Lecy Sherry held Vicdor Blakes hand and said, ”Im really hungry. Didn the doctor ask me to have a good rest? Now I can even eat enough. How can I rest? ”

She directly blocked back Snows words.

”I have prepared some food for you. It will be served soon. ”

Vicdor Blake comforted Lecy Sherry.

After coaxing her for a while, he pulled away his hands which were holding her tightly, stood up and walked to Snow.

He was tall and strong. When he approached, his aura directly wrapped Snow.

But Leyi couldn see her expression.

The most important thing was that she couldn see the way that Vicdor Blake looked at Snow, which made her panic.

The next moment, a smile appeared on her face when she saw what Vicdor Blake had done.

Vicdor Blake pinched her chin and forced her to stand in front of him.

His hand touched Snows bone, which was so clear that it seemed to be able to be crushed with a little force.

”How dare you satirize me for being blind? The most blind thing I have ever done in my life is to be with you! Otherwise, neither grandpa nor i… ” thinking of this painful memory, Vicdor Blakes breath became much colder.

He exerted more strength to his hand.

Snow was almost out of breath.

”Snow, how dare you be so presumptuous in front of me? Aren you afraid that the Cecy Group will go bankrupt directly? ”

With a murderous look in his eyes, Vicdor Blake said, ”this is the company that your father wanted to keep when he was inhuman. If it was destroyed by you, he would probably not let you go even if he was a ghost! ”

”Shut up! Don mention my father. Hes not the kind of person you said! ”

Snow tried her best to hold back her anger.

She could only make a sound.

She couldn speak clearly.

”Really? ” Seeing that she was still stubborn, Vicdor Blake couldn help but want to break her neck.

Finally, he let go of Snow.

Throwing her on the ground, Vicdor Blake roared in disgust, ”get out! Don stain Lecy Sherrys room here. I don dare to let her eat the food you cook! ”

”Ha ha… ” Snow rubbed her neck and laughed sarcastically.

She struggled to stand up and looked at the couple in disgust. ”People like me shouldn be mentioned in the same breath with Miss Sherry. So, Miss Sherry, youd better stay away from me in the future, or don blame me if anything happens. ”

Then she left expressionlessly.

When she came out of the room, she suddenly felt that the strength in her body was slowly taken away.

In the room, Lecy Sherry was still crying in front of Vicdor Blake. Her twisting voice disgusted her.

Vicdor Blakes taste had really changed, and now he liked this.

She sneered and went back to her room with a stoop.

As soon as she opened the door, she heard Mike asking in a daze, ”Mom, where have you been? ”

His voice sounded like he had just cried.

Not daring to turn on the light to let him see her embarrassed look, Snow had no choice but to come to the bed and hold him in her arms. ”Mom is out to deal with something. Whats wrong? Can you sleep without moms company? ”

”I just had a nightmare… ” suddenly, in a sobbing tone, Mike said slowly, ”I dreamed that my mother was dead. ”

These four words shocked Snow.

She held his arm tighter and whispered in his ear with a gentle smile, ”dream is not right. Im with you now, aren I? Little carp is so cute. How can I be willing to leave you? So don think too much. Have a good sleep! ”

As a child, Mike fell asleep again under the comfort of Snow.

But it was not easy for Snow to fall asleep.

She recalled what Mike had said just now. Her physical and mental pain was torturing her.

For the whole night, Snow barely slept.

On the second day, her haggard appearance scared the servants.

”Mr. Blake has taken Miss Sherry to have a reexamination. You are the only one at home now. ” The servant couldn help reminding her in a low voice.

The servants still respected the legitimate Mrs Blake.

But it was also because he didn know why Vicdor Blake hated her so much.

”Thank you. ”

Snow quickly changed her clothes and left Blake family for the Cecy Group.

She consolidated the property of the Cecy Group.

Under the ridicule of Vicdor Blake over the years, the market value of the Cecy Group had reduced by more than half, but the lean camel was bigger than the horse. Moreover, the Cecy Group had advantages projects that other companies did not have, so it could survive the cooperation with other companies over the years.

However, what other companies wanted most was to directly buy off the project system.

She had never thought of selling it.

But now

She had to consider the reality

The money was enough for her to take Mike abroad for a good treatment.

It didn matter if she couldn be cured. She could accompany him for a period of time and create some beautiful memories for him.

She made an appointment with Thomas Reagan after she left the company.

In the cafe near the Cecy Group, Nathan heard that he saw the haggard Snow.

”Your body… ” whispered Nathan worriedly, ”are you all right? ”

”I can hold on. I won die in a short time. ” Snow said with a self mockery smile.

She took out a folder from her bag and put it in front of Thomas Reagan. ”Hey, here are the Cecy Groups shares and project information I have sorted out. Help me contact some companies and see if they are willing to buy it. As long as the price is not too low, sell it for me. ”

”Are you going to sell the whole Cecy Group? ”

Hearing that, Nathan looked up at Snow in surprise.

”For me, the most important thing right now is to spend more time with him. ”

She held her forehead and coughed uncomfortably. With her trembling hands, she picked up the teacup and took a sip of water.

Then she looked at Thomas Reaganand said, ”besides, the Cecy Group has been almost empty after being humiliated by Vicdor Blake all these years. If we keep it, it will only be smashed into my hands. Its better to sell it! ”

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