Ella made her way to the tech lab to meet Brian Brainiac, the amazing guy who created awesome weapons that every field agent uses. She felt like he knows about her gender because of the way he was looking at her.

She smiled and waved at him and he waved back. ”Good morning, Mr. Samuel ” he greeted her ”Good morning to you too ” she replied with a smile revealing her dimples, Brian couldn help but blush.

”Are you really the Brainiacs she said staring at the heads of the other Brainiacs who were too busy to even notice her. ”Yes we
e the Brainiacs, why do you ask? he asked with curiosity filling his eyes. ” well I heard that the Brainiacs have a huge head because their brains are too big ” she raised her hands trying to mimic the size of the head, Brian laughed and shook his head.

”Our heads are normal as you can see but our IQ is very high ” ”Oh! I see, sorry for that ” she apologized clearing her throat and feeling ashamed of herself for believing such nonsense ”is okay, Theres no problem ”.

After testing the prototype of her new weapon, they gave her Trents new batch of blood capsules, on the way she saw Michael going towards the meeting hall. ”Whats going on? ” She got Michaels attention. , ”Theres a meeting, lets go in, they entered the huge hall and sat on the right side of the hall far away from the others.

She saw a young boy standing at the accused box, and a man standing at the witness box. A lady gave her a file she collected it before smiling at the lady whose cheeks turned into a shade of pink, the lady continued to distribute the files.

”Mr. Boyles here is accused of murdering his family ” a man in a grey suit informed the rest, which shocked Ella. ”All the information is in the file given to you, Trents team will be dealing with this case, ” The man said before taking his seat.

”Looks like this will be your first mission with us, ” Michael said with a huge smile plastered on his face.

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