The screaming grew louder, Ella ran up, the green stairs, the more she ran through the hall, the louder the screaming grew, she reached the guest room where the source of the voice was, but she was stopped by her grandfather.

”Bbut thats Ellis, ” she said through the rise and fall of her chest, she was still trying to catch her breath but what mattered to her was Ellis. ”You can go in there, ” he said patting her head as he passed her, she fell on the cold concrete floor.

Her grandfather turned back seeing his granddaughters shoulders shaking as she sobs, her tears wetting the concrete floor, but at that moment, he doesn know what to say to her so he just walked away; leaving Ella crying her eyes out as she heard her sister screaming like that, it hurts her heart and made her feel so weak knowing there was nothing she could do.

She stared at the brown wooden door that separated her from her sister, she sat on the floor for a long time before she gathered herself up to look for her grandfather.

”I want to join the house of Justice ”, her grandfather who was writing on parchment with his glasses hanging on his nose, dropped his pen and raised his head, staring at her. She stood straight like a soldier waiting for orders, between his visitor seats, his brown desk was filled with papers and seating on his beautifully designed chair that has a crown design on the top, He sighed ”Are you sure you can do this?…., ” Yes I can ” ”You know that I will always support you ” ”I know that, thats why I need to clear fathers name so that people will stop looking down on the Patersons ” she said, ”How are you going to join the organization? ”… * he asked her, his blue eyes looking straight into her brown eyes.

He looked haggard and tired he has more wrinkles on his face making him look older, his cheekbones looked sharper probably because he has lost some weight, and his mustache and hair have extra grey hairs, anyone who looks at Mr.Patterson knows that he is a gentleman with a kind soul.

” Trust me, grandfather, I have planned everything ” she replied. He gave her a heartfelt smile. ”Just be safe, thats what matters to me the most ”.


Everyone stopped talking as soon as the pretty-looking boy walked in.

His brown hair was combed back, his large brown eyes had a twinkle in them, his full kissable lips turned into a beautiful smile showing his dimples, his straight nose looks like a button on his face, he tipped his hat at the ladies, they couldn help but blush for that triangle pretty face, he wore black pants, a white shirt, and a black coat over it, he

adjusted his black hat on his head and walked by confidently with his briefcase as he made his way to the office stepping on the white tiles. He knocked on the door and the plumpy guy raised his head staring at him, ” Are you looking for someone? ”

the plumpy man asked, ”no sir, ”is Samuel ” she replied, the plumpy guy was shocked, ”Is me, ” she said again ”you look so different ”… The Asian guy rushed in like he was being chased by the devil, the office is divided into three sides with everyones desk and name tags placed on their tables, he abruptly pulled Ella closer scrutinizing her, ” so is true, why did you appear looking plain yesterday ” he said as he shook her.

”Wow! the tall guy said and went straight to his desk. ”He is now number two on the most handsome men chart, ” Michael said making Chen and gasp in surprise. ”Really! the both of them shouted looking at Ella.

” I believe that his handsomeness will surpass Trent Vanderwood ” Trent saw the post on the chart and started laughing like a maniac. ”Ella Patterson are you declaring war? ” he said to himself as he twirled on his seat laughing, making the cleaners stare at him as if he was crazy.

”What a cute mouse you are, ” he said with a sinister smile plastered on his face.


Ehteran is a country formed by me, composed of different creatures, such as witches, vampires, demons, brainiacs, werewolves, and other more to come. House of Justice technology is created by Brainiacs to protect the peace of ehteran created to fight the organization called rogues.

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