”Miss Cecy, your examination results are out. The results… Are not very good. ”

Snow Cecys heart sank, and her lips, which had no blood color, were even whiter. ”Doctor, please tell me. ”

The doctor sighed with regret: ”at present, it is confirmed to be brain stem glioma. The specific situation needs further pathological tests. ”

”Dong! ”

Snow Cecys bag fell on the ground and made a dull sound.

Brain stem glioma, Snow Cecy is not unfamiliar with this term.

She is a medical student and naturally knows the seriousness of this cancer. Judging from the current medical level, there is almost no possibility of cure.

Snow Cecy held her trembling hand, and her voice almost squeezed out from her throat: ”how long can I live? ”

The doctor could not bear to look at the thin and pale woman in front of him: ”Miss Cecy, I suggest you be hospitalized for chemotherapy as soon as possible, perhaps it can prolong your life for a period of time. ”

Inpatient chemotherapy?

Snow Cecy pulled her lips numbly. She wanted to ask, but suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her brain, and then a nausea surged up in her throat.

She covered her lips and rushed out of the door before she could say anything to the doctor.

In the bathroom, Snow Cecy had just vomited and sat on the ground in cold sweat, holding the hand washing table.

Her head ached like a needle, and waves of stronger pain kept coming.

At first, she tried hard to bear it, but later she couldn help it, so she raised her hand and knocked it hard on her temples to ease the pain in her brain.

But little effect was achieved.

In the intense pain, Snow Cecy suddenly wanted to hear the voice of that person.

If he knew she was so miserable, would he, would he have a little heartache?

The faint hope in her heart supported her to take out her mobile phone with trembling hands and dial out the familiar number.

”Beep - ”

Only one sound, and she was mercilessly hung up.

Snow Cecy dialed again and again with her teeth clenched and trembling.

The other end of the phone finally got through.

Snow Cecys eyes were sour: ”Vicdor… ”

Vicdor Blakes voice was full of impatience and disgust: ”are you finished? ”

The weakness in the bottom of her heart caused by illness is like being shot through by an ice arrow.

The rest of the words suddenly blocked her throat like cotton, and she opened her mouth like a babble: ”Im in the hospital… ”

Im dying of cancer.

But before she had time to say anything, Vicdor Blake rudely interrupted her: ”get back before you die! Look at what your son has done! ”


The next second, a little boys voice came out of the phone with a cry for help: ”Mom, help me! ”

Snow Cecy shuddered: ”whats wrong with Mike, Vicdor? ”

”Mom, I really didn push Aunt Sherry. Mom, you save me… ”

The mans angry voice suddenly interrupted the boys cry: ”grab him for me! ”

”Mom - ”

The call was cut off, and the boys last frightened scream was like a knife gouging out Snow Cecys heart.

She got up and ran out of the hospital.

Half an hour later, warm winter villa.

As soon as Snow Cecy went in, she saw Vicdor Blake sitting on the sofa with a blue face.

The doctor in a white coat on the side had just finished reporting to him. When he looked up and saw Snow Cecy, his cruel eyes immediately hit her like a cold arrow.

”Why don you get over here! ”

Snow Cecys face was as white as a ghost. She didn bother to change her shoes. She ran over and asked, ”what happened to Mike? ”

Vicdor Blake was full of vigorous anger, and his eyes were cold: ”these are the children you taught! he was as vicious as you, and pushed Leyi down the stairs! ”

”Impossible! ” Snow Cecy was shocked and then shook her head firmly to deny: ”Mike is not such a child! ”

Vicdor Blakes eyes are cold: ”you still want to deny that there are both witness and material evidence? ”

He said and got up.

Vicdor Blake has always been imposing and cold. His height of nearly 1.9 meters is oppressive. Now his cold face is full of anger, and he is as horrible as Shura.

Snow Cecy shrank in her heart and stepped back involuntarily.

But the next second, her chin was pinched by the man.

Vicdor Blakes dark eyes were filled with disgust and hatred: ”Snow Cecy, Le Yi is still in a coma because of his miscarriage. If anything happens to her, I will let you lose your life! ”


Snow Cecys breath was sluggish. Before she said anything, the cry of the child came from upstairs.

Its Mike!

Snow Cecys heart was like being pierced by a knife. She eagerly grasped Vicdor Blakes hand: ”Vicdor Blake, what have you done to Mike? I want to see him! ”

Vicdor Blake threw her away in disgust: ”if he did such a thing, I will punish him to repent in the study. When he admit his mistake can he come out. ”

Snow Cecys heart didn rest. She listened to her sons cry, and her eyes could not help but warm. She looked up and pleaded: ”you know, Vicdor Blake, Mike has been in bad health since childhood. He will have a fever when he cries. Please let him go! ”

”Let him go? ”

Her anxieties and worries did not seem to be false, but really a motherly heart.

Vicdor Blake looked at her and felt a momentary trance.

But he immediately recalled, who would have thought that beneath this motherly face, there was a cruel and cruel heart!

Vicdor stared at her with sharp cold eyes, and suddenly pulled a cruel smile from the corner of his lips: ”yes, then the mother pays his debt.You go to the door and kneel for him. When Leyi wakes up, you get up! ”

”OK! You let Mike go and let Aunt Sara coax him to sleep. Ill kneel now! ”

Snow Cecy agreed without hesitation.

She raised her head and pursed her lips at the cold man in front of her: ”but Vicdor Blake, Mike is definitely not a child who would do such a thing. There must be some misunderstanding. I believe him! ”

With that, she turned and walked to the door of the villa and knelt down.

Even if she kneels, Snow Cecys back is straight. Her body is thin, but her bones are like upright pines and cypresses, upright and unyielding.

Vicdor saw her as stubborn as ever through the window, and felt a strange agitation in his heart.

He summoned a servant: ”go and tell Snow Cecy that since you want to atone for your sins, there is no reason to enjoy yourself in a down jacket! ”

Its a cold day, and one would feel cold in down jacket. When the cold wind blows, it can freeze into peoples viscera.

The servant was surprised, but dared not disobey, so he had to go out and talk to Snow Cecy.

Snow Cecy glanced inside and took off her down jacket.

Soon, she was so cold that her teeth trembled, her whole body seemed to fall into the ice, and her knees were almost numb with pain.

In a trance, she felt a little cold on her face.

Snow Cecy almost thought she was crying, but her tears had already run out?

She looked up in a daze and found that snowflakes were floating in the sky.

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