It was late at night, and the thick darkness wrapped the warm winter villa. The biting cold wind blew, and Snow Cecy shivered as soon as she went out.

A Land Rover is quietly parked in front of the villa. In the dark, there is a bright red light. When Snow Cecy approaches, she finds that Thomas Reagan is smoking in front of the car.

There was a pile of cigarette butts scattered at his feet. It was obvious that he had been here for a long time.

Snow Cecy paused, then walked up to him and said with a smile: ”there are so many cigarette butts. You must clean up when you leave later! ”

Thomas looked up at her. His eyes were full of emotions. He didn speak. He threw the smoke on the ground and stepped on it as if he were angry.

Snow Cecy thought it was funny.

she has been suffering for a whole day, but now she feels calm.

Snow Cecy turned around and leaned against the car body. Her tone was calm as if she was talking about something else: ”brain stem glioma, although it needs to be further determined, I have started to vomit and have headache frequently, and I have also had a brief coma… Probably in the late stage. ”

Thomas Reagons breath became disordered in a moment. He kept his head down, but still couldn suppress the trembling and choking in his voice: ”no, the hospital you went to has backward equipment. Maybe the examination results were wrong. Ill take you there tomorrow… ”

”The probability of error is one in ten thousand. ”

Snow Cecy interrupted him. She turned her head and looked at him with a smile: ”I have accepted this result… I don want to say this. I have something to ask you for help. ”

Thomas Reagon looked at her. By the moonlight, he could clearly see that she was almost thin into a bone, her face was as pale as paper, and the whole person seemed to be in a dead silence.

He felt a deep sadness in his heart. After a while, he said, ”what? ”

Snow Cecy looked at him and prayed: ”I remember you said you would go abroad for exchange in the second half of the year. Can you please take Mike with you? ”

Jin understood what she meant in the instant he heard it: snow… ”

Snow Cecy cast aside her eyes and said, ”Vicdor Blake and Leyi Sherry are going to get married. I don trust that Mike will stay with them. I will divorce Vicdor Blake as soon as possible, and then send Mike abroad. At that time, I will probably be gone, so I can only ask you to help him settle down abroad. ”

”In recent years, I have tried my best to put Cecy group on the right track. Although it is far less than when my father was here, it is still developing well. I give Mike to you. I only ask you to take care of him so that he won be lonely and helpless. He grew up in a foreign country… ”

”Snow Cecy! What are you doing? ” Thomas Reagan growled angrily. His hand clapped on the window again, and he could hardly restrain his grief.

Snow Cecy was silent for a moment, and then smiled faintly: ”can you hear me? Im asking for you to take care of my son. ”

Thomass lips trembled several times. It took him a long time to find his voice: ”what about you? Chu Xue, you give Cecy group to me and Mike to me. What about you? What do you do? ”

What about her?

Snow Cecys chest shook, and then endless sadness and despair rushed up.

She thought she had accepted the result, but when Thomas asked, her nose suddenly became sour, and her pretended calm was shattered.

”What else can I do? ” Snow Cecys voice trembled, and she could no longer keep calm. Her tears fell uncontrollably: ”I can only wait for death. ”

She didn understand either. It was clear that she was unlucky enough, but fate still played such a joke on her.

Is it because God saw that her life in the past 20 years was too smooth, so he could not continue to look at it and wanted to take everything away from her?

She was wronged, she was unwilling, and she could not rest assured of her children. But what could she do?

Thomas looked at her crying and felt extremely sad. He went up to her and held her tightly. He kept saying: ”Snow, you won die. I heard that foreign countries have developed new technologies for treating tumors. You and I will go abroad together. We must have some ways… ”

”What are you doing! ”

A bleak voice suddenly sounded behind them, making people feel cold.

Snow Cecy was startled, and broke away from Thomass arms. Turning around, she saw Victor Blake standing in front of the villa door, all in awe.

Her heart was suddenly flustered, and she subconsciously explained: ”I have something to ask Thomas for help… ”

Vicdor Blake looked at her and Thomas coldly and said sarcastically: ”what can you do to stand at the door of your house late at night and throw yourself into the arms of a man? Snow Cecy, can I satisfy you? ”

Snow Cecy turned pale.

Thomas took a step forward and protected her behind him: ”Vicdor Blake! Don go too far! ”

”Im going too far? ”

Vicdor Blake looked at Thomass actions and felt very eye-catching. He felt uncomfortable and his face became more and more indifferent: ”Snow Cecy, you just collapsed on the ground as if you were dying. Now you have the strength to have a private meeting with wild men? In this case, why do you pretend that you are deeply in love and do not regret and do not want to divorce? ”

”Victor Blake! Do you know that Snow is… ”

”Thomas. ”

Snow Cecy interrupted Thomass explanation.

She looked at Vicdor Blake and suddenly felt that she did not know this man.

Although Victor Blake she loved was indifferent to others, she always spoke soft words to her for fear that she might be hurt or shed a tear.

Instead of the man in front of her, he turned a blind eye to her pain, wronged her indiscriminately and humiliated her.

Perhaps there is little left in her life, which makes Snow Cecy suddenly tired of entanglement with Vicdor Blake and Leyi Sherry. She wants to divorce and stay away from all this.

Snow Cecy thinks of the decision of divorce so much, but her heart still aches like a convulsion.

Under the moonlight, her face was pale and tired, but her expression was resolute: ”Vicdor Blake, I want to talk to you. ”

Vicdor Blake suddenly felt a little uneasy.

He subconsciously wants to refuse, but when he sees Thomas looking at Snow Cecy anxiously, his eyes cool again, and there is no emotion in his voice: ”come to the study. ”

Snow Cecy motioned Thomas to leave first, and then quietly followed Vicdor Blake.

The snow hasn melted yet, and the shoes creak in the snow. In the dark, Snow Cecy looks at the back of Vicdor Blake.

It seemed that it was snowing at this time five years ago. What was she doing with Vicdor Blake?

She can remember clearly, but its not that they hate each other as they do now. When she has nothing to say, its a sharp sword that stabs peoples hearts.

When he reached the study, Vicdor Blake was covered with cold. He looked at Snow Cecy and asked sarcastically, ”what are you talking about? ”

Snow Cecy bowed her head and remained silent for a few seconds. She pinched her fist as if she had exhausted all her strength to make a small voice: ”lets… Divorce. ”

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