Second World

Chapter 5 - 5. Skill Practice

Now there were only the Ranger or the Magician. One was a speed-based class, the other was an intelligent-based class. He had played these classes before, but not as familiar as the strength-based melee class. After thinking for a bit, his hand moved towards the short staff and cloth. The speed-based was melee class, although he had read in Second World introduction that it could later be upgraded into a range class, it was still a physical class. By choosing Magician which was a magical class, it should give him more versatility.

”You have chosen the magician class. You have a total of 2 free attribute and 2 free skill points, you can open your status window to allocate this point at any time. ”

Oh, right, he still had those free points. He was too busy trying to stay alive and making sense of what was happening that he hadn ’t had time to check those status windows. He also felt more relaxed, his body felt light. Could the choosing of a second class affect this?

Well, time to see what that was all about.

”Status, ” he said while mentally summoning the status window.

The blue hologram appeared again, displaying his stats.

Storm Wind

Class: Fighter / magician

Level 1 / Level 1


– HP = 185/230

– Stamina = 110/110

– MP = 110/110

– Strength = 23

– Dexterity = 21

– Intelligence = 23

– Endurance = 23

– Reflex = 22

– Wisdom = 23

– Luck = 2

– Free attribute point = 2

– Free skill point = 1/1

Experience = 4/100 (fighter), 0/100 (magician). Setting 50:50

”Holy– ” He was dazed by the numbers. It was practically doubled from previous. He understood from Beta test introductory guides that all basic classes carried the same starting attribute points of 10, with small number of additional points for every level depending on the class.

For example, when he was a fighter, his starting strength was 10 then added by 2 for each level of fighter class. After receiving Magician class, every level grants only 1 strength, but it seemed like he was not only getting this 1 point of strength, but also the 10 points for starting a new class. Resulting in a whooping 23 strength in total. If he leveled up normally as a fighter, it would take him 6 to 7 levels before seeing this amount of strength. No wonder he was feeling lighter, he was much stronger and faster than before!

He also got MP stats, something that was not there before. He must have gotten it due to his new Magician class. It is typical energy required for Magician ’s spells. Physical players ’ skills used stamina, while Magical players ’ spells used MP or Mana Point.

What ’s this setting besides the experience bars? Seemed like he can toggle how much the experience received between his two classes, but if the experience was shared, wasn ’t that mean his leveling speed would be twice slower than normal? After giving the matter some thought, he didn ’t think it ’s a big issue. It might become slower for him to level up, but the stats he received will be more than make up for it. He set the experience setting to 75:25. Fighter was the main class and the one with which he was more comfortable, so he needed to prioritize on it.

He then added the 2 free points to strength and dexterity each. Before, he tested to add the points to Luck since it was so low, but it wasn ’t allowed. He remembered again from the Beta guide that Luck was a stat that was only received at the start of each class. Afterward, it could only be added through equipment, items, or quests. In other words, it could only be obtained under fortunate encounters. It was funny, considering you needed luck in order to get luck.

He swapped to the next page, which displayed his equipment status.

Right-hand weapon = Bronze short sword

Left-hand weapon = Apprentice staff

Head = none

Chest = Leather armor

Shoulder = none

Arms = none

Belt = none

Pants = none

Boots = none

Cloak = none

Necklace = none

Ring 1 = none

Ring 2 = none

Special equipment = Administrator God-Eye


– Large Bag

– Administrator key-card

– Handphone

– Tunic cloth

Money: 0 copper, 0 silver, 0 gold

A lot of empty equipment… Well, made sense. He just started after all. There was an additional item in his bag, Tunic cloth. It was one of the items from the starting magician class set. Since he had worn a leather armor, the tunic went straight to his storage bag.

He swapped the page again to find Battle Skills page. The page was divided into two sections. One was a Fighter page, while the other was for Magician. Each page currently only held one skill. Power Strike for Fighter and Mana Bullet for Magician, both were currently at level 1, and there was 1 free skill point on each section.

”Looks like I can only add the free skill point on their respective classes, ” he mumbled to himself.

He then inspected the description of the skills.

Power Strike, level 1/20 (Active skill, melee, require melee weapon)

Deal 150% physical damage, cause pushing force proportional to Strength stat.

Stamina consumed: 10

Cooldown: 3 seconds cooldown

Mana bullet, level 1/20 (Active skill, range, require magic weapon)

Deal 200% magic damage

Range: 10 meter

Mana consumed: 10

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Next to the level indication, there was a number 20. He figured that would be the maximum level that could be increased for the skill. There were also ten blank stars beside each of the skill descriptions. He thought back again to the Beta guide. He remembered to have read that there were two ways to upgrade skills. One was by spending skill points to upgrade the skill levels. The other was by repeatedly using the skills. Each usage will add proficiency to the skill which after collecting sufficient proficiencies, they will fill up the stars. Each star will increase the skill ’s effectiveness.

Eh? What ’s this at the bottom of the page?

Inherent Skill: Immortal soul (Passive skill)

Resurrect user at the nearest safe area when died, keep all inventories, collected experience to the next level is reduced by 50%

Cooldown: 24 hours

A live-saving skill? Great! He was celebrating for a moment before turning gloomy. If you need a skill to resurrect, didn ’t that mean ones that did not have this kind of skill will face real death when they died? This was different from the game system where it was standard for you to resurrect when you died. So this made the whole thing a real deal. It might follow rules typical in RPG games, but he still needed to treat all dangers as if in real life. 24 hours, that meant he was only allowed to die once a day. Well, not like he intended to use this skill anyway, he would treat it as insurance.

Now that he had reviewed all there was in his status windows, time to put the skills to test. He would need to get used to their usage, but first he needed to find a target for it. He looked at his radar, and realized there was a red dot at the edge of the radar. A monster had wandered into vicinity.

”All right, let ’s use you as target practice then, ” he unsheathed his short sword with his right hand, and held the short staff with his left. He looked at the short staff.

Apprentice staff, level 1 (common magic weapon)

Magical damage: 10

Range: 10 meter

Attack speed: 1

Energy: 50

He understood from the Beta guide that the energy stated here was like the staff ’s ammo. Without relying on spells, Magician could still make standard range attacks with this staff, but once the energy hits 0, then he could only attack with melee or spells.

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