Ella waited at the entrance of the house of justice for her boss/partner Trent, he told her to be there by seven OClock am. Here she was waiting for him and it was already 8:30 am, she saw Chen walking towards her.

Chen is a young handsome man he kept a long hair and she wondered why but his hair was scanty, very black, and is beautiful to look at he has the popular Asian mongoloid eyes and it looked sexy also putting him on the top men women want to marry he had a perfectly sized concave nose, a and a thin light red lips, he has a good body structure probably because he works out a lot.

She also wondered why almost all the men in these organizations, really handsome was it because they aren human but Chen isn a vampire.

”Good morning Sam ” Chens voice bought her back to the world, ”Good morning Chen, how do you do? ” She asked ”am fine, still waiting for the boss, ” Chen asked looking around, trying to see if he could find Trent.

”Yes he said 7, this is 8:39, ” Ella said, staring at her watch, maybe she should follow Chen in and come back later. ” There he is! ” Chen said

loudly drawing the attention of the people walking in and out of the building. ”Sorry ” he apologized as he scratched his head.

Trent drove in with a black BMW, he parked it and came over to them. ”Damn his so handsome, ” Ella thought in her mind, he was wearing a grey suit that complimented his silver eyes, and his red full sexy lips turned into a seductive smile.

Ella felt her breath hitched, his silky silver hair that was scattered on his head and some on his forehead making him look even sexier. Ella wanted to scold him but her mind betrayed her and all the speech she planned was now jumbled in her head all she could hear in her mind was about Trent being too handsome.

”My mind you
e a betrayal she murmured to herself. ”What did you say, ” Chen asked ”nothing ” she quickly shook her head. Unbeknownst to her, both men heard her although Chen didn understand what she meant and was confused, while Trents smile grew wider because he completely understood, his little mouse is smitten with him.

”Chen your in charge, Basset lets go. They both got into the car and drove away. Is been ten minutes and none of them said anything, Ella looked out the window looking at the billboards since they were now stuck in a traffic jam, her eyes widened, and she blinked her eyes a couple of times.

She stated at the billboard in disbelief, it was Trent Vanderwood, he was shirtless showing his six PACs and sexy muscles a girl wrapped her arms around him, he was holding a black glass vial, thats when she realizes that he was advertising a perfume, the screen went black then in a black, background. SEDUCTION was written in white.

”Is that you? ” He turned to look at the screen which was advertising another advert, ”wow! Ella are you comparing to a crab ” she looked at the screen.

”No! I meant the perfume, seduction the advert ” she said really fast. Trent chuckled and Ellas face turned red, feeling embarrassed. ”You see because of my handsomeness many companies beg me to advertise their product and I do it for the money ” he answered.

”Oh I see ” she adjusted herself in the seat and the ride became quiet again.

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