Scryer And The Telepath

Chapter 2: The First Meeting

As the USBO (University Student Body Organization) vote was tabulated in a few hours, each candidate was busy campaigning. Except for Evo, who already has fans who are willing to work hard. Evos supporters use social media to get people to vote for them. Hes a college heartthrob, so theres no way he can win.

Evo sat in the cafeterias square with a smile on his face. ”Man, youll win for sure. Your supporters worked very hard. ” Migs said he was sitting with his friends.

Before he talked, Wilson ate the burgers. ” Efforts, dude. Evos face was in all of my social media news feeds. ”

Brian chuckled. ”Its good that you don have feelings for Evo. ”

Wilson chuckled. ”Evo, Im sick of that face of yours. When I looked at my face in the mirror today, it reminded me of how good-looking I am. Have you seen your fans efforts? Because of you, I can even remember my face. ”

Evo laughed and nodded his head. ”That group wants me to run for an officer. Don you remember you were the one who made me run, and now you
e complaining? ”

They all laughed. Its true what Evo said; they did mess around with the application form by writing Evos name as a candidate.

”Do you already have a plan for making propaganda for the school and your supporters? To your close friends as well, ” Brian asked.

Evo laughed. ”I have no propaganda at all. Do you have any ideas to share? ”

Brian and Wilson high-fived each other. ”How about starting a petition for a terror professor? ” Wilson said.

Evo laughed. ”Who should we put first? Is it Miss Bayubay? ” Migs said.

Evo threw a piece of junk food at Migs and Wilson. ”Silly! Miss Bayubay, maybe shes looking for a relationship. ”

Brian had a chuckle. ”Lets get her a lover. How about Sir Mariano? ”

Everyone laughed about what Brian said. They are talking about two professors who are so scary that most engineering students give up the subject just to avoid them.

”It sounds like you
e having a great time. ”

They all looked over at Zoey and her friends. Zoey sat next to Evo, and Wilson, Migs, and Brian were next to Mildred and Winona.

”We offer Evo good propaganda. He will win for sure. ” Migs says.

Zoey smiled at Evo, and then just looked at him. ”Have you decided to go with one of their ideas? ”

Evo shook his head and said, ”Their ideas are completely crazy. ”

Winonas brows went up. ”You guys aren doing anything good for Evo. Perhaps his name will be ruined because of you. ”

”Don be so judgmental, Win. Youll benefit from my suggestion too, ” says Brian.

The walls of the cafeteria are made of glass and are full of plants, so people coming in and out can be seen easily. Plus, rich kids like Evos group like to hang out there.

When the speaker in the cafeteria made an announcement, the group stopped laughing. Mildred interrupts Brian and Winonas conversation.

Candidates, you can go to the great hall where the counting of votes will start. It will begin in five minutes.

After everyone looked at each other, they pulled Evo toward the grand hall.


In the big room, there is a list of candidates names, and to stop cheating, only candidates can go into the counting area. The staff put up a barrier to keep the crowd away from the candidates.

Just a few minutes ago, the count began. Evos name leads to the presidency, and Bellas name leads to the vice presidency. Both sides have about the same number of votes. A few hours went by, and Evo got tired. He hasn finished counting yet. He sat down with both hands tight on his armpits and his eyes closed.

Evo almost fell to the ground after a scream. He looked around right away after wiping his face with his hand.

”Lets give a warm welcome to Evo Montenegro, our new USBO President, ” the host said.

The light went out, and when it came back on, it was only shining on Evo. Theres the spotlight. In the great hall, there was shouting and applause.

”Come up here, Mr. President, and introduce yourself, ” the emcee said.

Evo got up, smiled, and went forward. As he got closer to the host, the entire room lit up again. People whistled, cheered, and yelled.

The host laughed. ”I know you
e famous, Mr. President, but there are some new students you don know yet, so please introduce yourself. ”

The host gave Evo the microphone, which he took. ”Good evening, everyone. Im Evo Montenegro, your new USBO president. ”

The noise can be heard throughout the whole great hall. The host put Evo on the other side and called out the name of the vice president.

