Ch18 – Getting Angry

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In order to save money, Shu Ning didn’t ask for same-day processing.

After all, he still needed to raise the little villain. 

He ended up giving Zhou Juan a sum of money and asked her to give it to Yin Mingzheng for his lunch fee.

Yin Mingzheng finally started eating lunch again.
Shu Ning felt a bit of relief.



The results of the paternity test came out four days later.
On Sunday, Shu Ning took a taxi to the DNA testing center and received the paternity test certificate.
It was just a few thin sheets of paper full of professional terminology.

Shu Ning carefully read all the way through to the very last page.
The last page was also the most critical. 

“Based on our results, it is confirmed that Yin Qiang and Yin Mingzheng have no blood relation.”


Signed by XX Testing Center.
It was even freshly stamped with a seal.

Shu Ning had expected this result.

He received the paternity test results with a complicated mood.


He made several copies at the copy shop next door and sealed them in a plastic bag.

He didn’t ask for a DNA test between Yin Mingzheng and Zhou Juan because he wasn’t sure just how attached Yin Mingzheng was to her.
Plus, kids at this age were often very dependent on their mothers.

Yin Mingzheng once said that Zhou Juan was the person he liked and trusted the most.


Shu Ning was afraid that it would be too big of a blow to lose both parents at once. 

So, he only asked for a paternity test between Yin Qiang and Yin Mingzheng.
This way, it wouldn’t be too big of a shock.
When the time came, Zhou Juan could explain everything herself.
Who knows, maybe things would turn out better this way.

Shu Ning scanned the documents and saved the files.
Then, he uploaded them to his cloud storage.
Finally, he tucked those thin pieces of paper away, hailed a taxi, and headed back to the neighborhood.

At this time, it was about four o’clock in the afternoon.
The sky was gloomy and gray.
Shu Ning had already made preparations.
Usually, Zhou Juan would be at work during this time while Yin Mingzheng and Yin Qiang were at home.

It didn’t matter which one of the two ended up getting the certificate.
The result would be the same. 

Shu Ning put on his hat, wrapped a scarf around his face, and walked to Apartment 404.
Then, he reached out to ring the doorbell.

Once he handed the paternity test over, he wouldn’t be able to take it back.
He was suddenly overcome with fear.
Goosebumps started to rise on his skin.

He hesitated for a moment, but, in the end, he gritted his teeth and pressed down hard on the doorbell.
Then, he started slamming on the door, enough so to piss off the people inside.

If he let Yin Mingzheng continue to stay here, Yin Mingzheng would be done for.
He was getting beaten every day.
What if something really bad happened? 

He couldn’t trust that everything that happened in the novel would come true.
He had transmigrated into the book, the villain didn’t drop out of school, and a lot of things had changed.
He didn’t want to take that risk.

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When he heard noise coming from inside, Shu Ning left the paternity test results by the door and quickly ran away.


The elevators were right around the corner, so Shu Ning hid over there.
He quietly opened up the camera on his phone and angled the lens to peek around the corner.
This way, he wouldn’t be discovered so easily.

Through the camera, he saw the front entrance of Apartment 404 open.
Yin Qiang was wearing slippers and cursed as he walked out the door.
He looked around and discovered that there was no one at the door.
Just as he was about to head back inside, he looked down and saw the paternity test certificate.

Then, he raised his foot and kicked it to the side!

Shu Ning: “…”

Yin Qiang yelled, “Who the hell is posting ads, you @#%¥#!”

Shu Ning: “…” 

So he thought it was an advertisement.

The front door was shut with a bang.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Vte Rlcu kjr gfjiis jczlber cbk.
Lf rajsfv ktfgf tf kjr obg j ktlif.
Ktfc, tf uba eq jcv xcbmxfv bc atf vbbg jujlc.

Qtfc tf tfjgv wbnfwfca lcrlvf atf jqjgawfca, Vte Rlcu delmxis gjc jkjs jujlc. 

“Memxlcu @#¥@¥!” Tlc Hljcu megrfv jcv bqfcfv atf vbbg, uijglcu oeglberis.
Qtfc tf rjk atja atfgf kjr cbatlcu yea j qlfmf bo qjqfg lc ogbca bo atf vbbg, tf jcuglis qlmxfv la eq jcv ibbxfv ja la.

“Based on our results, it is confirmed that Yin Qiang and Yin Mingzheng have no blood relation.”

On that piece of paper, it was written in black and white: Yin Mingzheng was not Yin Qiang’s son.

The font was black and bold.
It was clearly visible from a single glance. 

Yin Qiang’s face froze.
He quickly scanned through the contents on that sheet of paper, and his body gradually started to shake.

“Yin Mingzheng! Yin Mingzheng! Get the fuck out here!”

He didn’t even bother to shut the door.
He simply rushed inside with the paper in his hand, soon followed by banging noises.


Yin Qiang wasn’t going to beat Yin Mingzheng, was he?

