didn’t know much about common sense. 

Perceiving Mu Yun Gui’s inquiring eyes, Jiang Shao Cai didn’t blink his eyes and said, “I just woke up, and I can’t remember many things clearly.”

Mu Yun Gui suddenly remembered that when the fish was taken out of the freezer, the fish had a sluggish attitude so, this person was the same.

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Jiang Shao Cai had also just melted out of the ice block, and perhaps currently his brain was not very bright.

Judging by his appearance and temperament, he looked mostly like a young man carefully protected by a big family. 

If Jiang Shao Cai had lost part of his memory, then his behavior when he first woke up could be easily explained.

After knowing his condition, Mu Yun Gui patiently explained to him, “There is demonic energy in the body of these beasts.
Once bitten by them, the cultivator’s wound will be entangled with the demonic energy.
If it cannot be dealt with in time, the demonic energy will destroy all the spiritual energy in the cultivator’s body.”

Mu Yun continued, “After being transformed into a demon, the demonized cultivator will attack his companions and kill the innocent people indiscriminately.
In the early days, in order to avoid the annihilation of the entire team, the survivors directly killed the wounded cultivators.”

“Fortunately, later the method of cleaning up the demonic energy was discovered.
As long as the demonic energy does not penetrate the cultivator’s heart, it can be saved, and the further tragedy can be stopped in time.”

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The thoughtful Jiang Shao Cai finally asked the question he had been wondering since waking up, “What is demonic energy?”

Hearing the question, Mu Yun got stuck for a while and didn’t know how to explain it. 

“Demonic energy…It’s magic energy.
Six thousand years ago, for some reason, the spiritual energy in the world began to dry up and strange black energy emerged from all directions, and the animals and plants got filled with the dark energy.”.

“After a long period of time, the demonic energy produced abnormal changes in the nature of those plants and animals making them murderous.”

Mu Yun explained, “Once such a dark energy is introduced in the body of the cultivator, he will also become an unrestrained murderous monster.”

“The world of immortality calls this black energy, the demonic energy or the devilish energy.
And the year when the spiritual energy dries up and the demonic energy has risen is called the year of the punishment of heaven.”

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