Saiyan God

Saiyan God


Don read this story if you can not handle detailed:



| Saiyan God | Book one |

| The Beginning |

| Volume 1 |

Ch. 1 Saiyan God




How do you measure infinity ?

Ive been around since the beginning..

Does that mean Ive been around for an eternity ?

I can hold the entire weight of the 18 cosmos on one shoulder

Does that mean Im Omnipotent ?



Theres no point in having so much power if I don have anyone to fight it out with

The thought alone is enough to make me go insane

Its why I pleasure myself with my lust for blood

It calms me

Watching every last drop of hope disappear from a defenseless creature sparks something inside me

Something I can only get from battle..

No matter how I look at it my body yearns for a good fight

Im not sure how much longer I can wait..

”Agk* ” Tora chokes

I let go of her throat after noticing wasn breathing


Is she..


Don tell me I been **ing a dead body for the past 30 minutes..

No, shes still warm

Her heart just quit beating

I set my hand on her chest

I summon her lost soul before it fell into the pits of hell

”Ahh! ” She gasps and her pussy explodes

Her eyes roll back after being overwhelmed with ecstasy

”Oh-ho God that- ah- is s-so hot ” she chuckles after busting again and again

”Tch* ” I smack my lips

I sit back against a large rock as she struggled to get herself together

”H-how long was I out for? ” She asks

”Like 10 seconds, is that too much? ” I ask

She smiles widely ”not long enough ”

I give her a little smile ”you crazy bitch ” I open my arms ”cmere ”

She giggles before crawling on over

She wraps her arms around my neck as our tongues wrestled in her mouth for a few seconds

She began caressing my meat with her little tail as if trying to get me hard again

”Soo.. daddy.. you put one inside me ? ” She asks before pulling her head back

”Not this again ” I sigh ”way to kill the mood, ”

”What? ” She frowns

”I already told you Ive had enough ” I say

”What? Whats so bad about having one more? ” She asks

”You gonna make me repeat myself? ” I ask

”No.. I just think its my turn ” she tilts her head ”don you? ” she leans in but I pull my head back before shed lay her lips on me

”Youve had 5 with Selene, and shes your granddaughter. I think its my turn, don you? ”

”No ” I say again before I wrap my tail around her waist

”What?! Cmon I want one! ” I raise her over my head as I stand up

”Tell you what ” I set her down

”What? ” She frowns

”You learn to ** like your mother and Ill consider it ” I say

”Hey, really ?! Alright! ” she throws herself onto me

She hugs me tightly rubbing my dick against her chest

”Alright ” I grumble but she doesn stop

”Tch* ” I smack my lips before slapping her across the face with my tail

”Thats enough of that sentimental shit ” I say in disgust

”Ouchy ” she rubs her face

I head over to the edge of the cliff

The sky was filled with volcanic smoke

The largest tsunamis this planet has seen were building up in the ocean

Earthquakes shook the entire planet splitting the ground open in the largest cities

”This planet is dying, its time we get going ” I take in the beautiful scent of destruction

”Well maybe if you didn ** me so hard, youd still have time to play with your little toys ” she says

”Nah, I still got time ” Not enough to listen to them writhe in pain but enough to at least see some blood..

I pop my knuckles

The cracking was so loud it was like thunder in the sky

”J-jeez ” Tora says under her breath

There are about eight billion mortals left on this planet

Its the most inhabited planet in this galaxy

The planet is going to explode in about 5 minutes thats more than enough time

”Are you sure ? Cause Im not trying to get caught up in the middle of th- ” before she could finish I hop off the cliff

”Hey! I was talki- ”

I get started the moment my feet touch the ground

I travel around the entire globe taking my own time devouring the hearts from every single creature that was left on this wretched planet

Except the insects of course I just turned the pitiful creatures to dust

After I was done I land on the moon watching as everything stood completely still

The moon was half the size of the planet but much further away than any normal quarter sized moon

