| Genesis |

| Volume 1 |

Ch. 8 Gaia


”Please stay ” she begs

I smile ”aight ma ” I slide into bed with her

Now that I thought about it Ive never had her this close to me

Since dad always wanted us to be strong he basically separated us and would beat her every time he saw her giving us affection

I feel her arms wrap around my neck and I made sure to wrap mine tightly around her waist

”Ignia? ” she whispers

I open my eyes ”y-yeah? ”

Her face was inches from mine

I don know if it was the alcohol but she was so beautiful

All of a sudden I wanted her for myself

I watch as her pupils seemed to get larger and larger the closer I pulled her into me

I remember back then at the beach how she had gotten all handsy with me

I thought it was the alcohol but is this what she wants ?

I mean Im just as intoxicated so does it really matter?

I felt her little nose tap mine bringing me back to what was happening right in front of me


Our lips finally met and I could feel all the love she put behind them

Our tongues wrestle for a cool minute when I felt her hand find my crotch

”P-please let me do this ” she huffs

I nod ”aight ” I whisper

She gives me one final kiss before crawling into the sheets

I could feel her cold lips at the tip licking all the precum before she started stroking her tongue up and down the shaft making sure she doesn miss a spot

I look over at her nicely arched back that stuck her ass way up in the air

I grab her little waist with one hand before pulling her over to me

I pull her panties aside watching as her pussy drooled from excitement

I was almost drooling myself before I shoved my tongue inside her

”Mmh* ” she moans

It was a bit salty at first which made sense since we just came back from the beach

But as time flew by I could feel her pussy lips beating as I kissed and slobbered all over them

”Mmh* ” she finally sits up before slowly turning around

I watch as her head popped up from the covers at my chest and I could feel her pussy drooling all over my cock

I grab her ass spreading her cheeks as I tried finding her little hole

I watch her little troubled face as the tip finally found the entrance to her tight pussy

I wrap my arms tightly around her waist as she did the same at my neck before easing myself in

”Ah-h-ha ” she huffs in my ear trying to keep her voice down

I lean back a bit just enough to be face to face

She was sweating, beat red from embarrassment

”Ignia ” she whispers as our eyes meet

”Everythings okay ” I whisper as I push my lips onto hers

She hesitates for a second before I felt her tongue get in on the action

As we had our little make out session I slowly start moving her hips

Soon she took over and began moving them herself moaning in my face before she forced her lips back onto mine

”Ah-hmm ” she gasps as my cock tapped her cervix with every stroke

”N-not so rough, okay baby? ” she huffs

”Y-yeah.. ” I huff

She was so tight, if she wasn so wet my cock wouldve lost its erection the second I tried putting it in

”Ah-hha* y-yeah ” she whimpers as I start picking up the pace a bit

She sits up a bit putting her hands on my chest as she moans in pain and pleasure with every stroke

”Mgh* ” I throw the sheets covering us aside after feeling myself close to my limit

I thrust my hips as hard I could into her when she suddenly froze

”Ahh f-** ” she grunts as her legs shook uncontrollably and she squirts all over the bed

”Heh* ” I huff

Damn and I was so close

I get up on my knees as she tried calming her legs from shaking

When she finally caught her breath she turned onto her belly and arched her back enough for her fatass to press up against my cock

I watch as my cock twitches between her perfect ass as she swayed it back and forth begging for me to shove it in

I slowly slide in the tip of my cock into her tight pussy still oozing the mixed juices of her pussy and my precum

I grab her petite waist leaning forward as I force myself deeper

”Mmmhh* ” she whines spreading her ass as she tried getting used to the girth

”Mm-mm-mmh ” she bites her lips trying her best to keep her voice down as I made sure to ram her as hard I could

”Mmgghh !! ” She shoves her face into the pillows as she grabs my wrists

”Nghk ” I grit my teeth as I finally hit my limit

”Gah-ha ” I chuckle being overwhelmed in pleasure as I fall on top of her, pumping every drop of my baby batter inside her

”Haha ” I chuckle

”ah- g-god ” she grunts as I fall beside her from exhaustion

I sit back against the head frame as I tried catching my breath

”Heh* ” I huff giving her a little smile

She smiles back before crawling up to me, sitting on my lap with the little strength she had left

I wrap my arms around her little waist as she pulled the covers over us

I give her one last little peck on her cheek before we both fell asleep


I woke up still tightly holding mother in my arms

She was sitting right on top my morning wood so Im surprised she still hasn woken up

Man I gotta go

Mann Im supposed to set of to Gaia

But damn I don really feel like getting out of bed

I sigh carefully laying my mother on her side before I get to my feet

Ill come back only stronger those words echo in my head

I couldn help but wonder if hed be reborn with the memories of his past life

I guess his memories would come back eventually

Damn if thats the case then I have to find him before reaches his golden age or the age as an immortal he stops aging completely which will be on his eighty fifth hundredth birthday or 17 DC (Divine Calendar)

