Science and Love

Chapter 7: Do you want a slice?

”Whats wrong with You, Yu?! I just told you not to misunderstand her and you get angry because of a joke?! ”

”What? No, I wasn angry with her, I was angry at Caldwell! But I didn see her coming and couldn get the anger out of my face in time. Its a misunderstanding! ”

”Well, Dr. Yu, you better make her know you are not about to hate her because of a little joke. Look at the poor thing, she went to sit alone to have breakfast! ”

”Come on, lets get something to eat and see if she wants company. ”

”Now, thats better! ”

Yu finished picking his food before Summer, as expected. While Summer was still deciding on what fruit she would get, he found Claires table, took a deep breath, and walked up to her.

”Do you mind if I sit here, Master Claire? ”

A little smile blossomed on the corner of her lips as she answered:

”Of course, Dr. Yu. Im almost done, don worry. ”

”Could we not go back to Yu? Even Master Yu would be better at this point. I wasn mad at you, I was mad at something Summer was telling me and you caught me by surprise. ”

”Really? Are you really not angry? I swear I wasn trying to be irritating, I just thought it would be funny. ”

”And it was, really. So, are we good? ”

”Of course, Master Yu. How could a humble student be mad at you? ”

But the smile got to her eyes, so Yu knew they were actually okay.

”But Im really almost finished, so you can have the table to yourself and Summer. ”

”Oh, I was hoping you would stay to have breakfast with us. Summer told me you just defended you dissertation, I was curious about what you worked with… ”

”Are you sure? If you tell me I can talk I will talk to no end, you know? ”

Yu chuckled at how bright her eyes got at the opportunity to talk about her work.

”Im serious. So, will you tell me? ”

When Summer finally got the fruits and went to the table, she found Claire talking animatedly, gesturing widely, and Yu looking at her as if looking at a painting in a museum, trying to imprint every detail in his memory.

”… but my data is comprised 100% of public data, so I did a lot just to have some basis to my conclusions you know? We got some money now to do experiments and generate our own data and, hopefully, validate my findings. ”

”Did you think of doing some assays that focused on the protein itself? ”

”Are you two discussing work at this hour, really? You two have more interesting things to talk about, Im sure. ”

”But Summer, Yu asked me about my work! I told him I wouldn stop talking if he said that, but he confirmed he was interested, and you wouldn come back, so here we are. ”

”Well, at least both of you seem to be pleased about the conversation. Oh, Claire, would you be a dear and get me some juice and a cup of coffee? I forgot all about it whilst choosing my fruits. ”

”Of course, Summer. I was planning on getting some more bread for myself, anyways. Talking worked up my appetite. Do you want something, Yu? ”

”Im good, Claire. Thank you, though. ”

”Alright, then. Ill be in there for a while, so now is your chance of complaining about me to Summer! ”

She said that with the brightest of smiles and then went inside the buffet.

”So, any complaints? As she said, now is the time to make them. ”

”I do have one: why didn you introduce us before? ”

”Well, for starters, you live on the other side of the ocean. ”

”That hasn stopped you before. ”

”Yeah, but the others were either for scientific collaborations or to try and finally get you to date someone. You are closer to your forties than you would like to admit, you know. I don get why you never had a girlfriend. ”

”She is a scientist, is she not? And who told you I never had a girlfriend? ”

”Oh, so you
e dating someone now? ”

”No. ”

”So Im right, no? ”

”No. Not dating someone now is not the same of never having dated, ever. ”

”Summer, are you trying to wingman Yu? She does that to me, too. Is a nightmare, isn it? If you
e in relationship you better just tell her, less trouble for you even though she will be waiting for regular reports on that too. But at least she won put you in a weird position with you girlfriend. ”

”What are you talk.. ”

”Im really single! I don have a girlfriend! ”

Summer found his answer too prompt for someone as calm as Yu normally was. Claire just found him funny.

”Then, dear Master Yu, get ready for a whole lot of getting to know every single women present at the conference. Though, Summer, if you want my opinion, Lilian has been looking this way ever since Yu sat down. You may want to begin with her. ”

”Is that so? Why, thank you, Claire! Talking of introductions, I need to introduce you to.. ”

”Oh, would you look at the time! I need to go start my work and I probably won have time for myself the whole day. What a shame! ”

She stood up, winked at Yu and said.

”Master Yu, a pleasure as always, Good look with Lilian, she is really sweet but can be extremely shy too. Well, summer can take care of that. see you guys later! ”

”Claire, you
e not getting out of this again! ” Summer screamed after Claire, who turned back just to show her tongue and run away to the main hall.

”She is not getting out of here without a boyfriend if I have any say on that! ”

”And is there anyone her worhty of your precious Claire? ”

”Well, my first option is not possible due to his place of residence, so Ill have to search for someone that lives closer. ”

”Who was your first option? ”

”You, of course. My darling Yu, you two would make the cutest couple ever, but you do live on the other side of the ocean, you know? ”

”And what made you sure I would be interested? ”

”Seriously? Are you going to look at me and say you
e have no interest for Claire? ”

”I didn .. ”

”Yu, one last thing! Just give me a minute. ”

A extremely breathless Claire stood over Yu, her hand on his shoulder for support. The place where she touched him seemed to tingle for no reason, and Yus ears got progressively redder. Summer enjoyed very much her VIP seat to these interaction.

”I forgot to tell you, you need to register at the registration center to be able to watch the lectures from both conferences. The registration center is in the first conference room, just down from where you made your check-in last night. It is also important because the conference badge will grant you discounts in a number of restaurants around here, and they can be quite expensive, so. As I said, if you need anything, just look for me or Clara. Summer has our numbers and can locate us if you need. Okay, Im going now. ”

She squeezed Yus shoulder affectionately as a goodbye, got up, kissed Summer on the cheek and ran away again. Yu sat there, stunned, and Summer started laughing at him.

”Shes cute, isn she? See what I meant about being nice? ”

”Shes not cute, Summer. Shes extraordinary! Did you notice how she looked? She was as bright as the sun itself! ”

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