Victor Blake seemed not to hear clearly. He frowned, and his tone was a little heavier. He hung his head slightly, and his face was slightly impatient. ”What are you talking about? ”

Snow Cecy has no illusions about him now.

She cried deeply, raised her head, looked into Vicdor Blakes eyes without dodging, and said clearly: ”lets divorce, Vicdor Blake, Ive had enough. Now that you have a new lover, divorce will help you, won it? ”

She squinted and smiled, trying to hide her tiredness, but she knew that she had already lost completely.

However, Vicdor Blake did not see the pain in her eyes at all, and suddenly pulled her.

”Divorce? You agree now? Did you refuse to divorce before because you haven found a family? Snow Cecy, I tell you that you can leave this marriage if you want to. Since you refused at the beginning, now you can stay in the Blake family and atone for your father! ”

”Vicdor Blake, you… ”

Referring to her father, Snow Cecy suddenly thought of what Leyi Sherry had said to her.

She subconsciously wanted to say it.

But she also thought of Leyi Sherrys threats.

She was in a hurry, her breath choked, and she coughed hard.

”Why? I don agree to divorce. Is this a blow to you? It seems that the man is really the one you
e looking for… Snow Cecy, you hurt Leyi so much that you want to pat your ass and leave? You
e dreaming! Ill let you go so easily. Ill leave you here, let you watch the happy days of Leyi and me, and let you atone for everything that Leyi and I have suffered! ”

With that, Vicdor Blake threw Snow Cecy away and said, ”get out! ”

At this moment, he is standing in front of Snow Cecy. Under the dim light, Snow Cecy lying on the ground can not see his face, but she can clearly feel that Vicdor Blake is extremely pure disgust and hatred towards her.

Snow Cecy knew that no matter what she said, Vicdor Blake would not believe it.

Then she dosen have to waste your breath.

”Vicdor Blake, if you don let me go now, you will regret it. ” She took a breath and stood up on the table beside her, looking at the back of Vicdor Blake.

Does he really feel sick even if he looks at himself more?

A wry smile rose from the bottom of her eyes. Slowly turned around, she was ready to leave the study which made her feel very suffocating.

”Wait! ”

Vicdor Blake suddenly said: ”Leyi was harmed by the evil seed you gave birth to. So, as a mother, go and atone for him. During Leyis days in hospital, you can take care of her! If there is anything wrong with it, I will ask you! ”

Snow Cecy turned incredulously and looked at Vicdor Blake: ”are you serious? ”

”What? You think Im kidding you? ” When seeing Snow Cecys expression, Victor Blake sneered: ”if you don take care of me, let Mike go… ”

”No, Ill go! ”

Snow Cecy was worried that Leyi Sherry would take advantage of this opportunity to harm Mike. She said to Vicdor Blake, ”little carp said that he didn do it, and this shouldn be what he should bear. However, since you are willing to let me go, you can let me go at ease, so I can go. ”

Since she had figured everything out, it seemed that she did not have the suffocation feeling before.

With a little sarcastic smile, Snow Cecy came out of Vicdor Blakes study.

She touched her eyebrows.

Theres been a lot of cold sweat.

However, compared with the embarrassment in the face of Victor Blake, it may be better to face Leyi Sherry. After all, she already knows what kind of fox this is, so she has plenty of time to clean her up!

The Vicdor Blake in the study hides in the dark, covering the original mood in his eyes.

Snow Cecy returned to the house.

Mike sits on the sofa and sees her running quickly and embracing her arm. ”Mom, just now I saw that dad was angry and grabbed you back. Did he hit you? ”

”How could dad beat me? ” Snow Cecy held the child and said softly.

However, she felt very sad in her heart.

It turned out that Victor Blake had such an image of beating people in Mikes heart.

Mike raised his head and looked at Snow Cecy: ”Mom, why don we leave here? I think everyone here doesn like us… ”

”Its impossible to go. ” Snow Cecy thought of the expression of Vicdor Blake just now. She felt that if she really left secretly with Mike, this man might catch up with her and take Mike away from her.

Even if he doesn like Mike, as long as he separates himself from Mike, he can see that he is in agony. He must be very happy!

She had tears in her eyes: ”little carp, no matter what, mom will let you safe. Please bear it first. Mom will surely find a good way out for you! ”

She absolutely can let Leyi Sherry kill the carp. Its her lifeblood. If something happens to Mike, she might as well die now.

As soon as she was excited, her body broke out again, which made her feel suffocating pain!

Fearing that Mike would find out, she gritted her teeth and stifled the pain.

Just then, the door was pushed open.

A servant stood at the door and whispered, ”madam, sir, let you take care of Miss Sherry… ”

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