Saikō no saikō

Chapter 3 : The Three

May I ask you something what is meant by the term equality ?

The dictionary defines equality as the state of being equal , especially in status, rights , and opportunity.

But if you look at the current world and are people truly equal or are some people just tools and ponds In someones Master plan.

Different people would answer this question differently some would say in the eyes of God man is equal others would say no there is too much unfair ness but the answer is simply no humans are not equal and equality doesn exist not only for humans but other living creatures on this planet.

The second day of school had come for me at kanpekina academy and unlike the rest of the class I was the only one who hadn made any friends.

I mean well I don really need friends but in order to live a normal life I have to make comrades.

On my free time I head over to the roof to clear my head and Maybe think of a way to live a normal life but its rather difficult because my whole life Ive been isolated , in short Im a lonely guy but Ive never felt lonely so I guess Im fine .

As I went over to the roof I came across Miss . kirishima and she had no clue who I was .

”what brings you here ? ” She said to me as she smoked and looked to the sky.

”which class are you in ? ” she asked me as she slowly turned and looked at me .

Before I could answer a question she remembered that I was from her class , and I asked her a question that had been bothering me for quite some time as I came to this school.

”Sorry to intrude however I have a question, if I may ask ”

She looked to me and said nothing but listened.

”I was wondering , just how does this school operate ? ”

This had been in my mind from the day I attended this school, according to my research Kanpekina academy should be nothing but a normal school but all this was rather beyond my expectations

My question quickly got her attention and she walked towards me . she stared at me for 10 seconds and hoped my facial expression would change but to her surprise I was as emotion less as ever .

” You wish to know how this school operates ” She said as she threw her cigar on her the floor.

” personally as a teacher I believe all the necessary information has been provided, however if you still want answers I suggest you interact with the other students and find out ”

That was the answer she gave me as she walked towards the door, meaning now I had a reason to make friends even though I really wasn hoping to.

later that day I tried to figure out who I should interact with it was too bother some coming up with a plan so I went to the only person I had ever spoken to at this School Shizu Yamamoto.

I went over to seat next to Shizu as she was having a soft drink and the look on her face screamed get lost or Ill kill you however it also said Im a good person .

we stared at each other for 5 seconds

and during that all that was going through my head was ” just how powerful of an ally can Shizu be ”.

Naturally I have to look at social status and knowledge accuracy , she smart thats for sure but social kills are worse than mine .

After 2 seconds she completely snapped.

”ok get lost ”

she said to me as she put her drink on the table ,

” I would like to seat here if I may ”

Once I said that she completely just picked up her drink and we sat in an alkward silence .

I got up and left for the bathroom, as I said before Ive never been one to socialize and so I don know how to start conversations its hard for me Im a *super loner* .

once I was done with the bathroom I begun to wash my hands and then student council president Ruhen Yamamoto walked in and the look he gave me was more deadly than shizus look.

I went to look for Shizu but she was nowhere to be found so I disposed the food she left behind .

I was about to leave and the one of my classmates Tamaki Ayamoo seat 3 roll 2 mistakenly pumped into Ruhen and spilled soup on him and his shirt was stained with the soup .

Ruhen out of rage slapped Tamaki and with that the whole cafeteria went silent and looked their way . The slap sounded like thunder itself and it left a mark on his chick.

” Such insolence should be punished ” Ruhen said in a loud voice .

Ruhen then raised his hand and was about to slap Tamaki once more , he swinged his hand and out of pity I caught Ruhens hand .

” Thats abit much don you think ” I said to him as he looked at me with a death stare I wasn at all intimated I was still as emotionless as before.

I let his hand go and he pardoned Tamaki and left the cafeteria with a presidential walk . I could hear the people in the back ground talking about me and what just happened.

They called me the boy whom disobeyed the president . I left the cafeteria and Tamaki kept following me everywhere , does this guy have a life .

” Thank you very much , Hahito Kun ”

To be clear I had no intention of helping him it just seemed like the Normal thing to do but that stunt I pulled has drawn too much attention to me and I was trying to avoid that.

I returned to class and for some reason the whole class just stared at me , more unwanted attention, as I walked to my seat I realized they were talking about the recent event .

News travels fast I Guess , the shizu then looked my direction and said something I didn expect.

” you should be careful who you messed with Hahito ” .

I knew she was talking about Ruhen but I saw no reason to be worried. Tamaki approached us and sat in front of me and once again he thanked me and soon after he gave me the same warning.

” Thank you again Hahito Kun , nowhere that may cause problem for you , you see you just messed with one of the three rulers of this school ”

Three rulers like a trinity that must mean that besides the teachers students run this place.

” Mind explaining your current statement Tamaki San ” I said to him .

Tamaki then got a huge book containing information about everything that happens in the school. or more or less what happened in the underground of the school.

Tamaki opened the book and it had info on everything and everyone to be honest I was surprised that he was able to obtain such information in such a short time.

He turned the pages to one written Three rulers it had sections Two kings and a Queen the information he gave me was shocking.

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