The muffled choking cry, she thought was of a dog, was of a living man who was lying beside her. 

The man was looking very delicate, his eyes were red and moist.
There were traces of tears on his pale face.

His pale lips were bitten and blooded, his moist eyes were filled with extreme hate.

Seeing her open eyes staring at himself, the man’s eyes seemed to want to kill her on the spot!

If only the eyes could kill, Xiao Yan was afraid that she would have been sliced like a dish by that man a few moments ago.

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Xiao Yan’s head was hurting, she felt that there was a misunderstanding here. 

Her line of sight swept down and she couldn’t help but stiffen.

That man was lying naked under her!

The pale white skin of the man was densely covered in deep purple bruises.
If Xiao Yan was a two-year-old kid, she could have tricked herself that she didn’t know what happened between them.

But Xiao Yan was twenty-five years old this year and looking at this situation, she had already guessed what had passed.

Thinking about it, her head hurt even more, and her throat was getting more parched. 

Combined with her dream soaking in a cold stream she knew it.

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“Listen…” Xiao Yan tried to speak in a hoarse voice, but it felt extremely sultry.

The man hated that sultry voice, and hearing her speak, he started struggling more.

The struggle caused the bedpost to creak.
Hearing the noise, Xiao Yan looked up, and once again she was stunned.

She saw that the man’s thin wrists were tied to the mahogany bedpost with a hair tie.
His pale slender wrists already have deep red marks because of his constant struggle.

At this time, she couldn’t speak a word to defend herself.  Xiao Yan suddenly lost the ability to quibble, and her vision became blurred. 

Xiao Yan felt that all of this might be just a weird dream, maybe after being single for so long her mind was playing tricks.

She could help but close her eyes, but a moment later some pictures frame by frame flashed through her mind.

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