r knowing the story, now she knew, why Dongfang Li’s temperament suddenly changed?

It turned out the core had already changed.

This month, Mu Yun Gui always felt that Dongfang Li behaved very strangely, but those people around her felt that young Miss Dongfang was very cute and arrogant and cute, unlike the previous rumors.

All the teachers were full of praise for Dongfang Li, and even her childhood friend Nangong Xuan would look at Dongfang Li with more interest.

The people who surround Mu Yun Gui seemed to be slowly taken away by Dongfang Li, and Yun Gui was deliberately pushed out of her original social circle little by little. 

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Mu Yun Gui originally didn’t know why Dongfang Li was suddenly so hostile to her. 

All the resources on Tianjue Island were already monopolized by the four major families of this island.

Being the only daughter of the Dongfang family, Dongfang Li was the next patriarch, and Mu Yun Gui was only an outsider who accidentally lived on Tianjue Island. 

After her mother’s death, she was the only one left in her family.
And after hearing the Dongfang Li public love declaration, Mu Yun Gui had consciously tried to keep her distance from Nangong Xuan.

She didn’t want to come to the sea.
If Nangong Xuan had not heeded to Dongfang Li’s madness, and let everyone come and deal with the iron tortoise on the island, Mu Yun Gui wouldn’t have come here.

After falling into the vortex, Mu Yun GUI suddenly felt as if she had hit something. 

Mu Yun Gui tried to open her eyes but because of the dark, she wasn’t able to see clearly.
Only the sound of the dripping from the above could be heard.

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This place looked like a cave.

Mu Yun Gui’s body was bloodied, scarred, and poisoned.
The poison of those poisonous crocodiles was like a blunt knife slowly penetrating her heart.

The blood was continuously coming out from her wounds, her body temperature was getting lower and lower.

Before losing her consciousness, Yun Gui thought, why bother to survive?

Her feelings for Nangong Xuan weren’t of a man and woman, let alone the absurd behavior of Nangong Xuan’s accepting so many women.

If in the original plot, she was alive to see Nangong Xuan creating a harem of three thousand beauties, she would have parted her ways with him early.

Unexpectedly, Mu Yun died prematurely in the original book, and now again, she was going to die.

It seemed she couldn’t survive whether it was inside the original plot or it was now.

Mu Yun Gui slowly fell into a deep sleep.

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