seemed interesting.

Mother Xiao waited for Xiao Yan to sit down.
Holding a teacup, she used the tea lid to lightly scratch the tea foam on the top layer, lowered her eyes, and said, “Yan’er has recovered from the serious illness thanks to your Aunt Li’s hard work.”

“I have met her when I was young, I have often been in contact with letters over the years.
This time Aunt Li can come and live here, and I am very happy.”

Xiao Shu followed her words and carefully said, “If mother likes her, then let Aunt Li stay at our house.”

Mother Xiao nodded in agreement, “I think so too, but she definitely won’t stay in our house for no reason.”

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“She is old and still has A’Li by her side.
She wouldn’t be at ease here.
So I thought, our two families should become relatives so that she can stay here with her son.”

Xiao Yan’s heart twitched, but she still didn’t ask. 

Xiao Yan lowered her eyes and stared at her pale fingers resting on the handle of the chair, and slowly moved the tip of her index finger—

—— Could this be the legendary golden finger??

When Xiao Shu heard those words, her eyelids jumped wildly. 

She faintly had a bold guess, so she pretended to drink tea and didn’t answer the question.

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Sure enough, a few moments later,  Mother Xiao spoke again.

Mother Xiao’s eyes fell on Xiao Shu, and she said, “Shu’er is the closest in age to Ah Li, and her temperament is also very gentle.
After marrying A’Li, they will definitely be harmonious.


Xiao Yan sharply raised her head to look at Mother Xiao, wondering if the golden finger went to the wrong place??

How could it send her man to her sister?!

Hearing the clear meaning, Xiao Shu took a deep breath and gritted her teeth secretly.
She squeezed her fingers tightly while holding the teacup.

She knew, she knew!

This kind of “good” thing would never happen to Xiao Yan. 

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