k under Mu Yun Gui’s feet began to tremble and she was about to fall.

Even though Mu Yun Gui had a good temper, at the moment she truly wanted to scold Dongfang Li for making a mess of everything. 

Meanwhile, Dongfang Li was still standing next to her, and shouting in panic, “What should I do? Senior Sister, I can’t hold on.”

Mu Yun wanted to say that you already had a first-level star vein, and still asking a zero-level star vein person what to do? 

But the other party came here to help her,  so she politely said, “It’s okay, we will be alright.
The iron-striped tortoise can’t climb the cliff, so we just have to climb the cliff to be safe.”

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Although the iron-striped tortoise was a second-level beast, its offensive power was not very strong. 

Even someone like Mu Yun Gui, who had zero-level star vein could fight with it for a while, so it was reasonable to say that the eldest lady of the Dongfang family with one-level star vein and excellent magic weapons would not be defeated by it.

But Dongfang Li didn’t leave, and Mu Yun had to stay on the front line to defend and wait for her. 

Suddenly Dongfang Li placed a strong spell in the wrong direction and that spell, unfortunately, hit the rock where they were standing.

Under the shaky rock, a group of poison-tailed crocodiles was staring at them.

Nangong Xuan looked down from the cliff, with a stern face said, “This place is going to collapse.
You all should go away, I will save them.”

After asking his companions to leave, Nangong Xuan used the cane and went down the cliff.

Dongfang Li was making frequent mistakes while dealing with the iron-stripped tortoise, and Mu Yun had to carry all the attacks.

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While facing the violent attack from the iron-stripped beast, she shouted at Dongfang Li, “Go.
You go up first.”

Dongfang Li turned and ran towards the cliff.
After running out of the attack range of the beast, she suddenly fell and twisted her ankle. 

Nangong Xuan flew down, looking at Dongfang Li and Mu Yun Gui, he hesitated. 

After a moment, he changed his direction and decided to save Dongfang Li first.

He and Mu Yun Gui had cooperated many times and killed many beasts.
It would not be a problem for Mu Yun Gui to fight with the iron-stripped beast alone for a few minutes.

But Dongfang Li was the eldest lady of the Dongfang family, who never hurt a finger.
She would be in a lot of pain after twisting her ankle.

Looking at Nangong Xuan’s actions, Mu Yun Gui didn’t expect that at the critical moment of life and death, Nangong Xuan would choose Dongfang Li over her, who was further away from her.

Two days ago, Mu Yun failed to open her star vein and it counterattacked on her.
Now she has taken several rounds of Iron-stripped Tortoises’ attack on her body. 

Her body was already on the verge of collapse.

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