Saikō no saikō

Chapter 5: Define the term \' Humanity \'

It had been a week and the information on the test was gone. maybe miss kirishima forgot or something.

Everyone forgot about the test and the teacher said nothing if it and then one day out of nowhere Miss . kirishima came in with test papers.

Just like that the air changed and it was intense, the papers were handed to us and the duration of the test was exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes not less or more.

The test started and with the first question I quickly noticed that the test had nothing to do with our studies, I sat and began to look at the other students.

I could clearly see the cluelessness in there eyes it was actually a shame , the questions were taken from Einsteins teachings.

No highschool student could answer these questions even a genius could only manage some of these ,

Miss Kirishima watched everyone like a ego ” I wonder if they students will be able to answer this ” she thought to her .

She turned her attention to me and stared at me for quite some time.

” That one Hahito his different ”

After a good 20 minutes some students finished up . Shizu then looked my direction and noticed how relaxed I was , she also noticed the fact that I hadn even started writing yet .

I left my test paper and well just looked outside the window and I saw the birds as the were in the sky so free and high.

An hour passed leaving 30 minutes for the test and I had done nothing at all , u waited for 20 minutes to go by and in the remaining 10 I began to work on my test.

looking at the time I should be done in 3 to 5 minutes or however getting a prefect score would be too risky

I thought to myself getting a perfect score by completing the test in under ten minutes would be kinda suspicious

I finally came to and made a choice the next day miss Kirishima came in with the test scores

Highest obtain a perfect score Omoi Osanai

Followed by Shizu with 95

Next was a rather cute girl kushina Narumasa with 88

After her was some guy named Sean yamuta with 81

After was class representative Shinami yuhota with 76

Everyone else got above 40 meaning no one was getting expelled. my choice led me to pick not getting a perfect score but a 60 .

its not a good grade but not a bad one either this way I won get expelled. I later went to the roof and once more Miss kirishima was there.

She seemed to have been waiting for me , she looked to me with a serious look and got my test score.

” Tell me why did you chose to get a 60 on that test ” she said to me

” I simply did the best I could ” I said to her to try and get het off my case

” I was watching you the whole time Hahito I know you could of done better if you wanted to ” she said as she put the paper in my hand .

” well to be honest the number I have scored is enough to keep me in this school, correct me if Im wrong ”

I said to her as I decided to stop playing the dumb card . she got the test scores from me and showed me that i left most of the questions blank.

” Now then I know you didn leave these questions blank because you didn know the answer ”

Her statement rather made me curious to where she was going with this and got my attention.

” you calculated just how many questions you need to get the score of 60 , so you answered the question and left the others blank for they showed no use all in under 10 minutes ”

I walked over to the doors and as I slowly opened it I made sure she stayed out of my business.

” As long as you get paid for doing your job , I don think it really matters for you to get involved in my life ”

As I left the she asked me one simple question.

”what exactly are you aiming for , what brought you here Hahito ? ”

I don know what she expected me to say all I told her was the honest truth .

” I want to live a normal life thats all ”

She mostly had no idea what I meant but she stood there and watched me leave as the wind blew her hair side to side.

She then received an unknown phone call .

” Hello Im calling about Hahito ”

The unknown caller said.

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