Xiao Yan got off from work very late, working overtime for the past week had made her a little restless.
As soon as she went home, she had to put away the garage that had piled up for a week.

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When she went to throw away the garbage she was hit by a car and was urgently sent to the hospital.
But, the body had turned cold before arriving at the hospital.

Did she die so suddenly?

The fact made Xiao Yan’s face pale, and the boiling blood also cooled down remembering it.
Her hands and feet turned cold, and even breathing became hard.

“Host 1020.”

An abrupt electronic sound rang inside my mind, the sound was robotic with no obvious emotions.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but ponder, that this was a…system?

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“Congratulations host, on joining the script of ‘Saving the Tragic Male Lead’, as long as you complete these tasks, you can get reborn on the earth.”

Hearing those words, Xiao Yan was amazed.

What? She could go back on earth again?

“Host, first you have to complete the first task, save the tragic male lead A’Li who was under you.
You have to do your best to love him and care for him so that he won’t leave this world with any resentment in his heart.”

“Only after successful completion of this mission, will you be able to enter the next world.
If this mission fails, then you will die here.”


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Xiao Yan was dumbfounded.

Before Xiao Yan could think more about what the system had said, and speak her mind.

A few pictures appeared in her mind, like a movie, retracing and depicting the tragic life of the male lead, A’Li before her eyes.

A’Li was the male lead in the original plot, he was born gentle and beautiful.
He was the only son of a friend of the original female lead’s mother.
He stayed inside Xiao’s mansion with her.

The male lead was a clean and gentle boy with only one shortcoming, that he was born mute.
He hasn’t been able to talk since his birth.

Being dumb didn’t affect the mood of someone who was coveting him for long.
The bad wolf, ‘Xiao Yan’ who was sick in the head, every day thought rigorously about how to pull that young boy to her bed.

The Xiao family was extremely strict, and her mother was a stiff person.
Xiao Yan was afraid to do something wrong and anger her mother. 

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So, she patiently waited for the opportunity to grab the male lead.
And when her concubine’s sister fell ill and the male lead’s mother went to care for her, then the female lead, Xiao Yan, found the opportunity to coax the male lead. 

After the male lead, A’Li, lost his body under the effect of the drugs and his innocence was ruined, then the male lead could only commit himself to ‘Xiao Yan’ for survival.

But, the female lead didn’t cherish him after getting her hands on him.
After having A’Li, Xiao Yan became even more unscrupulous in playing with men.
She used the same method to coax other men into the bed. 

And if the male lead dared to be dissatisfied with her practice, then she would use ridicule and insult to hurt him.

Saying that he also entered the house like this, so how could he pretend to be noble around these ‘brothers’?

Listening to those ridicule, the male lead’s complexion always became pale but he couldn’t refute it.
What was even more shameless was that Xiao Yan would ask him to cover for her in front of her mother Xiao.

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When A’Li married Xiao Yan he had nothing but hatred for her in his heart.
Seeing her reckless behavior, he worked with Xiao Yan’s concubine sister, Xiao Shu, and helped her to get the family property.

And drive out the severely injured Xiao Yan from the house.

As Xiao Yan’s husband, A’Li accompanied her out of the house and found a small courtyard for the two of them to live temporarily. 

The female lead, Xiao Yan initially thought that A’Li loved her so he couldn’t leave her alone, but before she could change ger scum heart, A’Li turned his head and with a serene smile lit the yard.

A’Li drugged Xiao Yan and tied her to the bed. 

After that, he sat in front of Xiao Yan with a stupid expression and watched them both burn to death.

The fire burned for a long time and turned the small yard into their burial place.
Xiao Yan and A’Li turned into ashes together.

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