Second World

Chapter 7 - 7. Second Day

water supply system was still working. He conveniently stored all his clothes, armor, and weapons inside his virtual storage bag. Once he finished his bath and cleaned his body with a towel he found in a closet, he re-equipped all his equipment. He threw the towel inside his storage bag, might not find one again when he did another bath, so might just as well keep it. After all, he had an extra large bag which had even more space, so he could afford to put all these junks inside.

He looked at the radar. There were three red dots around. One was nearby his position while the other two was grouped together at the edge.

Let ’s take out this solo straggler, he opened the rolling door and unsheathed his weapons.

He proceeded to take them out as planned, then continued on grinding the monsters while making his way North. He met another two level 2 Skeleton Thugs on the way. He took them out as well, one of them dropped 1 copper coin, which increase the total of his coin collection to 3. He didn ’t know whether he should be happy about it or not, since there was no merchant to use these coins on. He also found a supermarket on his way, in which he found another 3 breads, 3 snacks which in the item description was called junk food, and another 1 Energy drink. The junk food recovered 3 HP every second for 10 seconds, which made the total recovered points same as bread, only took longer time. He ate one of the breads to recover the HP he had lost along the way and to satisfy his hunger, then threw the rests of the consumables he found into his storage bag.

He spent the entire morning and afternoon on the journey, and made it to level 3 for his Fighter class, while his Magician was at 89% to level 2. He kept the free attribute and skill points for later use. He didn ’t get any new skill for reaching level 3. Although he didn ’t feel tired, as his stamina bar refilled after a short rest, he still felt mental fatigue from the long walk and constant battles. In previous VR games, he could spend entire day and night grinding, but that was him using his digitalized persona in the VR world, while his real body was immobile in the real world. Now with his real body, he felt the need to find a place for a long rest after a whole day of journey. Not to mention as well, it was getting dark, and he would have problem fighting monsters without sufficient lighting.

As he was searching for an area with low monster population, he noticed a two-storey house which had its lighting on. All of the buildings he had passed all had their lightings off despite still had power, hence this house with lighting on made a conspicuous sighting. He advanced towards the house carefully and observed his radar. There were a few red dots in the surrounding and a blue dot in the area where the house should be at.

What ’s a blue dot? That ’s a new one, he wondered.

He stopped in front of a window and monitored the inside of the house discreetly. The inside of the window was boarded and its glass was blurry, but he thought he could see movements inside. He tried to peek through the glass and through the gaps of the boards behind it, he thought he probably saw a human shape figure.

Could it be another person? Red dots represented the monsters which attacked on sight. Blue or green should represent friendlies, right? At least, that ’s the way with classic games. After evaluating for a bit, he decided to take the risk. He went to the door and knock on it.

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