Leyi Sherry blinked innocently: ”I didn expect that Victor Blake would be so seriously injured. It was just an accident. ”

Snow Cecy seems to be watching a demon. She has only one idea in her mind. She wants to tell Vicdor Blake the truth.

”Vicodor Blake will not believe you. ”

Leyi Sherry seemed to know what she thought and said with confidence: ”the original evidence was completely destroyed. You searched for three years and found nothing. Now you tell Vicdor. What do you think he would think? ”

As she said this, she suddenly seemed to think of something happy. She covered her lips and smiled: ”anyway, you have a cancer. Im not afraid to tell you. Do you really think I have lost a child this time? ”

Snow Cecys body was shocked.

”Although it makes no difference to me whether you are divorced or not, who knows when you will die? ” Leyi Sherry raised her head and smiled contemptuously: ”one month, two months? Or three or five years? Im too lazy to wait. If you want your son to have a good life after death, I advise you to sign the divorce agreement quickly! ”

”Pa! ”

With a crisp sound, Snow Cecy severely slapped Leyi Sherry. With her red eyes, she pinched Leyi Sherrys neck and wished to break her into pieces: ”Im going to die anyway. Id better kill you now. We just go to hell together! ”

”Snow Cecy! ” Leyi Sherry didn expect that Snow Cecy suddenly started. She grabbed Snow Cecys wrist and struggled violently.

Snow Cecy really wanted Leyi Sherry to die, but she was so weak that she was about to be freed by Leyi Sherry. The next second, Leyi Sherry suddenly stopped struggling, and big tears fell down.

”What are you doing! ”

A fury suddenly sounded behind. Then Snow Cecy was caught by the wrist and fell to the floor.

”Vicdor! ”

Leyi Sherry wept and fell into the arms of Vicdor Blake in panic and weakness.

Vicdor Blake held Leyi Sherry with heartache in his eyes. When he looked at Snow Cecy again, his eyes were full of coldness: ”Snow Cecy, you are vicious. I feel sick when I see you! ”


This word made Snow Cecys stomach suddenly turn over, and the pain surged in an instant. Her whole body was in a cold sweat, and she could not say a word. She could only curl up on the ground and clench her teeth to resist.

In the pain, she heard Leyi Sherrys voice pretending to be worried: ”Vicdor, sister Snow, she doesn look very well… Did you hurt her? ”

Vicdor Blake glanced at Snow Cecy, who had shrunk into a ball. She was only wearing a sweater, but she was too thin to support her clothes. The collar was spread out, revealing the collarbone covered with almost a layer of skin.

When did Snow Cecy become so thin?

Vicdor Blakes heart moved, but he immediately turned his eyes in disgust: ”don care about her, Leyi. Don waste your kindness on such a vicious woman. ”


If it wasn for the pain, Snow Cecy could laugh at this moment. If Leyi Sherry was kind, there would be no evil word in the world.

Snow Cecy slowly got up. She sat on the ground and looked up at the two people snuggling up to each other, with the last glimmer of hope in her heart: ”Vicdor Blake, it wasn me and my father who killed you four years ago, it was… ” the woman you held in your arms.

”You still want to argue? ”

Vicdor Blake coldly interrupted her: ”Snow Cecy, at the beginning, there were all the personal and material evidences. Your father handed me the tea with the medicine of your department. How do you still want to deny it? Snow Cecy, I loved you so much at the beginning. As long as you open your mouth, I can hand Blaky group to you! ”

His eyes were filled with unforgettable hatred: ”but what I regret most now is that I know you, and I almost lost my life. Even my grandfather died because of this! How could there be such a vicious woman as you in the world, who hurt me, hurt my grandfather, and now hurt Leyi! ”

”You just want to hurt all the people I love, don you? I won let you succeed again. ”

Snow Cecys heart was like being pierced by a knife. She shook her head and tried to hold back tears: ”I really don have it. How can you believe me? If I die, you… ”

”Death will not erase what you have done. ” Vicdor Blakes eyebrows were cold. He pointed to the door and his eyes were disgusted: ”Snow Cecy, you go now. I don want to see you again. ”

Snow Cecy stared at Vicdor Blake, and finally understood what it means to die like ashes.

She has seen the way that Vicdor Blake loves her, so she knows very well how unreservedly this man pays, trusts and dotes on someone when she falls in love with him.

But now he only hates Snow Cecy, the woman he once loved deeply, and the person he cares about has become Leyi Sherry.

So Leyi Sherry is right. He won believe it.

Vicdor Blake no longer looked at her. He bowed his head and comforted Leyi Sherry softly. His eyebrows and eyes were gentle and his tone was spoiled. This appearance made Snow Cecy feel familiar and strange.

Snow Cecy looked at it for a moment, and pulled her lips to reveal a very ugly smile. She staggered up and walked out.

The light in the bedroom has been turned off. Perhaps the noise of opening the door has made Mike call her vaguely: ”Mom? ”

Snow Cecy closed the door and tried to restore a steady voice in the dark: ”its mom, baby, go on sleeping. ”

She staggered through the bedroom to the bathroom. After locking the door, she could no longer bear to vomit on the sink.

Her head seemed to be pierced by a steel nail. The pain made her sweat all over, and the uncontrollable vomiting made her almost unbearable.

The pain finally faded. Snow Cecy numbly opened the faucet and rinsed.

The woman in the mirror was almost skinny, with dry hair, pale face, haggard and vicissitudes.

If her old friend had seen her five years ago, no one would have believed that the woman in the mirror was the daughter of the Cecy family who was proud and reckless and amazed the imperial capital.

Only the stubbornness in the eyebrows and eyes still vaguely left the original shadow.

Snow Cecy teased herself and wiped away the tears from her eyes.

The mobile phone in her pocket buzzed and vibrated. She slowly took out the mobile phone, looked at the caller ID and connected it.

Snow Cecys voice was still slightly trembling. It sounded hoarse and weak: ”Thomas Reagan? ”

Thomas Reagan was a good friend she grew up with. The Reagan and the Cery are family friends. They have been playing together since kindergarten. Then they graduated from junior high school, high school and university and entered the same hospital. Their feelings have long been similar to those of their relatives.

Thomass personality has always been gentle. At this time, his voice on the phone was deep and serious: ”Snow, Im at your door. Do you have time to meet me? ”

As soon as Snow Cecy heard his tone, she understood that he knew everything. A bitter smile appeared on her lips. Today, she deliberately avoided the hospital where Thomas Reagan was located. Unexpectedly, she could not hide it from him.

She sighed: ”Im free, and Im looking for you. ”

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