Cyrus Potter walked back into the meeting hall, he saw the Elders arguing amongst themselves but he still walked up to them anyways. ”Greetings to my Elders, ” he said bowing down to show his respect.

They all turned to look at the young man, he is a handsome young man, has curly brown hair and very pink lips, he was also a senior investigator like Trent. ”How may we help you ” Romulus the elder with very dark eyes asked. Cyrus remained quiet for a while before regaining some of his confidence.

”I want to take part in the investigation ” he finally blurted. ”But Trent is going to be the one to investigate the case ” Atticus the elder with blonde hair and blue eyes said.

”I know but I want you to give me a chance ” he lowered his head. ”Lets give him a chance ” Aurelia the only female among the elders vocalized. Romulus sighed before looking at the young man ”you have my blessings ”. Cyrus was beyond happy, he smiled like a school boy who got his first kiss from a girl he has been crushing on.

”I won disappoint you ”. ”That will be the first ” Trents voice rang through the hall and all the elders attention moved to him. ”What will be the first, ” Romulus asked, he narrowed his eyes as he stared at Trent. ”Him not being a disappointment ” he chuckled as he walked in making someone turn red in anger.

”How dare you say that to my face ” Cyrus growled at Trent. ”Do you prefer I say it to your back, you know am an honest man ” he said petting his chest. Before Cyrus could reply, Atticuss voice was heard. ”The both of you should stop this at once ” ”but he started it ” Cyrus pointed out ”wow! You sound like a thirteen-year-old girl right now ” Trent shook his head feeling dejected at Cyrus which irked Cyrus more.

”No time for arguments, you two have a mission to do, the fate of a young boy lies on your shoulders, ” Another elder named Titus said, his striking red hair making it impossible for him not to be noticed by people.

”Whatever you say Titus ” Trent waved and walk away. ”Doesn that boy knows that he is not supposed to call an elder by his name ” Aurelia looked displeased.

He made his way to his office and met his team waiting by his office. ”Good morning!!! ” They all greeted in unison. ”What is the case about? ” He asked without answering their greetings.

”Is about a young boy named Adam Boyle, he is being accused of killing his entire family ” Chen informed his boss who was scrolling through the files. ”Yikes! This is truly messed up ” he said laughing out every sentence, she doesn know what he found funny about someone being accused of killing his entire family and that someone being a child.

”Bassett! ” (No reply). ”Bassett!! ” (No reply). ”Basset! ” Michael poke her arm and she came to her senses and met Trents eyes which were glaring at her. ”Are you done with your trip to Neverland, did you dance with the bunnies and guards over there? ” He clicked his tongue as he gazed at her making her uncomfortable. ”You
e in charge of this case.

Congratulations Bassett ” he announced with a smile on his face; she wish she can slap off the smile from his face. The others congratulated her, she smiled before looking at the devil who was trying to ruin her. ”My first challenge. ” She thought to herself

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