Second World

Chapter 23 - 23. Competing In Speed

shed against the monster ’s round shield, it staggered slightly.

Jack whirled around and put the monster at his back. He cast another spell without looking as he started running towards the opposite door. He could hear his four Energy Bolts hit the Lizardman consecutively, further rooting it at its place.

He stored his sword as he ran as fast as possible. His left hand kept holding his staff as a Magic Shield was again reformed on its tips. His right hand which was now free, took out the key-card from his inventory. He had managed to put as large a distance as possible between him and the Lizardman, all he needed to do now was to open the door before the Lizardman reached him.

He heard fast-paced repeating footsteps behind him, he knew that the monster had also chased him with all its speed. Fortunately, he had spent all his free attributes onto Dexterity, now the monster could not close in the distance as fast as their last confrontation.

He didn ’t bother to look back and risked his speed decreasing, he just tried to pinpoint the monster ’s distance from the sound of its footsteps. When he was several meters away from the card reader, he could hear the Lizardman was closing in on him.

He kept running at high speed even as he approached the wall with the card reader, he didn ’t allow his speed to decrease. He crashed onto the wall and let it be the break to stop his advance. He gritted his teeth, ignoring the pain on his shoulder due to the impact.

With a fast motion, he swiped the card in his hand onto the card reader machine, which missed.

Goddamnit! Get a hold of yourself! He screamed in his mind. His heart was beating like crazy. He could hear the Lizardman ’s fast pace running steps and knew that it was almost upon him, but he forced himself to not look and instead focus on the card reader. He swiped it one more time. This time it went smoothly. He jumped sideways to the door as the card reader went green and finally let his vision shifted towards the oncoming monster.

Before his feet even touched the floor again, his view was covered by a red shadow that crashed onto him. He felt a searing pain in his stomach as the scimitar thrust through. His body slammed onto the door behind which made a click sound half a second ago. Its door leaves swirled wide as Jack burst through into the space behind the door. He tumbled wildly onto the cold flat floor and slid to a stop only after the force that threw him through diminished.

The room inside was dark, but he could feel his vision whirling around. He clenched his teeth as he endured the pain and forced the dizziness away. He was terrified that the Lizardman would continue to attack him as he quickly looked around to pinpoint the monster ’s position. He saw it just behind the door of this dark room, standing there with a snarl and a menacing gaze.

He didn ’t know what was the facial expression of a lizard when it was angry, but he bet it would look exactly like what the lizardman ’s face was showing now. Yet the monster stayed outside the door line. Even as the door-leave which had opened wide due to the impact slowly rotated back to its closing position, it still didn ’t make any intention to pass through the door.

The door closed by itself with a click, and Jack was swallowed by total darkness.

He was still on the floor trying to calm his nerve. He looked at his HP bar. Holy Crap! He lost almost half his health just from that last single assault. He still had more than 80% of his health when he had a race with the Lizardman, now it was less than half. The monster must have scored a critical on his last attack.

After catching his breath for a while, he stood up and looked around. It was a total and complete darkness.

What place had he got himself into this time, he thought.

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