Ch14 – I Can Vouch For Him

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Shu Ning went home and locked himself in his room.
He checked the balance left in his account.

Before, he was giving them two hundred yuan per week.
Now that he was increasing it by another two hundred, it would be four hundred yuan per week. 

Every month, he would have to buy double the amount of milk, bread, nuts, and nutritional powder.
Fortunately, Yin Mingzheng’s parents weren’t interested in the calcium tablets.
They thought that it was some kind of medicine, so there was no need to double the amount of calcium tablets.

If there were four weeks in every month, it would cost more than 2,000 yuan!

He only had a little over ten thousand.
He used to be a mini-billionaire, but, now, it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for much longer.
Plus, he couldn’t keep using Mrs.
Cai and Papa Shu’s money to do this kind of thing.

He needed to make money. 

Fortunately, he could speak German.
He had done translation work before, so he shouldn’t have a problem picking it back up again.
He could also speak English, but, unfortunately, the market for English translators was oversaturated.
It was hard work for not much pay.
Plus, there were a lot of English translators but not enough jobs to go around, so work was hard to find.


He got to work as soon as the idea popped into his head.
He searched online for two whole days.
Based on his previous experience, he finally found a suitable translation company with a good salary.
The company didn’t ask him to show his professional credentials.
Instead, they were very direct.
They sent a document in German and gave him an hour to translate it.

If he could translate it, he would pass! If he couldn’t, he would have to get lost.

Shu Ning opened the file and scanned through it nervously, only to find that it was just a simple instruction manual.
So, he quickly translated it and sent it back to them.
The person on the other side had stayed online the entire time, so they looked over it right away.
Then, they asked him about the direction of his translation, and, after verifying the price, Shu Ning was hired as a part-time translator.


The commission price that the company gave was relatively high.
There was only one requirement.
If there was an urgent request, he could not reject it, and he needed to complete the translation within the specified time frame.

Shu Ning agreed, so they sent him a 100-page contract to translate on the spot.
It came with a price of 20,000 yuan.
The quality needed to be outstanding, the translation couldn’t be too vague, and Shu Ning couldn’t refuse.

Shu Ning almost vomited blood.



One hundred pages! 

Did they have to be so brutal right off the bat?

Shu Ning took the job.
After a few days, he finally finished translating the contract.
The company quickly transferred 10,000 yuan into his account.
The other 10,000 yuan would be transferred to him after the fee was paid by the commissioner.

Shu Ning had black eye circles hanging from his eyes, but, when he thought of the little villain that he was raising, he felt that it was all worth it, no matter how tired he was.

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However, although he was willing to support the little villain, those two pieces of garbage hanging onto the villain were starting to get on his nerves. 

Thinking about how he had been spending his parent’s money, Shu Ning decided to buy a gift for both Mrs.
Cai and Papa Shu.
For Mrs.
Cai, he bought her a makeup set from Estée Lauder, and, for Papa Shu, he bought a Calvin Klein belt.

When Mrs.
Cai and Papa Shu received their gifts, they were overwhelmed with joy.
They praised their son, saying that he’d grown up, that he was sensible, and so on and so forth.
Every day, Mrs.
Cai would use the make-up set, and Papa Shu would wear the belt.

While he was waiting for the company to get back to him, Shu Ning observed the villain’s breakfast.
He found that it went back to being milk, bread, nuts, and nutritional powder.
He was finally able to relax and felt that all of his effort was worth it.

The days passed by like this until, one day, Shu Ning discovered a familiar man waiting by the school gates. 

It had drizzled a bit that day, so the ground was a little slippery.

At around 5:50 in the afternoon, Shu Ning, Long Qiao, and Wang Shenshen walked out of school together, laughing and chatting as usual.
The students poured out of the building like a flood, and the large crowd of students was bustling with noise.
The tall, middle-aged man was very conspicuous standing among a crowd of junior high students.


That man was the same man who had harassed the villain before.
After showing up last time, the man hadn’t appeared again.
Shu Ning was just about to forget about him.
He hadn’t expected him to show up again.

The man stood by the food stalls near the school gates, a smile on his lips.
The eyes behind the glasses looked back and forth among the students’ young and tender faces.
His expression was joyous. 

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Vte Rlcu kjr vlruerafv.

Qts vlv atlr wjc jqqfjg ja atf rmtbbi ujafr? Lf ibbxfv ilxf tf kjr kjlalcu obg rbwfbcf.
Qtb kjr tf kjlalcu obg?

C atbeuta qbqqfv lcab Vte Rlcu’r tfjv—tf kjrc’a kjlalcu obg atf nliijlc, kjr tf? 

