“But you are right.
You should go back and rest.” The elderly voice added.

Xiao Shu smiled and said, “I will go with you, and I also want to see A’Li’s medical skills with my own eyes.” 

The voice of the two was getting closer and closer.
Xiao Yan could feel the abrupt tension and panic of the man under her.

If in this condition, she and A’Li were seen by others, not only A’Li’s innocence would be gone, but also the face of A’Li’s mother would be lost.

At her age, she wouldn’t be able to stand this kind of stimulation and die.

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In the original story, the scene of the two tangled in bed was seen by A’Li’s mother. 

After seeing that scene, A’Li’s mother vomited blood on the spot, and later her body got worse and worse, finally, she died.

Xiao Yan frowned, she quickly stretched out her hand and pulled the quilt to cover them.
She laid down on her elbows propping it on both sides of A’Li’s body, covering him tightly under herself. 

From the outside, only one person could be seen.
The quilt was big, even the hairband tied on the head of the bed was covered by it. 

As Xiao Yan finished adjusting the quilt, the door of her room was pushed open by Xiao Shu.

Xiao Shu looked into the room, and her eyes directly fell on the bulging quilt, and she slowly asked with a smile, “Big sister, what are you doing with A’Li?”     

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A’Li, who was lying under Xiao Yan’s body, felt his mind was blank, only his heart was beating very deeply.
His whole body was extremely silent, and only the approaching footsteps of Xiao Shu and his mother could be heard in his eyes.     

A rusty smell of blood came up in A’Li’s throat, he thought that if he died on the spot, would he be liberated? 

Would it save the dignity of his mother?     

But he was reluctant to leave his aging mother in this world. 

In a few steps, Xiao Shu walked to the bed and reached out to lift the quilt covering Xiao Yan. 

Xiao Yan suddenly roared, with a dark tone, “Get out!!”

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