Snow Cecys heart has been numb with pain. A pale smile was aroused on her lips, and she spoke softly: ”don worry, soon… ”

Soon she will be able to complete them and stop being a thorn in his eyes.

Vicdor frowned at her: ”Snow Cecy, what tricks do you want to play? ”

Snow Cecy shook her head. She had nothing to say.

Seeing her low eyebrows and drooping eyes, she was too lazy to say another word. Vicdor Blake was baffled.

”Then you should kneel down here! ”

After coldly dropping a word, he turned away without hesitation.

In the gloom, Snow Cecy heard the cold voice of Vicdor Blake: ”whats wrong with her? ”

”Mr. Blake, madam has a fever. She is too weak. Im afraid she needs to go to the hospital for a careful examination… ”

Vicdor Blake impatiently interrupted: ”if only she can die, just look at her. When she wakes up, let her go and confess to Leyi. ”

”Yes. ”


The cold liquid wetted her hair. Snow Cecy felt that her body was scorched by the fire, which made her feel uncomfortable. But her heart was like a big hole, and the cold wind was blowing through. She bited her lips to resist the pain from her heart.

”Mom, don cry. ”

The soft little hand wiped away the tears from her eyes. The childish voice was still crying, but sobbed and comforted her: ”Mom, wake up soon, and take the medicine so you will not hurt. ”

Its her Mike, her little carp.

Snow Cecy struggled to open her eyes and reluctantly smiled: ”little carp, mom is OK. ”

”Mom! ” Mike threw himself on Snow Cecy, put his small arm around her neck and began to cry.

Snow Cecy listened to his cry and twisted in her heart: ”little carp… ”

”Madam, sir, let you wake up and immediately go and admit your mistake with Miss LeYi. ” The servant standing by interrupted her coldly.

Mike raised his head and cried hoarsely: ”Mom, I don have aunt Leyi Sherry! ”

Snow Cecy quickly took him in her arms and coaxed him: ”good boy, the little carp doesn cry. Mom believes you don have pushed aunt Sherry. Mom will help you explain to Dad. ”

When she was pregnant with Mike, the environment was too bad, so Mike was weak and sick from birth. He would have a fever when he cried, and would easily had pneumonia.

Snow Cecy has always carefully protected him and never let him cry.

Mike wiped her tears with her small hands, buried her head in her arms and sobbed stiffly: ”Mom, Dad won believe me. Dad hates me. and Im superfluous once I was born. ”

When such a young child said such a thing, Snow Cecys body was shocked, and she was so heartbroken that she could hardly breathe: ”who said it

Mike shook his head and said nothing.

Snow Cecys eyes were cold, and she had a guess in her heart.

Although Vicdor Blake hated her very much, the tiger was poisonous and did not eat the children. He did not like little carp any more and would never allow the servant to say such vicious words in front of the children.

Only the woman who is regarded as an angel by Victor Blake can hurt a child like this.

Snow Cecys heart was sour. She dried Mikes tears and looked at him carefully. ”That man is cheating you. your arrival is accompanied by the love and blessings from your parents. ”

Mike looked at her longingly: ”really? ”

”Of course. ” Snow Cecy gently touched his head: ”you are also my mothers little carp. Carp symbolizes good luck , so you are not redundant. You are my mothers most important person in the world. ”

Mike believed Snow Cecys explanation and finally stopped crying under her gentle coaxing. He began to yawn in Snow Cecys arms. Before he fell asleep, he leaned over Snow Cecys ear and whisper, aunt Sherry told me today. She also said that if I filed a complaint with my father, my father would only hate me more. ”

Snow Cecy was not surprised at all. Her fingers fondly touched his small face, but her nose was sore.

If she dies, what should the little carp do? How can he grow up healthily when he is left to face an indifferent father and a stepmother who is different in appearance and heart?

The servant standing aside reminded again: ”madam, sir said… ”

”I see. ”

Snow Cecy coldly interrupts her, then gently puts Mike on the bed and gets up and walks out of the bedroom.

Leyis room is next door.

Through the empty door, Snow Cecy saw her sitting on the bed looking down at her mobile phone. Her face was pale, but her lips were clearly hooked with a brilliant smile.

How can a woman who has just miscarried smile so happily?

Snow Cecy didn think much and knocked at the door to go in.

Leyis face is gentle and sweet, and her long black hair is scattered on her shoulders, which makes her face as big as a palm and her apricot eyes more pitiful.

Seeing her coming in, Leyis lip curled more deeply: ”I told Vicdor that you don need to apologize, sister. Mike is still a child.. ”

Snow Cecy walked over and looked cold. ”Miss Sherry, there is no one else here. You don have to act in front of me. ”

Over the past three years, Snow Cecy has suffered countless losses from Leyi. She has already seen clearly that the woman in front of her is not as gentle and kind as Vicdor Blake thinks.

Leyi didn hide any more. She raised her hand and shook it, with a sweet and ostentatious smile on her face: ”its a blessing in disguise. Vicdor has just proposed to me. ”

She wore a beautiful and delicate diamond ring on her index finger.

Snow Cecys breath suddenly stagnated, as if there was a little pain in her bone marrow, which made her face turn white.

She took a breath, moved her eyes from the eye-catching diamond ring to Leyis face, and looked at her without expression: ”you framed Mike with your own children and hurt two children to get this diamond ring. Is it worth it? ”

”Of course its worth it. ” Leyi Sherry answered without thinking. Looking at Snow Cecy, she suddenly raised a meaningful smile on her face: ”Ive been waiting for this moment for five years. Whatever I pay is worth it. ”

”Five years? ”

Snow Cecy was shocked. Five years ago, before she and Li Vicdor got married, Leyi Sherry was already planning to marry Li Vicdor? But Vicdor Blake clearly said that Leyi Sherry was the nurse who took care of him in the hospital after he was injured!

Leyi Sherry fiddled with the diamond ring on her hand. Perhaps it was Vicdor Blakes proposal that made her relax her vigilance. Her victorious posture lengthened the ending tone and stressed: ”yes, five years! ”

Her attitude forced Snow Cecy to think more: ”the accident four years ago… Was it you? ”

Leyi Sherrys sweet face was full of shrewdness and mLeyi. She tilted her head and said softly, ”no, I just took a medicine from your department. ”

Snow Cecys brain was buzzing. She couldn believe it and asked: ”why? Just to marry Victor Blake? That was a living life. Victor Blake almost died in that accident! ”

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