The more he thought about it, the more it seemed possible.
Shu Ning said to Long Qiao, “You guys go first.
I still have something to deal with.”

“Eh, Shu ge, what’s up with you recently? You don’t hang out with us anymore.
You’ve been acting so mysterious.
What have you been up to?” Long Qiao was a little unhappy.
He was Shu Ning’s childhood friend.
The two of them had grown up together, but, lately, they haven’t been hanging out much.

Shu Ning patted him on the shoulder, “I’m doing something bad.”

“Really? What is it?” Long Qiao and Wang Shenshen’s eyes lit up. 

“I won’t tell you.” Shu Ning pushed their heads away, “Go.”

Long Qiao wasn’t happy with that answer and wanted to say something, but Wang Shenshen saw that Shu Ning didn’t want to tell them and dragged Long Qiao away with him.

The villains usually left school very late, so Shu Ning bought a cup of yogurt from a nearby store and stood by the entrance to observe the man.

After a while, the students had almost all gone home.
There were still a few stragglers exiting the school gate, and it had quietened down by a lot. 

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Shu Ning took out his phone from his pants pocket.
Six o’clock, it was about time for the villain to come out now.

The man was still waiting by the school gates.
Shu Ning was sure that he was waiting for the villain.

Sure enough, once the students were almost all gone, the villain’s slender figure appeared by the school entrance.
He was wearing a clean blue and white uniform, as well as that ugly purple wig.
He had an old school bag slung on his right shoulder and his hands stuck in his pockets, slowly making his way to the school gates.

He looked very relaxed. 

Very quickly, he noticed the man by the food stands and stopped.
He stood by the gate, not moving.
He pulled his hand from his pockets, and his relaxed expression slowly crystallized into an ice-cold indifference.

The man had already walked from the food stands over to the gate and shouted at him excitedly, “Xiao Yin.”


Shu Ning crushed his empty yogurt cup in his hand and threw it into the trash can next to him.
Then, he quietly walked over.

The little villain had walked out of the school gates and said coldly to the man, “What the hell are you here for?” 

The man looked at his purple wig and was very dissatisfied.
“This wig is way too ugly.
I don’t like it.”

When he said “I don’t like it”, he looked very serious, very natural.
It was almost as if he was the villain’s parent or guardian, and the villain had to do as he liked.

“How is it any of your business?” The little villain snarled at him, like an enraged little beast.
His whole body was tense, and he was brandishing his claws.

Shu Ning thought that the man would restrain himself, but the man made an unexpected move—he actually reached out to grab the villain’s wig. 

Shu Ning was stunned.
This was the school gate! Normal people wouldn’t act out at the school gate, would they?

Was there something wrong with this person’s brain?

Yin Mingzheng leaned back and dodged his hand, but the man relentlessly pressed closer, insisting on pulling the wig off.
As an adult, he outclassed Yin Mingzheng in height, weight and strength.
He managed to grab Yin Mingzheng’s arm.

Yin Mingzheng picked up his school bag and smashed it onto the man.
After a bit of a struggle, the man succeeded. 

Yin Mingzheng’s wig was pulled off, revealing his dark and soft hair.

The shape of his head was beautiful, and his hair was thick and black.
He was the perfect example of someone who gets prettier the more you look at them.
His beautiful and almost gorgeous facial features were exposed for all to see.

Shu Ning was really angry now.
He rushed up and kicked the man from behind.

Neither of the two were prepared for that.
The man stumbled forward, still holding onto Yin Mingzheng’s purple wig. 

Yin Mingzheng was stunned for a moment, a little surprised to see Shu Ning.
Then, he turned his head and jumped onto the man like a little beast, punching and kicking.

The security guard by the school gate finally realized something was wrong and quickly rushed forward, shouting, “What are you doing? No fighting!”

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Yin Mingzheng turned a deaf ear to the security guard.
He had the advantage now, and his past experience was telling him that he couldn’t miss an opportunity to ruthlessly beat his opponent.
He couldn’t let the opponent recover.
If his opponent was able to recover, the one to die would be him.

He clenched his fist tight and brought it down on the man’s face.
The man’s glasses had long since flown off to who knows where.
He desperately tried to pry Yin Mingzheng’s hand off, but he was beaten into the ground by Yin Mingzheng. 

The man’s nose had started bleeding.

When Shu Ning saw that the man was bleeding, he was worried that Yin Mingzheng would go too far, so he rushed forward to stop him.


“Don’t tell me what to do!”

Yin Mingzheng suddenly turned his head.
His eyes were bloodshot, and his expression was bloodthirsty.
He pushed Shu Ning aside and continued to ruthlessly beat the man up. 

