Scryer And The Telepath

Chapter 3: The Handsome Stranger

The following day, Evos group of cars arrived at the university car park one after the other. Park it consecutively on the spot, only for them. When they came down, they greeted one another immediately. Zoey even hugged Evo.

Smiling, Evo released Zoey. ”How are you, Mr. President? Did you sleep last night? ” Migs asked.

Evo laughed. ”Certainly, I fell asleep. Such things should not be taken seriously, ” Evo said.

”Not in all seriousness, Mr. Montenegro? ”

Everyone looked behind them. The dean of the engineering department was standing there. All of them remained silent and looked at one another. Their dean is in his mid-age who they estimate to be at least fifty years old. It has a bald spot on its head, and its ears are big. Its nose is also fairly flat, and its skin is darker. Despite how he looks, their dean has won many awards, especially when he was young. He is a graduate of their university. Because he is both friendlier and cooler than their other deans and professors, many students in the college of engineering are particularly close to him. This is one of the reasons why so many students from other colleges and departments are close to him.

The dean turned to Evo and spoke. ”Do you know that some grades you will receive will be based on your performance as a representative of our department? You should not simply play the presidency of the USBO, Mr. Montenegro, ” he said.

Evo looked at the dean, then his facial expression was slightly serious. ”I understand my regrets, sir! ”

The dean nodded, and he smiled. ”If you take your presidency seriously, Mr. Montenegro, you have a good partnership with Ms. Sebastian. I can see you both achieving something. Shes a beneficial influence on you, and I can tell you that. ” He looked at Evos friends. ”Very well. I shall be ahead of you. Hurry, for the first class is about to begin. ”

The dean took off as they watched. ”Its just annoying how obsessed they are with this, Miss Sebastian. She has proven nothing yet. ” Zoey said, annoyed.

Winona turned to Zoey. ”This girl, she is the best student of the college of architecture, she is a scholar of the school, ” says Winona.

”All right, her grades are high, but shes still poor. ” Zoey furrowed.

Evo frowned. ”Since when do you insult people? ”

Zoey glanced at Evo. ”Sorry. ”

Brian looked back when he saw Bella. ”Speaking of Ms. Sebastian, ”

They all turned back and saw Bella running down the hall.


After class, Bella sat in her office in the USBOs office. She was working on the computer, and it set a saucer with a slice of cake in front of her. It shocked her to notice Laurie, the gay officer of the USBO.

Laurie sat in the empty chair in front of her table. ”Are you busy, my dear? You don even drink water. ”

She turned off the laptop so Laurie wouldn see what she was doing. She held the saucer, and when she looked at Laurie, she saw an image.

”You have a talented sister… ” Bella said as she ate the cake. ”Its yummy and not too sweet. ”

Laurie made frowned. ”How did you know that my sister was the one who made the cake? ”

”Ah, I just heard, ” said Bella. ”You gave Arthur too, didn you? I overheard you tell him that your sister made the cake. ”

Laurie smiled. ”Isn it delicious? Do you want to order? Wait … ” Laurie took something out of her wallet and immediately gave the calling card to her. ”If you know someone, could you recommend my sister? She delivers in Metro Manila. ”

Bella nodded. ”Okay. Its easy to recommend. Her cake is delicious. ”

Laurie smiled. ”Have you heard of an artist who could perform for free during Foundation Week? ”

”Ive got a thought, Laurie. What if we hire underrated band members? That gives them exposure, and well spend less because well only give them free food. What are your thoughts? ”

”You have a good idea, but we need to know what the President thinks about it. ”

”Really? But he doesn seem to care about it. People like him are the only ones who understand arrogance and egotism. ”

Laurie chuckled. ”Don be loud, VP; the president could hear you. Let him be arrogant; he has plenty to boast about. ”

Bella had one more scoop of cake. ”Fine, hes not my problem. ”

Laurie got closer to Bellas face. ”Miss Bella, my engineering classmates told me that Mr. Montenegro and his friends went to a bar last night. ”

Bella scowled. ”That man is just full of himself. He talks a lot, but he does nothing. Everyone voted for this man, but why? If Erik won, it would be even better to be… ”

”President than me? ”

They looked at the man standing in the doorway. Evo was with his friends, who aren allowed to go there because they aren USBA officials.

Evo looked at her with a serious expression. ”Do you have an issue with me, Vice President? ”

Laurie held Bellas hand, so she glance a look at him. He gestures for her to cease bickering with Evo, but she pays no attention to him.

She looked at Evo, too. ”No, Mr. President, Im not upset about anything. Because I know how people like you act and think, I expect nothing from people like you. ”

Evo looked annoyed. ”What did you just say? People like me? Why? You know me? ”

Bella smirked. ”Why, are you asking me this, Mr. President? Do you want me to get to know you? ”

Evos brows went up. ”Do you like me? ” Evo asked. ”You are just using the council as an excuse to get closer to me and get my attention. What, do I have it right, Miss VP? ”

”Really? ” Bella asked. ”Okay, 4x – 7(x-x) = 3x + 2. Whats the answer? ”

He frowned. ”What? ”

”Its a simple equation, Mr. President. ” Bella stared at Evo.

Evo did not lose up, and he took advantage of the fact that the woman was staring at him but he did not hear anything from her. His forehead wrinkled. Bella smiled.

”Its like you can know what Im thinking just by looking at me, ” Bella said. ”The answer, Mr. President, is 2. Don bother to solve it. ”

Bella stood up and walked over to Evo. Evo didn move and just stared back at the woman.

”You don have this…. ” Bella placed her index finger just above her ear. ”Yours only have pure CO2. ” Bella looked at her friends. ”I have to go, I have class. Bye guys. ”

Everyone waved, but no one spoke until Bella had left. Everyone was looking at Evo.

”Did she call me dumb? ” Evo asked Migs, who was right behind him, with a frown.

”Well, not directly, but thats how it seems. ” Migs said. ”You didn answer the equation. ”

Instead of being annoyed, Evo smiled, which surprised his friends.

”Why are you still smiling when you were told you were dumb? ” Brian asked.

Evo didn answer. Even though the woman was staring at him, he couldn believe he hadn heard anything she was thinking. It was new to him.

Evo seems like a moron. Wilson thought.

Evo turned toward Wilson and put his arm around him. ”I need a solution to the equation she gave me. When you do, Ill pay your gas bill for a month. ”

Wilson asked, ”Are you for real? ”

Evo smiled. ”Of course. ” Evo looked at Laurie. ”Laurie, can I borrow a pen and paper from you? ”

”O-okay. ” Laurie quickly got a piece of paper and a pen from his table and gave them to Evo.

”Do that for me. I need to know why 2 is the answer. ” Evo gave Wilson the piece of paper and the pen.

”Damn, dude, on the spot? ” Evo asked.

”You have 1 minute. ”

”What? ”

”Start your timer now… ”

”Wait … ” Wilson hurried to write, and Brian and Migs helped him with the equation. After a minute, Evo grabbed the paper Wilson was holding. He crumpled it and thrown into the trash.

”Hows that, dude, you lost, ” said Evo. ”Now we
e both dumb. ”

Evo turned his back on his friends. His friends looked at each other. After giving the pen back to Laurie, they quickly went after Evo.

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