deal ”, she said as she pulled out her hand, stretching it to him to shake, which he roughly shook ” deal ”. He made way for her as they both left the scary looking forest.

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