The large amount of force made Shu Ning stumble backwards a bit.
He sucked in a cold breath.
The little villain’s current state made him seem a lot like a mad dog.
If he were to grow up like this, he would probably end up just like the villain described in the book, crazy and reckless.

In order to defeat his enemy, he would not hesitate to sacrifice himself.
He would be ruthless enough to put everything on the line, even if it meant that they would both perish together.

When looking at this kind of little villain, Shu Ning was a little frightened.

The man was completely at a disadvantage.
Other than using his hands to protect his face, there was nothing else he could do. 

At this time, the security guard came over and grabbed Yin Mingzheng.
He forcibly pulled him off of the man, but Yin Mingzheng was still stretching out his legs, trying to kick him.

“Come at me! You fucking pervert!” He roared.
The veins in his neck had jumped out, and his face had turned red due to his heightened emotions.
His eyes were full of fighting spirit, black and bright.

The man got up from the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.
He stared at Yin Mingzheng with a gloomy and morbid gaze before staggering away.

“Fucking pervert! You better get lost! If I see you again, I’ll beat you again!” Yin Mingzheng was still yelling at him. 

The abnormal look in the man’s eyes caused Shu Ning’s heart to skip a beat.
He walked up to Yin Mingzheng and said, “Forget it, let’s go back.”

The few students who were still around were holding the cell phones, recording.

Shu Ning walked up to one of them, “Let me see the video.
Did you get a complete recording?”

The student subconsciously wanted to hide his phone.
Shu Ning stretched out his hand, “Let me see.” 

The student stared at him for a moment with a guilty conscience before reluctantly handing him the phone.
Shu Ning dragged the progress bar back to the very beginning of the video and discovered that the video started when the two were already fighting.
Shu Ning said, dissatisfied, “You didn’t record it all.
It was the man who made the first move.”

The student was stunned.

Shu Ning walked over to two other girls and smiled, “Do you have a complete recording?”

The two girls gave each other a look.
One of them said, “I think it’s a complete recording.” 

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The two of them were fans of Yin Mingzheng.
They started recording as soon as they saw Yin Mingzheng leave the building, so they were able to get a complete video.

Shu Ning dragged the progress bar to the very beginning.
The villain appeared by the school gate and talked to the man.
After a while, the man raised his hand and reached towards the villain’s head.
Shu Ning knew that the man wanted to take off the villain’s wig, but, from the video, it looked like the man was trying to hit him.


Next, the villain slapped the man’s hand away and picked up his school bag to beat the man with it.
Then, the man grabbed a hold of the villain and ripped his wig off…

“This is great.” Shu Ning snapped his fingers and took out his phone, “Hey cuties, can you add me on QQ and send me the video?” 

The two cuties immediately became excited.
They liked Yin Mingzheng and were fans of his, but Shu Ning was also really handsome and really popular.
Adding his QQ definitely wouldn’t be a loss!

While the three of them were adding each other on QQ, the security guard was reprimanding Yin Mingzheng.
Yin Mingzheng held his head high.
The look in his eyes was as rebellious as ever.

The security guard was extremely dissatisfied with his attitude and scolded him, “The principal will be here soon, just you wait!”

After a while, the principal and several other teachers arrived on scene.
It just so happened that Shu Ning’s homeroom teacher was also there.
When she saw that the person involved was one of her students, her face turned pale. 

The principal was an old man.
He solemnly walked up to Yin Mingzheng and asked, “What class are you in?”

Yin Mingzheng pursed his lips and did not answer.

Their homeroom teacher hurriedly said, “Yin Mingzheng, why are you fighting at the school gate?”

“Yin Mingzheng! It’s him again!” 

“I’m not surprised at all to see that it’s him.”

Whispers came from all around them.

Faced with their angry expressions and listening to other people gossip about his “great achievements”, Yin Mingzheng’s eyes gradually started to dim, like a deep and endless abyss.

“…His father went to prison before.
When he was in elementary school, he broke into someone’s house to rob them.
After he was discovered, he even held them at knifepoint.
Later, he threatened to kill the victim and forced them to move away…” 

Yin Mingzheng slowly started to tighten his fists.
His heartbeat had been gradually slowing down, but, after hearing what the people around him were saying, it began to speed up again.

These people…

“Tell us, why did you fight?” The homeroom teacher was embarrassed that the principal caught one of her students making such a mistake.
Thinking about how she was going to get criticized and have her bonuses deducted, she vented all her anger on Yin Mingzheng.

“Principal, teacher, I can vouch for him! Yin Mingzheng is innocent!” 

At this moment, a clear voice sounded.



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