I kick off the surface obliterating the satellite into nothing the moment I did

With that single jump I land safely onto the next planet I sensed with life

Only this one was much smaller with only about 2 billion habitants including the humans

After dealing with that trash I move on to the next planet and then the next

I kept going, getting rid of every drop of life that inhabited 300 million planets in this entire galaxy

Most of which only had about 2-3 billion creatures

Which was pretty pathetic considering how massive the galaxy was

And after, what felt for me, just over two thousand years, I finally head back with Tora who was still busy shouting at my after image at the base of the cliff

”-ng to you! ” She shouts as I devour the finest and most purest heart that I had preserved for last

”Oh.. that was.. fast you didn even last a second down there ”

I give her a little smile

I have reached speeds that surpass comprehension

Name the largest number you can think of

Multiply that by itself as many times as you want

Ill do just as many laps around the universe without breaking a sweat

Thats exactly what its come to

My Omnipotence far surpasses comprehension

”Cmon ” I hold my hand out to Tora

She takes my hand and twirls her body in between my legs

”Heh*, ready ” she giggles

I teleport us out of the lifeless planet heading about 200 thousand light years into space where we could see the galaxy in all its glory

”Wow its so beautiful ” she says as we look at the galaxy we were just in

I had just disposed of every creature in it

Life will begin to sprout in exactly 3 billion years from now

Then after only about a billion years of life, it will go extinct once more

So theres no point in keeping it around, plus Ive had my fun so guess its time to dispose of it

This galaxy was one of the larger ones but it developed too fast never giving its habitants enough time to evolve

I hold my hand out creating an energy blast I called the atom because.. well.. it was the size of an atom

Even so it shun brighter than all the stars in the universe put together

”Wow thats so cute ” Tora giggles before I turn my hand letting it fall onto the galaxy below

It quickly picked up speed heading towards the nucleus at about 50 thousand light-years a second

After a couple of seconds the ** black hole that held the galaxy together shrivels up and is consumed by the atom

The atom forced everything to spin into the opposite direction

Stars planets and smaller black holes smashed into each other after their sense of direction was thrown off course

I was watching as the atom began reeling everything in much faster than the ** black hole was doing when Tora tugs on my dick

I hold my hand out stopping all of time to see what the hell she wanted

”What?! ” I growl

”I can see anything ” she frowns

”So what? ” I ask

We were 200 thousand light years away so I guess it would take her 200 thousand years to actually see what was really going on

Fortunately for me, my eyes allow me to see it all no matter the distance

”Tch* ” I smack my lips before lending her my vision

After resuming time we watch as planets and stars were consumed by the atom up until there wasn a spec of it left

”Wow thats so awesome ” Tora giggles

I hold my hand out summoning the atom back into my grasp

”Can I hold it? ” Tora asks

”Want to die ? ” I ask

Even though it was the size of an atom, it weighed about 10 trillion solar masses and had the same gravitational force as the galaxy it had just consumed

”Oh.. n-no ” she says

It didn feel as if I had anything in my hand but if she so much as touches it, her body will be sucked in and shell be turned to shit

I clench the atom in my hand letting it expand to the size of a baseball

It was now large enough that the matter I sucked inside was visible to the naked eye

It just looked like a twirling dust cloud slowly forming into a puny pocket size galaxy

”What are you going to do with it? ” Tora asks

”Nothing, lets go home ” I give her a little smile

”Hehe alright ” she giggles before I teleport us back onto Othrys

Othrys was a planet shaped like a 3 step pyramid with a surface area of 200 million square miles

It orbits a larger planet that I myself created named Gaia

Gaia itself was the size of Jupiter

Jupiter is a failure of a star Cronus made when he was 7 or about 3500 years old (every immortal ages once every 500 years)

I created Gaia for the soul purpose to feed and entertain myself but as time went on my eldest son got attached to the planet and began caring for it him

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