Science and Love

Chapter 5: About Claire

There she goes with this Dr. business again…, thought Summer.

”This are the options, what would you like? ”

”Please, call me Yu. Nice to meet you too, Miss Claire. Hmm, I think Ill have the same as Miss Clara. ”

”Well, if Im calling you Yu, you will be calling me Claire, okay? None of this miss business, Im not really used to it. ”

Its a shame Yu is not from here, otherwise I would put him up to Claire…

”Okay, Yu. Now lets get you and Clara checked-in. Maggie, you can go up, Ill take care of everything here with Claire. ”

”Alright. Nice to meet you, Dr. Yu. See you tomorrow. ”

”Okay, everyone checked-in. What about those burgers, Claire? ”

”Already ordered them, they will be here in about half an hour. ”

”Okay, Ill take Clara to your room, since is next to mine. Could you show Yu to his? ”

”Of course. Clara, I left the double bed to you. Gathered you would be more used to it. ”

”Did I tell you I love you? ”

Claire smiled.

”Just take a shower calmly, you have time before I bring you your food. Yu, please, this way. ”

”Summer, do those two look funny to you? ”

”In what way, Clara? ”

”I don know, they just met and are already so casual with each other. ”

”Well, thats a Claire thing. Didn you just tell her you loved her? ”

But yeah, they look cute together don they? ”

”Wait, my room faces the pool? ” asked Yu as they passed the restaurant and entered the pool area.

”No, its much better than that. Just a little further now. ”

”My room has a sea view?!?! ”

”Yes! Nice isn it? ”

”This is lovely! Does you room have a sea view too? ”

”Oh no, Im just a humble student volunteering, Dr. Yu. How could I compare to one of the main keynote presenters? ” She said, and a huge smile that reached her eyes appeared in her face.

”Ha ha, very funny. ”

”Im being serious, though. Only organizers and lecturers are staying on this side of the hotel. the only reason Summer in on a room adjacent to ours is because she needs someone to keep her on track of things, and that someone is me. ”

”Thats a shame, you guys will work much more than me. You deserved this view… ”

”Ohh, thats very sweet of you, but I wouldn even be able to enjoy the view with the amount of things I need to organize. Thank you though. Anyway, here is your key, go and bathe while the food is not here yet. Im sure you need it. ”

Yu hid the smile that was starting to open and said seriously, after sniffing his clothes:

”Are you saying that I stink? ”

”No! Oh my God, please, thats not what I meant. Im so sorry if I offended you, I just meant you must be tired and a shower would help you relax so you can sleep right after eating. Im so sorry!!! ”

Claires cheeks could not be redder than they
e right now. Yu couldn take it anymore and started laughing.

”Im just kidding, don worry. Really, it was a joke! Anyway, will you call me to come down and get the food when it arrives? ”

”Oh no, of course not! Ill bring it to you, don worry. ”

”Shouldn you be sleeping? It is time for kids to be at bed. ”

”Hey, you
e not that older than me! And in any case, I was the one who ordered the food, so i will need to receive it, and room service is already finished for the day. Don worry, I won poison you or anything. ”

And with that, she turned in her reel, laughing at her own joke, and went away.

”Clara, heres your food. Sorry to leave it here, I need the bag to bring it to Yu. ”

”No problem, babe. Thank you so much! Go already so you can sleep, woman! ”

”Okay, chief. Don take too long with that so you can sleep, too! Be right back! ”

Did she notice how easily she called him Yu? They
e definitely weird… ”

”Okay, was it room 2125? Yeah, it was. ”

Claire knocked on the door and waited, expecting a Yu freshly out of the shower and ready to sleep. What she got was a Yu still wearing the same clothes as before, clearly not showered yet. She decided not to comment about the shower again.

”Oh, is the food already here? ”

With a flourish of her hand and a little bow, Claire gave him the little package with his food.

”Yes, Master Yu. Here is your food, hopefully I didn make you wait too long. ”

”Huh, never thought I would hate a title more than doctor, but hey! You did it! ”

”Ha, I always aim to please. Hope you enjoy the food. Is no French cuisine but it is enough to fill you belly before you sleep. ”

Yu looked at her funny, but she didn understand why. After a bit he said.

”Not really sure if I will sleep more than two hours. Still jet-lagged, you see. ”

”Oh, don worry. When you lay down to sleep turn all possible light sources off, put your phone on do not disturb and focus on the sounds of the sea. The sound of waves breaking is quite good to lull one to sleep. ”

”Ill take your advice, then. Thank you again, Claire. ”

”No problem, Yu. Have a good night and see you tomorrow. ”

As he was closing the door he heard her talking again.

”Yu! Sorry, that came out louder than I thought. Anyway, breakfast is from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., so you have plenty of time to sleep and still be able to eat your breakfast. The conference will only properly start at the afternoon, but there is a concomitant conference going and you can watch their sessions if you are interested. The programme is always affixed on the doors of the conference rooms. If you need any help at any time you can look for me or Clara and, in case none of us is around, anyone with a cap like mine is a volunteer, so theyll be able to help you too. did the concierge tell you how to log into the wi-fi? ”

”Yes, he explained everything to me. ”

”Okay then, I think that is all you would need to know before the beginning of the conference. anything else we can tell you at registration. Sorry to bother you so late, just didn want you to be lost on your first day here. anyway, sweet dreams, see you at breakfast! ”

And, after just spilling information like that, she ran away back to her room and left a stunned Yu at his door.

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