Saikō no saikō

Saikō no saikō (Best of the best)


I have a question and I need an honest answer

Question: What does it mean to live as a human being ?

To have no bonds ?

To have relationships ?

Wouldn the world be better if such things didn exist in this world , if you were look deeper into human psychology you would notice that not having such things would make humans evolve further than imagined in short it would creat the prefect human being

But at this rate there is no doubt that for humans to evolve it will take time , human beings are too busy fighting one another over meaningless things , that is the reality in this world there is no perfect human

Chapter 1: what It means to live

My name is Hahito Kessaku (は人 傑作) and as of the beginning of the year Im bringing enrolled into Kanpekina academy (完璧なアカデミー) as a first year .

I know what your thinking its a great school however its rated with three stars on its review not bad and it has a low profile my kind of place .

The boy stood as he came out of the school bus , his stood with a height of 177cm , he posed gold colored eyes and pale brown hair, the boy had an emotion less face in other words poker face .

He stood and looked upon his school and thought to himself

nothing special, just an ordinary school, just what Ive been looking for

Has Hahito walked through the school the fact that he got peoples attention surprised him , most likely his facial expression emotion less and empty however he still should no sign of distress.

Hahito along with the other new students was given a slip on it having his class number , his dorm room and other school information he needed, for a school rated with three stars it was a surprise at the least.

hmm I was aware that it was a enclosed boarding school however I didn expect this Hahito thought to himself.

The students were then told to attend the school hall for the welcoming ceremony, Hahito reached the hall and another surprise came to him , the students were arranged in the same order as classes, there were five rolls marks classes A,B,C,D,E , each rolls had a total of 20 students meaning the first years were 100 in total.

Hahito sat in this class roll according to his slip class E ,

its quite Hahito thought

The roll he was in was quite which wasn what he expected only a few seconds after the students were the addressed by the student council president Ruhen Yamamoto .

”my fellow students ” he said as he stood as the very symbol of education with an intense look in his eyes , he possessed short black hair and light green eyes .

”I Ruhen Yamamoto on behalf of the student council welcome you to Kanpekina academy, Im aware that alot of you are surprised about the schools situation, the rating review states that this is a three star institution, however that rating was planted by the school itself as a cover up to avoid Media disturbances ”

Hahito after hearing that statement Rather rethought his decision but there was nothing he could do in a way the school was helping him but not exposing itself.

”At this academy you must give it your best ” Ruhen said to the students and with one last sentence he closed the ceremony.

” Understand this failure is not an option ”

Hahito didn think too much about it however the rest of the students were surly overthinking things . Hahito then went to the schools main campus and it was huge .

The dorms were in large numbers , the school was clean and spot less each student was given a dorm with there own personal key and the classes were in even bigger numbers.

The School was divided in three sections for first , second and third year students having their own second the school has one huge mall were students would buy the food and what not , a pool , sports parks along with many

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