u’re thinking if you don’t tell them?”

Yin Mingzheng was annoyed by his clamoring and said sarcastically, “Why do I have to let others know what I’m thinking?”

“This is where you’re wrong.” Shu Ning shook his finger.
“What happened just now, if you didn’t defend yourself and I wasn’t there, everyone would think that it was your fault.” 

“So what if it’s my fault?”

Shu Ning was taken aback.


Yin Mingzheng continued to walk forward, “It’s going to end up being my fault either way.”

The boy’s figure was slim and stubborn, like a young hedgehog.
Because he had suffered too much malice, his quills were always standing on end, fighting against the entire world. 

His words were cold and harsh.
If it was anyone else in Shu Ning’s situation, they would definitely feel that Yin Mingzheng didn’t know good from bad.
They would probably feel angry about being treated in this way after trying to help him.
But, Shu Ning could hear a bit of grievance from his cold, indifferent words.

He seemed to be saying, “I just don’t want to say anything.
What are you gonna do about it? Either way, no one’s going to listen”.

This was a direct result of the things he had gone through.

Shu Ning rubbed the space between his eyebrows and walked to his side, “Okay, if you don’t want to explain, then don’t.
I’ll defend you in the future.” 

Yin Mingzheng turned and looked at him strangely, “You’re gonna defend me?”

“Mn.” Shu Ning nodded and smiled, “I know what kind of a person you are.”

Yin Mingzheng clearly didn’t believe him.
He turned his head and continued to walk forward.

The main road was jammed with traffic again.
The irritable drivers were repeatedly honking their car horns.
The light jumped from red to green, and the two of them walked along the sidewalk, mixing in the bustling crowd to cross the street. 

As they were walking under the traffic light, Yin Mingzheng pulled on the straps of his school bag and raised his chin, like a little rooster.
He said, “Don’t follow me.
I don’t want to talk to you.
We’ve already decided to stop talking to each other.”

We’ve already decided to stop talking to each other

When such childish, primary-school style words came out of Yin Mingzheng’s mouth, Shu Ning couldn’t help but laugh.

Thinking about it, they were seventh graders.
They were just slightly bigger primary school students. 

“Okay, let’s stop talking to each other.
Although, you talked to me a lot today.” Shu Ning deliberately provoked him.

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The little villain was startled by this.

The traffic light turned red, and the crowd of people getting off work squeezed forward, pushing the stunned Yin Mingzheng off to the side.
He quickly stepped aside and snorted, taking long strides forward.

Shu Ning laughed to himself and ran after him.
“Yin Mingzheng, Yin Mingzheng.” 

Yin Mingzheng ignored him and silently walked forward, his pace getting faster and faster.
He seemed to be a little embarrassed.

Shu Ning stuck behind him with a smile.
Suddenly, he piped up, “Yin Mingzheng, have you grown taller?”


Yin Mingzheng immediately turned his head, his eyes bright.

Shu Ning held back his laughter.
He walked up to him and gestured with his hand, “I remember…we’re about the same height.” 

He stood in front of the little villain.
The boy’s skin was pale, his nose was straight, and his hair was short and pretty.
He seemed…to have really grown taller.

“Could it be because of the shoes?” Shu Ning lowered his head and stretched out his feet, “The shoes I wore don’t have a platform.”

He was wearing a pair of white sneakers.
They didn’t add much to his height.

The villain also stretched out his feet, showing off his yellowing blue sneakers, “Mine don’t have any platform either.” 

“The heel of your shoe is taller than mine.”

The little villain was very angry, “Where is it taller? It’s obviously shorter than yours.
If you don’t believe me, we can compare it and see.”

As he was speaking, he pulled Shu Ning over to some flat ground by the side of the road and placed his shoe against Shu Ning’s.
When the two shoes were placed side by side, Yin Mingzheng’s blue shoes seemed much older in comparison.

Shu Ning pondered for a bit, should he buy the villain some shoes and clothing? 

“…Look, the heel of your shoe is obviously higher than mine.” The little villain lowered his head to carefully compare the two, and the joy in his voice couldn’t be hidden, “I really did grow taller!”

Shu Ning came back to his senses.
When he heard his excited remarks, a small smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Your shoes are bigger than mine.
What size do you wear?”

“I wear size 39.
What about you?”

Shu Ning gasped, “You’ve got really big feet! I’m only size 36!” 

The little villain raised his eyebrows proudly, “I heard that only people with big feet will grow tall.
Your feet are kind of small.”

This one sentence made Shu Ning a little worried.
He had also heard others say that people with big feet tend to grow taller, and people with small feet tend to be shorter.
Could it be that he was a dwarf?

Papa Shu was tall and strong.
He had a lot of muscle and was about 180 centimeters tall.
He was your typical Northeastern man.
Meanwhile, Mrs.
Cai was delicate and graceful.
She was only about 150 centimeters tall.
If he ended up with Mrs.
Cai’s genes and not Papa Shu’s genes…

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“I’m gonna go home to drink milk and take calcium tablets.
I’m gonna do stretching exercises too.” Shu Ning clenched his fists, “I’m definitely going to grow taller.” 

The little villain was taken aback, “Do stretching exercises help you grow taller?”

“Of course, playing basketball and stretching can all help you grow taller.
If you don’t believe me, you can search it up online,” Shu Ning said.


The little villain silently took Shu Ning’s words to heart.

“How tall are you now?” Shu Ning asked, unresigned. 

The little villain raised his eyebrows proudly, “Two months ago, my height was 166 centimeters.”

Shu Ning was taken aback, “Shorter than me? I was 167 centimeters before.”

The corner of the villain’s mouth twitched, “That’s impossible.
We’re about the same height.”

Shu Ning said, “Then let’s go measure it now.” 

Neither of them were willing to admit defeat, so they went into a pharmacy to use their scale.
The little villain couldn’t wait to go up and measure his height.

“…Your weight is 53 kg and your height is 170 cm.”

He was 170 centimeters tall but weighed only 53 kilos?

Shu Ning frowned. 

“You try?” The little villain urged.

“Okay,” Shu Ning said.

The little villain stepped off the scale and pulled at the strap of his school bag.
He said indifferently, “I grew four centimeters taller.
That’s not bad.”

Shu Ning stepped onto the scale. 

“…Your weight is 60 kg and your height is 167 cm.”

The little villain shook his head.
He didn’t say a word, but the arrogant look in his eyes already said everything.

Shu Ning got off the scale, gave him a stern look, and turned away without saying a word.

The little villain stuck his hands in his pockets and slowly followed behind him.
He said lazily, “Tsk, someone’s a sore loser.” 

Shu Ning walked in front, a smile slowly spreading across his face.
The little villain didn’t even notice.
He had taken the initiative to talk to Shu Ning.

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