Second World

Chapter 13 - 13. Simultaneous Level Up!

followed by a point-blank Mana Bullet directly to its face. The magic attack scored a critical. The Captain twisted his body like a top and gave him a backhand swing.

He didn ’t have enough time to evade this time, he parried the blow and lost more than half the HP he had recovered from the medicine. Thank goodness that it could only do bare-handed attacks now. Otherwise, he would have lost more health. He might only be able to take one or two more attacks now, one if he didn ’t successfully parry.

He waited for the monster to throw another punch before he dodged and counterattack with a normal slash, his Power Strike was still on cooldown. Then he jumped back, he didn ’t perform combo attacks again because it left him open to attack. Once he was at a safe distance, he cast Mana Bullet. He saw the Skeleton Thug came out of the house as the Bullet hit the Captain. In his God-eye monocle, the health bar on the Captain was nearly depleted.

”Now or never! ” He shouted with determination as he dashed towards the Captain. His eyes intensely monitored the monster ’s body movement. When he saw its right shoulder move, he jumped towards its left side. He made a horizontal slash as the monster ’s right hand shot out to where he was before. His sword cut through the Monster ’s neck which was unprotected by its armor. Critical!

He was just about to make a second slash when he noticed the Skeleton Captain was unmoving. There were cracks on its skin and armor, which then spread out before it violently exploded into small particles. The Skeleton Thug that was in the middle of rushing over was enveloped by a layer of black mist before disappearing.

Jack stood there gasping as he watched those scenes. His edgy nerve was still in intense mode. He looked around trying to make sure that nothing would suddenly jump out and catch him unprepared. While he was calming his nerves, he heard a series of system notification.

”Congratulations on winning the battle. Receiving 105 experience points.

Your Fighter class have reached level 4

Your HP increase by 20

Your Stamina increase by 10

Your Strength increase by 2

Your Dexterity increase by 1

Your Endurance increase by 2

Your Reflex increase by 1

Your Wisdom increase by 1

You receive 1 free attribute point and 1 free skill point

Your Magician class have reached level 2

Your HP increase by 10

Your MP increase by 10

Your Strength increae by 1

Your Intelligence increase by 3

Your Endurance increase by 1

Your Reflex increase by 1

Your Wisdom increase by 2

You receive 1 free attribute point and 1 free skill point

You learn Magic Shield ”

He was dazed by the notifications. That was an abundance of Experience points. If he was just fighting zombies, he probably needed to kill over fifty zombies to get that much experience. This one battle had made him shot past the level of both classes.

He noticed there were several things on the ground where the Skeleton Captain had fallen. He approached them and squatted down to check. It was a ring and 5 copper coins. He picked them up.

Ring of Luck (Uncommon Accessory)

Luck +1

This was the first time an item had dropped from killing monsters. He had been fighting innumerable Zombies and several Skeleton Thugs for two whole days, and yet he only received 3 copper coins from all those battles. Now only after he defeated an Elite monster of level 6 did he receive an equipment drop. The drop rate of this game world was really lousy. But the first drop he got was an uncommon one, and some more it was an accessory that increased luck, which from the info of the Beta guide was the most difficult stat to increase. So, all in all, he could still consider himself lucky.

He didn ’t dwell too long on this issue. He equipped the ring onto his left hand, and stored the 5 coins in his storage bag. Afterward, he summoned his Status Window.

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