This is… The first snow of this year.

Snow Cecy held out her hand in a daze. The snowflakes fluttered into her palm, but soon turned into a drop of water.

A mans intimate and joyful voice suddenly appeared in her mind: ”the first snow is floating in the sky, and holding the first snow in his arms is really the greatest joy in life! ”

That was the Vicdor Blakefour years ago.

They have been in love since high school. From the campus to the wedding, their feelings have been as sweet as ever.

At that time, the Vicdor Blake was gentle and considerate, and spoiled Snow Cecy to the bone. He didn even want her to touch the cold water.

Snow Cecy is picky about food. He is a young master of a rich family who studies cooking in their den. Snow Cecy likes excitement. He is a person who is afraid of heights and accompanies her in bungee jumping and parachuting. Snow Cecy is willful, so he will respond to all her unreasonable demands.

Even the warm winter villa was designed and supervised by Vicdor Blake himself as their wedding room.

They moved in that warm winter when the villa was built.

When it was the first snow, Vicdor Blake held her on the sofa on the balcony to watch the snow. He spoiled her and teased her: ”the first snow in the warm winter is hidden. Its good for you. Its warm to hear. ”

Then they kissed, lingered, and spent the last warm winter in the heavy snow.

At that time, their feelings were so good that they could not wait to drown in each others love. Every day was like a sweet dream.

When did it start to change?

Snow Cecy grasped the drop of water in her hand and tried to keep it.

But the tighter she held, the more hopeless she felt.

It was probably because the original Vicdor Blake was too good to her that she was not willing to end it hastily, and would not let go even if she suffered all the torture.

But she knows better than anyone that people have changed, that is, they have changed.

It was not long after they got married. At that time, The Cecy Group had a project to develop a mountain resort. One day, her father asked Vicdor Blake to go out to talk about things. But that night, it came that both of them were being rescued in the hospital!

Her fathers rescue failed and died, while Vicdor Blake also fell into a coma and his life was uncertain.

For Snow Cecy at that time, the sky collapsed overnight.

However, the police immediately announced the results of the investigation, saying that her fathers investment in the resort project failed and faced the crisis of bankruptcy. From this, he deliberately murdered the Vicdor Blake in order to seize the property of the Blake family!

But how could this be possible!

Her father held her in the palm of his hand from childhood. Even for her happiness, he could not do such a thing!

However, before Snow Cecy could find out the truth,s he was arrested by the police.

Because there are a large number of illegal drugs in Vicdor Blakes body, there was just one less one in the Department where Snow Cecy worked in the hospital at that time.

The truth of that day was no longer known, and she was sent to prison as an accomplice.

Snow Cecy was in prison and found that she was pregnant.

A year later, due to insufficient evidence, she and her newborn child were finally released, but her world had completely collapsed.

Cecy Group went bankrupt, and she was dismissed from the hospital. What is more terrible is that the Vicdor Blake, who had not seen in a year, became a tyrant without reason, and he only got angry and crazy revenge.

He hated her so much that he threw the tea cup on her forehead.

The blood red color covered the eyes, and Snow Cecys heart was as painful as ten million steel needles.

Vicdor Blake pinched her throat so hard that she thought she would die on the spot.

He bit his teeth and said, ”Snow Cecy, I really wish I could kill you. ”

Then Snow Cecy realized how much had happened in the year she was in prison.

He said that Grandpa Blake, who raised him, was angry and died because of this.

He said that his leg was almost destroyed when he fell off the cliff, and he recovered for a whole year.

He said, Snow Cecy, you can compare with a hair of Leyi at all. You vicious woman, I was really blind before.

Yes, in the year when he lost his relatives and his legs were disabled, the nurse named Leyi always accompanied him and encouraged him to shine into his life like the sun.

Finally, Vicdor Blake indifferently pointed to the child in her arms and said that he was superfluous.

This is Snow Cecys son who she used her life to protect in prison, but he was so hated by his own father when he was just born.

Vicdor Blake wants to divorce her. For the rest of his life, he only wants to treat Leyi as a treasure and protect her for life.

But Snow Cecy disagreed.

She wants to stay in The Blake family and find out the truth. She wants to grow up with Mike. She also wants to… Save Vicdor Blake.

No matter how Vicdor Blake forced her, she would bite to death and not sign.

At last, the Vicdor Blake gave up, and he sneered at her darkly: ”well, Snow Cecy, you can stay here to atone. ”

Then there is endless torture.

Then today she received the news that she had a cancer.

Her life and love are like a joke. The first half of her life is spoiled, the second half is full of despair, and even death is painful.

Its too cold. The weather is really too cold. Its so cold that people are desperate.

Snow Cecys chest was heavy, and then a desire to vomit rose from her stomach and rushed to her throat.

She has been unable to eat recently. She retched a few times and only spit out some yellow bitter water.

Then the brain began to prick again.

She gritted her teeth and tried to endure it, but it was hard to resist the intense pain until her mouth was full of rust taste.

The straight waist finally bent down in the endless pain and despair.

She really can hold on.

Snow Cecy hugged her head and curled up in the snow. Her eyes, which she thought had dried up, were slightly hot. A series of hot tears fell into her hair and disappeared.

”Vicdor Blake, Im in pain… ”

She is too tired and painful. Every minute and second of these five years is like drowning in valley of despaire.

Wouldn it be nice to sleep like this?

In a trance, a pair of mens shoes appeared in her vision.

Snow Cecys heart suddenly raised a little hope. She struggled and grabbed the mans trouser leg: ”Vicdor Blake… ”

”She didn die. ”

A sneer sounded overhead. The man took a step back, and Snow Cecys hand fell powerlessly on the ground.

She raised her head laboriously and saw Vicdor looking down at her. Her eyes and eyebrows were cold and contemptuous: ”Snow Cecy, when did you learn to pretend to be dead? ”

He dropped one word at a time, and Snow Cecy only smiled bitterly.

The grinding pain finally showed signs of abating. She took a breath and slowly propped herself up.

Vicdor said coldly: ”who allowed you to get up? Keep kneeling! ”

Snow Cecy raised her head and looked at him quietly: ”Vicdor Blake, do you really want me to die? ”

”Sure ” Vicdor Blake did not hesitate at all and looked at her coldly: ”youd better sign and disappear now. Don hinder me from marrying Leyi. ”

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