The host turned around to face the audience again. ”Now weve met our Mr. President, and when theres a Mr., theres a Miss, isn that right? Bella Sebastian is our new USBO Vice President, and wed like to welcome her. ”

The room went dark again, and all eyes turned to Bella. As loud as everyone had been a while ago, it was quiet as Bella made her way to the host.

”Wow, everyones quiet. ” the emcee said. ”Please introduce yourself, Vice President. ”

Bella took the mic from the person in charge of the event. ”Good evening, everyone. Im Bella Sebastian, the new Vice President of the USBO. ”

Everyone is still quiet. As the noise started up in the main hall, the emcee put Evo and Bella in the middle. Evo looked at Bella, but Bella wasn paying attention to him.


After the candidates gave their speeches to the voters, the newly elected officials talked. Since the USBA has its own office, everyone sits together at a long table. On the long table, there was delicious pizza, cake, and something else to eat. Everyone was so happy, but Bella kept to herself.

”What is our first project for the semester, Mr. President? ” Arthur asked.

Evo smiled after he ate a piece of pizza. ”Have you thought about anything yet? ” he asked. ”I haven thought about anything yet. ”

He turned to the new vice president when he heard nothing about what she was thinking. She was eating alone at the end table. With so many people there, she has the quietest thought. It was new to him because he had never encountered it before.

”Why don you ask the vice president? ” Evo said.

Bella was drinking juice, and everyone looked at her. She couldn believe that everyone was staring at her. And she coughed. She quickly reached for the handkerchief and wiped her mouth.

”Im sorry. I didn hear what you were saying. ”

Laurie, one of the new officers, smiled at her. ”Girl, Mr. President asked if you had any plans for this semester. ”

Bella looked at the man, who would have been handsome if his makeup hadn been even thicker than hers. She touched her face. She looked at Evo, who was drinking juice and staring at her.

Bella looked at them. ”The universitys founding day is coming up, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a concert for a good cause. ”

Everybody nodded at her. ”Are you saying that artists, singers, or bands will come to our school and perform for free? ” Evo asked.

Bella gave Evo a quick look. ”Yes, I think thats a good idea. ”

Laurie put his hand on her arm. ”Miss Vice, your idea is good, don you think, guys? But can we find artists who will do it for free? ”

Bella smiled. ”Ill find the artists and talk to them, ”

Evo frowned. ”What do you do? Do you have acquaintances? ”

Bella looked at him. ”No, but Im going to ask my aunt for help. ”

Evo nodded. ”Good luck with that. ”

”Do you have a plan in mind, Mr. President? ” Bella asked. She didn like the way the man was staring at her. She is used to people staring at her, but she can be bothered to look at this man, who seems to see something in him he can figure out.

Everyone looked at Evo. ”Stalls… ”

Bella smirked. ”Mr. President, booths are only for high school. ”

Evo thought for a while, but he couldn come up with anything. Chloe says, ”How about a dance competition at each college? ”

Everybody turned to Chloe. Bella said, ”Thats a good idea. Each department can do its job. We could ask them to do something. ”

”A singing idol is a good idea too, ” Eman said.

”Good idea as well, ” Bella said. ”The event will last a whole week, and we need everyone to join in. ”

Evo took a moment to glance at each of them, and it seemed that Bella was the one who immediately caught their attention. Evo remained silent and just let them to sharing ideas without more interaction. Aside from the fact that he is not interested in ascending to the position of President of USBO, he is also sluggish when it comes to coming up with ideas.

Bella stood up and was about to walk out of the room, but she tripped on Evos leg, causing her to fall. Laurie caught him and she was a little taken aback when he touched her. Evo noticed that, but he didn speak. He saw Bellas reaction.

What was that? It is as if she saw something. Evo thought.

Bella gazed at Laurie with amazement. ”VP, Im sorry to break it to you, but Im not very fond of ladies. You should know that like you I only want boys. ” Laurie said to her.

Bella immediately let go of Laurie. ”I am sorry, ” Evo said while looking at Bella. Bella cast another look in Lauries direction before giving a little shake of her head. Evo noticed this.

”Its okay. ” Bella quickly turned her back on Evo and the others and then quickly left the room.

Evo couldn help but grin to himself as he watched the door through which Bella emerged as he stared at it.

Shes definitely something. I wonder what that means. Did she see something? Evo thought.

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