”I know. ”

Snows voice was trembling.

The servant noticed it.

looked at her in surprise, ”Mrs. , are you okay? ”

”Its okay. Ill go now. ”

Snow stood up and gently touched Richards face. ”Mom will be back soon. Stay in the room and don go anywhere, okay? ”

”Okay, mom. Don worry. Ill be good! ”

Mike had seen through his current situation.

Leyi framed him for causing her miscarriage, which made his cold father hate him more and more.

If he caused any more trouble

His father will scold his mother.

He could suffer, but he didn want to see his mother so sad.

Snow came to Lecy Sherrys room.

Looking at her sitting on the bed and drinking birds nest soup with a pale face, she sneered, ”this face should need a lot of powder, right? ”

Lecy Sherry was stunned by her words.

She raised her head and looked at Snow. She frowned and asked in confusion, ”Why are you here? What else do you want to do? Look at your weak body. If you dare to hurt me again, do you believe that Vicdor will break your neck directly? ”

Lecy Sherry now looked like a winner.

She looked at Snow complacently with her hands crossed.

”He asked me to atone for carp, but you know better than anyone else whether he pushed you or not. Can you really feel at ease now? ”

Snow asked, standing in front of the bed with her hands crossed.

Although she was sick now, she had gone through so much and just recovered from the life and death line, so the aura in her eyes was much stronger than that of a person like Lecy Sherry who pretended to be a tiger.

”Why don you feel lucky? I need a person to serve tea and water at this time. ”

Lecy Sherry stretched herself and immediately raised her head as if she was telling a servant, ”Im a little hungry. Bring me a bowl of chicken soup. ”

Seeing that Celine didn feel guilty at all, Snow just smiled faintly. Then she turned around and was about to go downstairs to bring her a bowl.

”Don put anything in the chicken soup. If anything happens to me, both you and Mike will die with me! ”

Lecy Sherry reminded her deliberately with a sneer.

”Don worry. I won let you die like this. Your disguise hasn been torn apart and your true face hasn been revealed. Wouldn it be good for you to die like this? ”

Clenching her fists, Snow looked at Lecy Sherrys complacent face and said, ”Lecy Sherry, are you sure that what you have done won be known by others? If you go too far, God won forgive you! ”

”Well, then you can put all this on the God. Id like to have a try. When will the God open his eyes and stand up for you? ”

Lecy Sherry thought that Snow was driven crazy, otherwise how could she say such stupid words.

Seeing that Lecy Sherry was so confident, Snow knew that the truth five years ago would not be so easy to find out.

However, as long as there was someone on purpose.

She didn believe that she couldn find evidence.

She went downstairs to the kitchen.

The servant in the kitchen was surprised to see her and asked in a low voice, ”Mrs., what can I do for you? ”

”Where is Miss Sherrys chicken soup? ” Snow asked indifferently.

”Its ready. Im going to send it upstairs. ”

The servant went to bring the chicken soup. ”Ill bring it to Miss Sherry right now… ”

”Ill go. ”

Snow reached out and took the chicken soup from the servant. The servants shocked look was caught by her. She smiled faintly and said, ”Ill take care of Miss Sherry from now on! ”

”What? ”

The servant was even more surprised.

Snow didn want to explain, so she took the chicken soup and left.

When she returned to Lecy Sherrys room, she saw that she really did as she said. With doubts in her eyes, she said, ”to be honest, I don dare to drink the food you gave me. ”

”Its up to you whether to drink it or not. Besides, Im not stupid enough to hit you in Blake family. ” Snow put the tray on the bedside table and looked at Lecy Sherry indifferently.

She hadn observed Lecy Sherrys room carefully.

This was the biggest room besides the master bedroom in the greenhouse, and Vicdor Blake had specially decorated it as a delicate Princess Room.

Now he treated other women as princesses.

Realizing this, Snows heart ached.

Her fingers trembled.

It took her a long time to hold back her trembling hand.

She took a step back.

She kept a distance from Lecy Sherry.

She felt that if she was too close to Lecy Sherry, she would want to strangle her.

Lecy Sherry didn notice her emotion. She looked at the chicken soup and frowned in disgust, ”this is the chicken soup you prepared? Why is it not oily at all? Im not pregnant with the child of Vicdor Blake. Are you fooling me in the kitchen? Go and cook it for me yourself! ”

She narrowed her eyes and deliberately smiled at Snow, ”I heard that you were very virtuous and good at cooking when you were with Vicdor Blake. I really want to have a taste of your cooking… ”

Lecy Sherry had thought that Snow would satirize her own wishful thinking.

However, Snow nodded her head and said, ”Okay, Ill cook chicken soup for you now. But you have to endure the hunger. ”

Lecy Sherry was a little surprised at her concession.

With doubts in her eyes, she looked at Snow and asked worriedly, ”Snow, are you planning something bad? ”

”Are you afraid? ”

Seeing the expression on Lecy Sherrys face, Snow sneered, ”if you are really afraid, don make things difficult for me on purpose! ”

She was not a fool and could tell that Lecy Sherry did it on purpose.

She trampled on her dignity with the love of Vicdor Blake.

”Afraid of you? ”

Lecy Sherry laughed. She lifted the quilt, got out of bed and walked to Snow, with contempt in her eyes. ”Snow, I don think you can figure out the current situation. Now, Im the only one who likes me and treats you as an enemy to torture you. Now he gives you to me to torture. Do you think I will let you go? ”

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