Science and Love

Chapter 4: Aren\'t they weird?

”Okay guys, we arrived. Everyone please check your belongings, as the company will not be responsible for what we forget on the vehicle. ”

Claire had been tasked with caring for the students on the same transfer as her, as she was a volunteer and knew one of the organizers.

”Miss Claire, can you help us with the check-in? Nobody here is quite sure what we need to do and, quite frankly, most of us has not slept for at least three days. ”

”Well, thats not very healthy, is it? Good thing you guys came a day early. Lets go handle your check-in so you can go take shower and sleep. ”

”Hello, Im here with the first batch of attendees. What do they need to give you for their check-in? ”

”Hi, welcome to the Royal Hotel! I will need your IDs and, in case you
e a foreigner, your passport. ”

”Great, everyone, please pass me your IDs or passports. If possible, put together the IDs of those sharing a room. I have a list of the attendees by room, would it help you in any way? ”

”Absolutely! Does the list comprise of only this batch? ”

”Yes, I made list for each transfer to save time when we arrived. ”

”Oh dear, thank you! It will save us so much time! ”

”Unfortunately we only have this list for attendees taking our transfer, but I believe those coming on their own will be just a few. Here are the documents, Ill leave mine for last so they can go to their rooms first. ”

”Any help is much appreciated. ”

”Okay, everyone! Please stay with your room mates. We will call you by room to get your documents and keys. ”

”Alright, those were the last from your transfer. You can give me your ID now. Are you staying alone? ”

”Oh, no. But my roommate is arriving late today. She is coming with one of the international presenters, they will probably be the last arrival. ”

”No problem! Do you want to do the full check-in, so your friend only needs to present her ID? ”

”Yes please. Thank you so much! I will just shower and come down again to help with the other arrivals. Could you please call my room in the case someone from the event needs any help and Im not down yet? ”

”Of course, Miss Claire. Do you need anything to eat to be brought to your room? ”

”Oh, no need. I will eat later. Thank you, though. ”

* * *

”Hi, Summer. You guys took way longer than I thought to get here. did something happen? ”

”Claire, don even get me started. Is everything okay? Did it take too long for the check-ins? ”

”Oh, not long at all. Remember that list I gave you? I used it and organized everyone by rooms, so it went by in a flash. ”

”What list? ”

”The list of attendees in your transfer by their room? I gave it to you before I left yesterday? ”

”Oh, I don have it! What do we do now? ”

”Don worry, I counted with everyone either forgetting the printed lists I handed or ignoring my e-mails and brought them with me. Just tell your group to organize their IDs and hand them to you grouped by who is sharing a room with whom. ”

”Claire, what would be of me without you? ”

”Well, you would be at least 30% more stressed right now. Come on. ”

”You can check-in first and go shower. The rest of the organizing committee will be looking for you in no time after knowing you
e already here. I tried to help with what I can, but some things only you can do. ”

”You are and angel! Have you any news from Clara? She should be at the airport already, right? ”

”Yes, last time she contacted me she had already met the driver and was on her way to pick Dr. Yu at the arrivals. They are probably on their way here already, but I don think they will arrive before midnight. ”

”Okay, good. and whats that Dr. Yu? You call no one Dr.! ”

”Yeah, and apparently that can be really rude for foreigners. Im representing you, after all, I can offend one of the principal talkers of your event! ”

”Don worry, Yu is like you, he doesn really care for titles. If you get the chance to talk to him, please, don act differently. ”

”Yes, sir! Now goooo, you smell of car fumes! ”

* * *

”Maggie, come here! Let me introduce you, this is Claire.. ”

I already know her. Shes been helping us ever since she arrived, from organizing the transfers to carrying boxes. Where didi you find her? I need one too! ”

”Please, one of me is enough to bring the world out of balance. I need to go receive the last bus of the day, they must be famished and the kitchen will close in half an hour, so I need to organize their meals before they go to their rooms. ”

”Wait, the kitchen will close? What about Clara and Dr. Yu? ” asked Maggie.

”Don worry, I have some options. I will discuss them with you guys after sorting the new arrivals out. You should go eat something, too. Last time I saw you munching on something was hours ago, and it was the smallest banana Ive ever seen. ”

With that, Claire left, leaving and amused Maggie and a not at all surprised Summer behind.

”Is she always like that? ”

”No, if she knew you for longer she would have just arranged your meal already and you would never have eaten that small banana without hearing her complain that it wasn enough for a grown woman. ”

”She really is something, isn she? ”

”She is. Another thing she really is is right, we should go eat something. Im almost entering autophagy. ”

* * *

”She was right, that banana was not enough. Ive never eaten a whole plate by myself like this! ”

”Ah, good to see youve eaten! so, the concierge gave me the contact of a place that has pizzas and burgers. It is something that will arrive fast and, though it has options, they are not so many that will overwhelm two tired travellers. I will wait for them in the reception with you guys and make the order after they decide on what to have. Does this work? ”

”See, Maggie? Told you not to worry. Do you know where they are? ”

”According to the last information Clara sent me they should arrive in about two hours, just around midnight. Ah! The hotel does not allow deliveries to the rooms, and room service has already ended, so I will wait for their food and deliver ir to Clara and Dr. Yu. Is that alright or would one of you prefer to do it? ”

Summer looked at Maggie and said:

”Actually, I need to sleep. I will just receive both of them and ascertain there wellbeing and drop dead on my bed. Maggie? ”

”Im the same, but won that be asking too much from Claire? ”

”Don worry, I would be up anyway because Clara needs to eat and shower and all that. Its fine, really. ”

Two ours later

”Thats their car arriving. ”

”Thank God, Im almost falling asleep in this sofa. Do you have the menu open, Claire? ”

”Yes, don worry. Before they finish their check-in the order will be made. ”

”Clara, finally! How are you, dear? ”

”Summer, if I didn love you so very much you would be in big trouble. ”

”Good thing you love me, then. This is Claire, your roommate. ”

”Hey, Clara! Im not only your roommate, Im also the one holding your chance to eat on her hands. Choose what you want here. ”

”Oh, getting me by my stomach, I love you already. Hmmm, get me this combo, please? ”

”Done! Is Dr. Yu alright? ”

”Oh yes, he is very nice and came sleeping most of the way. An angel. ”

Summer beckoned for Claire to follow her to Yu.

”Hi Yu, How was the trip? ”

”Long, but pleasant. Almost didn see the time pass. ”

”Great! Thank you again for accepting our invitation to come to our conference. I know you are tired, but you must be hungry too, right? ”

”To tell you the truth I don know what Im right now. Ive been travelling almost every day for the past week. ”

”Okay, you still need to eat. This is Claire, one of our volunteers. She will be responsible for your meal. ”

”Hello, Dr. Yu. Nice to meet you, my name is Claire! ”

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