Shu Ning came out of hiding, worried out of his mind.
He wanted to rush in to stop him, but he was afraid they would find out he was the one who left the paternity test there.
Getting beaten up by Yin Qiang was the least of his worries.
What if Yin Mingzheng thought he was trying to destroy his family and started hating him?


Shu Ning clenched his fists.

It just so happened that someone came out of the elevator.
Shu Ning rushed over and grabbed the uncle.
He said, “Uncle, there seems to be a fight in Apartment 404.
My classmate was beaten up really badly.
Can you go over and help him?” 

The uncle hesitated, “404? Isn’t that Yin Qiang’s apartment?”

“Yes.” Shu Ning tried to pull him forward.

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“No, no, no, there’s nothing I can do.” The uncle shook his head repeatedly and quickly walked away.

Yin Qiang’s family was famous in this small community for fighting every day and causing a ruckus.
Who the hell wanted to get involved with that? 

When Shu Ning saw the man leaving, he started stomping his feet out of anxiety.
He immediately called the police.
After calling the police, he also notified property management.

Property management also hesitated to intervene.
This was a family affair.
It wasn’t appropriate for them to intervene, but it also wasn’t appropriate to leave it alone.

Shu Ning was in a hurry.
He cleverly added, “Last time they got into a fight, they started throwing beer bottles and almost hit someone! Quickly, come and stop them! What if they start throwing things again and hit someone? Property management would also be responsible!”

“Okay, we understand.” The man on the other side of the phone made a decision. 

“You little bastard! I always thought you didn’t look like me! You bastard, you really aren’t my son!”

Yin Qiang hadn’t closed the door.
His roars could be heard from miles away.

When Shu Ning heard his roar, his heartbeat started speeding up.
Thinking about the injuries that were on Yin Mingzheng’s body, Shu Ning closed his eyes.

“That’s great! I never thought of you as my dad either!” Yin Mingzheng’s carefree voice rang out from inside the apartment. 

“You fucking @#%#@!” Yin Qiang shouted.

“You fucking %#%#!” Yin Mingzheng shouted back.

This fake pair of father and son were cursing each other as they fought, neither wanting to be outdone by the other.
Curse words and insults were hurled across the room, followed by the sound of things being smashed.
It was incredibly chaotic.

When he heard Yin Mingzheng’s energetic voice, Shu Ning slightly let out a sigh of relief. 

After a while, the security guards on the property arrived first.
Shu Ning pretended that he was just passing by.
The security guards ignored him and ran into Apartment 404, followed by banging noises.

Then, it quietened down.
Yin Qiang shouted loudly, “Zhou Juan’s a cheater!” This shocked everyone in the vicinity.


When Shu Ning heard this, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Yin Qiang really had a strong personality.
When he saw the paternity test results, he didn’t question its validity, and he didn’t ask Zhou Juan for the truth.
Instead, he straight up picked a fight with his own son.
As expected, he was a stupid and unreliable person. 

A moment later, two policemen arrived and rushed into Apartment 404.
Shu Ning secretly followed along as well, peeking inside from the entrance of the apartment.

There were two police officers, a man and a woman.
When the woman saw the bruises on Yin Mingzheng’s face, her face hardened and said to Yin Qiang, “What you’ve done can be considered domestic violence!”

“Domestic violence my ass!” Yin Qiang stretched out a finger and pointed at Yin Mingzheng, who was standing next to the policewoman.
His eyes were widened to a frightening degree, and he spat, “This son of a bitch isn’t even my kid! Don’t ‘domestic violence’ me!!”

The policewoman was stunned. 

“I’m gonna kill this little bastard #@%¥@!”

Yin Qiang was about to rush up and beat Yin Mingzheng again, but he was stopped by the policeman.

Seeing that his emotional state wasn’t very stable, the policewoman hurriedly asked the security guards what was going on.
The two security guards already had a good idea of what happened and quickly told her.

After hearing the whole story, the two police officers were stunned. 

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The security guards also had unnatural expressions on their faces.

The policeman urged Yin Qiang, “Calm down! Let’s not be rash!”

A security guard said sympathetically, “It’s not like I can’t understand why he’s angry.”

When Yin Qiang heard the security guard’s words of support, he said loudly, “You all understand, right?! This little bastard #%#@#!” 

The policewoman said to Yin Qiang, “Let me see the paternity test.”

Yin Qiang shouted, “Let go of me!”

The policeman said, “Just calm down.”

“Alright, alright, I get it.” Yin Qiang said, “You can take that little bastard and lock him up! Give him the death penalty for all I care! Him and Zhou Juan both! Fuck! @!##¥!” 

He staggered over to the coffee table and rustled around, but he couldn’t find the paternity test certificate.
“Where the fuck did it go?!”

Yin Mingzheng, who had been silent this entire time, suddenly stepped forward and handed a crumpled piece of paper to the policewoman.
“Here it is.”


