Mu Yun Gui endured the bone-chilling cold and walked to the innermost part of the cave.
As soon as she entered it, she was taken aback by the scene inside.

There was a wide hall, with polished walls and the ground covered in thick frost, but still, some formation patterns were faintly visible under the ice layer. 

And in the center of the hall, there was a huge piece of ice placed.

Mu Yun Gui calmly approached the ice bed while holding a sword in one hand.

Inside the piece of ice, a person was lying.
With every step she took, a strong murderous aura resisted her approach. 

She was still far away from the ice-block, so she couldn’t see the person’s face.
She could vaguely feel a sense of holiness like snow lotus emitting from him.

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How come there are people here? 

Mu Yun Gui instinctively became vigilant, and tentatively asked, “Who are you?”

Mu Yun Gui’s voice echoed in the cave without any response.
Mu Yun Gui carefully observed the cave, she found traces of water erosion but didn’t see any sword marks on the ground. 

The man was frozen without resistance at all.
Otherwise, why would there be no traces of fighting on the ground?

If there was no struggle, it was unlikely that this person was a monster.
There were no outsiders in recent years, and it was unlikely that a cultivator sought revenge here.

Even if it was someone’s revenge, the grievances had nothing to do with her.

Now that monsters were raging, and human life was hard.
So, as a community, we should watch and help each other. 

Anyone who had seen an injured cultivator had an obligation to help him.
After all, one more person would be helpful in the fight against monsters.  

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Mu Yun Gui wanted to help the fellow cultivator, but this seal covering the person was very strange.
Mu Yun tried all the methods, but she still couldn’t unlock them. 

But when she unconsciously put her fingers on her neck, she touched her necklace, and she hesitated for a moment.

This was the last thing her mother left for her.
If she used it, then she would no longer have the last relics of her mother.

But relics were dead things and humans were living beings.
If her mother knew why she used it, she would have agreed with her.

Mu Yun Gui made up her mind, and took out the key necklace left by her mother, muttered a few words silently, then dripped a drop of her blood onto the key. 

The key engraved with a silver frost symbol began to glow and slowly turned into white light.
The white light submerged in the ice, and after a while, the invisible oppression in the cave disappeared.

Seeing the method worked, Mu Yun Gui breathed a sigh of relief.
She immediately stepped forward and smashed the block of ice with her sword.
She was exhausted, coupled with the fact that she was poisoned and injured, her movement was weak. 

After the dizziness eased in her brain, she held the sword again.
But this time, when she lowered her head, Mu Yun was caught off guard.

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