Science and Love

Chapter 2: Where someone gave me a hand

”Its been two years already, June. Ive been working here for that long and you are still trying? ”

”Come on, Claire. Its an opening in bioinformatics, you won have to work on the bench, pipettes won even see your face, and you can work from home when moving is not an option. The supervisor seems quite nice, and you will just apply. Pleeasseeee, for me? ”

”June, what makes you think she would accept me? And what makes you think I want to stop working here and go back to academia? ”

”Look around you, Claire. Other than the cards, everything else looks at you with disdain just because you
e a woman. And I see you looking at PhD positions before going to sleep, you still want to be a scientist. ”

”Wanting something doesn mean you can do that, sweetie. Believing that is for children and Im already a 79 year old lady. ”

”I don care, I have already applied for you, so thats that. ”


* * *

What am I doing here thought Claire as she got into the elevator.

She never worked with bioinformatics. And she maybe worked for three or four months with human biology. And her knowledge in microbiology would be close to useless here. But at least there was that year as immunology teacher assistant. Yeah. She was screwed.

”Hello, Im Claire Trent, Im here to see Dr. Green? ”

”Oh, you
e the knew recruit? ”

”Thats the hope, yes. ”

”Good luck, darling! Just go to the first floor, straight to the end of the corridor and turn left and you
e there. ”

”Thank you! ”

Claire did as the receptionist said and got to the door with no difficulty. The difficult part was working up her courage to knock on the door.

What am I doing here? she asked herself, one last time, and finally knocked at the door.

”Come in! ” a voice said from inside.

”Hi, Im Claire Trent. I came for the interview? ”

”Hi Claire! Im Marjorie Green but please call me Marj. ”

Dr. Green was really young, maybe five years older than Claire, and she seemed really warm. She asked Claire to sit down as if they
e about to take tea.

”So, I saw your CV and was really interested, but what really caught my attention was you personal statement. I think its really brave of you to go after your dream and Im sorry you have to expose your personal life every time you meet someone new in a professional setting. Probably in a personal setting too, right? ”

”Thank you, Dr. Green. Oops, Marj. Yes, I have to explain my health history every time but Im used to it already. ”

”Well, here is a paper I think could have an interesting seed for your work. We need to write a project in two days so we can apply for a fellowship for you… ”

”Wait, You
e hiring me? ”

”Yeah, why would I call you all the way here if not? ”

”I thought you just wanted to talk to me face to face an

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