The policewoman looked at the photocopy and said, “This is just a copy.
What about the original document?”

“There isn’t one!” Yin Qiang shouted. 

Yin Mingzheng said, “Someone left the paternity test outside our door.”

The policewoman said, “We’ll look around a bit more, see if there’s any clues.”

Shu Ning quietly threw the original document into the hallway and fled.

He’ll just wait and see how they decide to deal with this. 

The policewoman walked out of the apartment and saw a document bag lying in the hallway.
She quickly went up to check and found the original copy of the paternity test.

The policewoman returned to the apartment with the document.
She said to Yin Qiang and Yin Mingzheng, “I looked at the original copy.
There’s a fresh seal on it, and it also has contact information.
If you have questions, you can give them a call and ask.”

“You can’t get physical.
This isn’t something that we can interfere in.
You had better have a talk with your wife about it.”

Yin Qiang looked as if he had been enlightened.
He quickly pulled out his cell phone and called Zhou Juan. 

Zhou Juan didn’t pick up the phone.
Yin Qiang kicked the coffee table out of irritation.
Immediately, he screamed in pain and fell onto the sofa.
He seemed to have had the strength sapped out of him.

The security guards and police officers in the room couldn’t help but laugh.
Yin Qiang used to be such a headache for them, not to mention they were a little afraid of him.
However, now, they felt that he actually looked a bit pitiful and a little ridiculous.

They could only shake their heads and leave the apartment, one after another.
Rumors that Yin Mingzheng wasn’t Yin Qiang’s son soon swept through the apartment complex and, later, through the entire community.

Someone broke the news in the neighborhood group chat.
They said that there was a fight in Apartment 404. 

[Yin Qiang’s family? They’re fighting again?]

[Their family is always fighting, and they like to throw things when they fight too.
I almost got smashed in the head one time.] [Yin Qiang isn’t human.
He’s always hitting his wife and child for every little thing!]

[I really can’t blame Yin Qiang this time.
I heard that his wife cheated on him.
His son isn’t even his!] [Holy shit! Are you being for real?]

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Cai was sitting on the sofa, scrolling through her cell phone.
When she saw the neighborhood group chat start exploding with notifications, she also hurried to open it up and see what was going on.
She was shocked when she saw the news.
She covered her mouth and yelled out, “Oh my god.”

Shu Ning had just come back home.
When he heard her shout, he asked, “What’s wrong, Mom?”


“Yin Mingzheng isn’t Yin Qiang’s son!” Mrs.
Cai was excitedly catching up on the gossip.

Shu Ning pretended to be surprised, “Is it for real?” 

“It’s definitely real.
There’s even a paternity test.”

Shu Ning exclaimed, “In that case, the evidence is solid.”

Cai was eating up the gossip with great relish.
“Apartment 404 started fighting just now.
It looks like Yin Qiang found out that Yin Mingzheng wasn’t his son and lost it.
Zhou Juan hasn’t come back yet.
We won’t know the truth of the matter until Zhou Juan comes back.”

Shu Ning replied, “Oh.” 

Cai continued, “I also thought it was weird.
Yin Mingzheng’s looks are really too good, and he doesn’t look like Zhou Juan or Yin Qiang at all.
If you told me that he wasn’t their biological son, I would believe it.”

Shu Ning thought: Of course he doesn’t look like them.
My villain is the Wei family’s child.

There was nothing more exciting in the world than to hear gossip about a wife cheating on her husband.
The Yin family was simply too well-known in the community, so much so that pretty much everyone had heard of them.

The other residents in the neighborhood heard about it and told their families.
Then, their kids heard about it, and, as a result, the entirety of Longpanshan Middle School also knew about it. 

Long Qiao gave Shu Ning a phone call, “Shu ge, Shu ge, did you know? Yin Mingzheng isn’t actually Yin Qiang’s son!”

Shu Ning: “My mom just told me.”

Long Qiao: “Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!”

Shu Ning: “Watch your language.” 

Long Qiao tried to suppress his excitement, “Then, who’s Yin Mingzheng’s real dad? I can’t believe Zhou Juan had the guts to do that.
She’s always getting beaten up, but she still had the guts to cheat on him?”

Shu Ning laughed in spite of himself.

Long Qiao rattled on, “No, that’s not right.
If it was me getting beaten up everyday, I would definitely cheat too! Hey, do you think Zhou Juan cheated on Yin Qiang to get revenge? He’s always hitting her, so she retaliated by giving him a bastard child?”

Shu Ning’s face became serious, “Watch what you say.
We’re all classmates.
Don’t call him something like that.” 

“Sigh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
It’s just…you know what I mean, right?”

“I know.”


The two continued chatting with each other.

It was the weekend.
Everyone was idle and had nothing better to do.
They were all waiting to see what would happen when Zhou Juan returned home. 

At this time, Zhou Juan had just made her way back to the community.
She still didn’t know about what had happened.

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