That year Im sure hell have regained all his past memories and if he is somehow reborn with that destructive power he once had it could be devastating once more

”Mgh* ” I watch mother sit up as I sat down beside her, putting on my shoes after I got into my gi

Her bathrobe had rolled down to her sides leaving her completely exposed as she rubbed her eyes

”Hey ma ” I peck her forehead as I get back on my feet

”Oh ” she blushes ”h-hey ” she smiles

”Umm ” I scratch my head ”Im going to be gone for a while, alright? ” I say as she stretched her arms

”Hmm? ” She looks up at me ”Oh ” she sighs ”you
e really leaving ? ” she asks getting to her feet

I sigh ”Ill be gone for 5,000 years at the most ” I say walking over to the balcony

She follows

”W-well, Ill be waiting for you ” she says sitting up on the edge after she fixed her robe

She opens her arms inviting me in for one last hug

”Hmm* ” I hug her tightly

I look back up at her as I felt her hands pulling on my face and I felt that cold touch of her lips forced onto mine

She caught me a little off guard I just figured she had forgotten all about last night but I see now that wasn true

We go on for a few minutes when we were interrupted by some footsteps coming up behind me

”Eeek* ” Tora jumps on my back

”No way you two ” she giggles ”finally! ”

”Wh-what, weirdo? ” I chuckle

”Oh don you whatt mee ” she giggles ”I heard everything last night ” she looks at mom

”Oh… ” she blushes

The smile on Toras face disappears

after seeing I was ready to leave

”So what, you
e actually leaving then? ” Tora asks

”Yeah ” I sigh

”Hmm* ” Tora leans on the edge ”Oceanus told us everything ” she says ”you really think something like this can work on him ? ” She asks

Ive never seen her so serious

It was odd..

She looked like a completely different person but I guess even she sees how important it was that I succeed

”Yeah… I mean I have to try.. ” I say

”Yeah… ” she looks over the edge as I hop over

”Come back to me in one piece alright baby ” mother blows me a kiss

I sigh ”of course ma ” I say as I descend onto the ground where I saw Oceanus waiting

”So its time then, huh? ” he says

”You know it ” I smile widely

”Take care of everything around here ” I say getting serious ”Im counting on you ” I set a hand on his shoulder

”Well be waiting for your safe return ” he bows as I lower my hand

I close my eyes taking a deep breath

”Good luck up here ” I finally say before..

Kai Kai and Im transported right on the edge of Othrys

I look back at our beautiful planet sized Othrys one last time before I let myself go

I fall straight down towards Gaia slicing right through the air

After a couple of seconds I finally smashed onto the ground creating a crater about 5 thousand miles in radius that sent a shockwave throughout the entire continent

A continent is anything within an area of 200 million square miles that usually shares the same plant and animal life

I sigh

All this had died because of the fight with father

”Mi, Ushi, Saru, Tatsu, Tori ” I say as I do the corresponding hand signs

”Earth mix water style : planet restoration jutsu ”

I set my hand on the ground I just smashed to bits and a mountain began growing right beneath me

Grass flower trees and all types of other plants grew around me as I restored the 130 billion acres that was flattened out in the battle with father

I kept going till the mountain was about the size of Othrys itself and the plant life surrounding the continent was restored

I sigh

I probably took it too far with the size of this mountain though

I scratch my head

”what should I call it though ? ” I ask myself

I rub my chin

”Mt. Olympus ” I raise a finger ”yeah, that sounds nice ”

I look around

Alright ”I, Inu, Tori, Saru, Hitsuji ” I mutter doing the hand seals signs summoning forth an old friend

”Ruff ” Beast barks

He was a shapeshifting griffin

But unlike the rest of his kind he can talk and isn the brightest

I had gotten him as a gift for Aphrodite when she was born a couple million years ago but he ended up getting attached to me so I got her a normal dog

”Hey boy ” I finally say getting his attention

He turns around just barely noticing he was looking the wrong way before lounging at me

”Ahhaha ” I laugh as he slobbers all over me ”okay boy ” I pat his belly and he sits back wagging his tail excitedly

”Sorry, I had to seal you away for so long ” I pet his head ”I had to do a few things ” I add

Knowing him he wouldve dove straight into the battle and father wouldve killed him in an instant

So, to start things off I should probably try to sense and maybe rid of his children tainted with his blood from Gaia

Since he is a first generation Titan the body of most mortals that bare his child usually give up on them after 10-15 years and their child suffers the same fate and parishes after 20-30 years at the most

But those that bare enough hate in their hearts live their long intended lives and even though they are mortals in some cases they give birth to powerful immortal gods that wreak havoc on Gaia

I can practice sealing techniques on his offspring since they share somewhat the same blood and chakra

I really hate looking at his children that way, especially since Im one of them, but it has to be done

As long as they pose a threat, they will be of use to me

”Alright, ready Beasty? ” I ask a bit excited to get started

”Woof ” he barks wagging his tail excitedly

Alright I think ”Kai Kai ” I say before transporting to the most populated place on the planet

-to be continued-

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