and her back was hurt by the impact.
Before she had the time to cry out, she was surrounded by the poisonous crocodiles. 

She raised her hand laboriously and tried to confront those beasts.
But she was outnumbered.
The surrounding area was filled with poisonous crocodiles. 

Mu Yun looked at the undercurrent near her feet, and while gritting her teeth, she threw herself into the whirlpool.

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The sea surrounding Tianjue Island was complicated, and many undercurrents could kill people.
No one knew where those vortexes would lead them. 

But at the moment, Mu Yun had no choice but to gamble on it.

As soon as Mu Yun Gui touched the vortex, a strong suction force pulled her in.
Her body was hit with something and the impact severely injured her. 

Mu Yun Gui became dizzy and slowly lost consciousness.

Mu Yun seemed to be in a dream.

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The main character of that dream was her acquaintance, Nangong Xuan, who grew up with her.
There were some things in the dream that My Yun already knew, like Nangong Xuan’s childhood misfortune, but there were some things that Mu Yun Gui didn’t know, like Nangong Xuan pretending to be weak to counterattack others.

This was a cultivation book, initially, it was focused on the male protagonist’s counterattack and the endless opportunities he got to have numerous magic weapons.

In the later part, the male lead became the first person in the mainland to open up the seven star-vein and become invincible. 

With his indestructible power, he founded his empire and made everyone submit to him.
He stepped on the path of becoming the proud son of the sky and sat with three thousand beauties.

In the book, Mu Yun Gui’s existence was that of the white moonlight of the male lead.
The girl whom the male lead Nangong Xuan couldn’t forget.

And the reason why Nangong Xuan couldn’t get her was that Mu Yun died early in the book.

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