”Then don ask me if Im planning something bad. After all, Im just a pushover in your hands now. You can do whatever you want. ”

After saying that, Snow suddenly grinned at her and said, ”if I don cook chicken soup, I won be able to drink it tonight. ”

Looking at her submissive appearance, Lecy Sherry suddenly felt annoyed.

Clenching her teeth, she turned around and sat back on the edge of the bed. ”I don want to drink any more. Go and wash the clothes over there. You can only wash them with your hands. Thats a silk brand bought for me by Vicdor Blake. You must be careful not to break them. ”

Looking at the clothes on the sofa, Snow frowned and cursed in her mind, he Blake family also has servants..

Lecy Sherry could only make fun of this kind of thing.

”Okay. ”

She nodded and took the clothes to the bathroom.

When she was about to wash her clothes, she suddenly felt stuffy in her chest, which made her very uncomfortable.

She grabbed the edge of the sink.

The sense of suffocation was the omen of her illness.

She really didn have much time left.

He had to find some evidence as soon as possible to prove what had happened in the past, and then let him leave this family which could not give him a healthy childhood.

Snow tried her best to hold back her uncomfortableness and began to wash clothes for Lecy Sherry.

She did everything well.

In order to let Lecy Sherry off her guard.

But she also knew that what she had done was not enough.

When she came out of the bathroom, Lecy Sherry was talking with Vicdor Blake, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Seeing that Snow came out, Lecy Sherry immediately frowned and pretended to be weak. ”Im hungry, Vicdor Blake. Can you ask her to cook me a bowl of hot porridge? ”

Snow was speechless

You didn want to eat just now, did you?

Only then did Vicdor Blake notice that Snow was also there.

He turned his head to glare at Snow and said crossly, ”go and cook some hot porridge and come up. ”

”Its so late. Aren you afraid that you can fall asleep? ” Seeing the look on Vicdor Blakes face, she couldn help sneering.

”Just do what I tell you to do. Snow, do you still want to be punished to kneel down? ” Vicdor Blake glared at her and shouted angrily.

His features were sharp, and there was a malicious and insidious atmosphere between his eyebrows in the past few years. A little cold face would make people feel a little scary.

He made Snow sweat on her back.

The smile on her face became more and more ironic. ”Im going to cook porridge for her right now! ”

When she turned around and walked out of the room, she felt her breath smooth.

When she went downstairs, she suddenly had a heavy feeling in her mind. She went black and almost fell down the stairs!

She was so frightened that she grabbed the railing and let out a sigh of relief. Then she squatted down painfully with the help of the railing.

At this moment, the cold wind outside the window made her body stiff with cold.

”I just asked you to cook porridge. Don pretend to be weak here. ” Suddenly, the voice of Vicdor Blake came from behind her.

She turned her head mechanically and slowly. When she saw the disdainful look in Vicdor Blakes eyes, her heart was even colder than her body.

Even though her chest and back were so painful that they seemed to crack, she still stood up angrily.

Looking up at Vicdor Blake without showing weakness, she said, ”Im not Miss Sherry. How can I pretend to be weak to make you feel sorry for me? Besides, if I had known it earlier, you wouldn have felt sorry for me no matter what happened. Why should I waste my energy? ”

Then she went downstairs slowly.

If it were not for him, he would have seen that Snows legs were trembling when she went downstairs.

She almost broke several bowls and dishes in the kitchen.

Even a servant couldn stand it and came to help cook the porridge.

When she went upstairs, Lecy Sherry had already fallen asleep.

Snow knocked on the door for a while, but no one came to open it.

She put the tray outside and went back to her room.

Less than half an hour later, the door was suddenly slammed violently!

Mike, who had already fallen asleep, almost woke up.

Snow quickly put on her coat and went to open the door. Confused and angry, the person outside asked, ”whats wrong? ”

”Mrs. , Mr. asked you to go to Miss Sherrys room. He looked very angry… ” the servant said with concern in his eyes.

Annoyed, Snow came to Lecy Sherrys room in a thin coat.

Lecy Sherry was crying in his arms.

”Vicdor Blake, Im just a little hungry and ask her to cook a bowl of porridge. I lost my child, so I don even have the right to eat hot porridge? ” When Lecy Sherry complained tearfully, her hands were still on the waist of Vicdor Blake.

Seeing this scene, Snow was disgusted.

She frowned and whispered, ”Ive cooked some porridge and brought it here. You didn open the door and locked it. How can I feed you porridge? Do you want me to feed you through the door? ”

Her tone made him frown.

”In my opinion, you haven cooked porridge at all. After all, youve already been proficient in cooking! ” Said Vicdor Blake sarcastically, looking at Snow with disgust.

He was still gently patting Lecy Sherrys back to comfort her.

This man had only been so gentle to her before.

Snow felt very irritated.

”You just need to ask and find out the truth, but you only believe her one side of the story now. I think you just want to use this as an excuse to insult me, not to know what the truth is! How blind you are! ”

Gritting her teeth, Snow retorted angrily.

Vicdor Blakes face became paler and paler, but the smile on Snows face became happier and happier. ”Its not just about this matter. There are too many things that you are… ”

Lecy Sherry froze at her words.

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