Seduction As Revenge

Ch 6 I don\'t want to marry him

Because she had left alone in the afternoon, only leaving behind a note and her phone was turned off. His broker, Geoffrey, had been waiting at the door of her room.

”Do you still have a consciousness of being a celebrity? ” Geoffrey unceremoniously opened his mouth to question.

Many times, she was indeed the female celebrity that he recognized most. She had paid a lot to be an outstanding celebrity, but regarding her willfulness, Geoffrey had never politely blamed her.

Jessica laughed as she opened the door and walked in, then said unclearly: ”Nothing happened either, Geoffrey, you don have to be so angry, right? ”

Geoffrey followed her into the room, coldly pursed his lips: ”When something bad happens, its already too late! Now you are a celebrity, so your reckless action will bring about very serious consequences, harming yourself, your fans, and everyone who cares about you! ”

Jessica poured a glass of whiskey and added a few pieces of ice to drink. Just as she was about to raise her head to drink, the wine cup was snatched away and thrown onto the ground. Jessica sighed, receiving Geoffreys warning gaze, she finally turned serious and said: ”Geoffrey, I know Im wrong this time, but I have to go out on my own. I know I made a mistake, so in order to make up for it, how about making Jack Burton sign a contract in a sky—high price? ”

Geoffrey pushed his eyes and looked at her sternly: ”With your unconventional working attitude, are you sure you can do it? ”

Jessica fawned and laughed: ”Geoffrey, don be angry anymore, I really know I was wrong. I do have a very good plan now, to make Jack Burton rush to renew our contract. ”

”What, you want to sell yourself? ” Geoffrey sneered, and said with a venomous tongue: ”Do you want me to call CEO right now and report this good news to him? ”

”Thats enough. Ive already admitted my wrongs. If you continue to be like this, Im going to tease you. ”

Geoffreys expression changed, as he took a step back in fear.

He hadn forgotten the painful days before. In order to become a broker that wouldn be tempted by her, he had experienced something extremely cruel. Now, every time she seduced him, it would make his stomach ache.

Hes allergic to sex now.

Pushing his glasses up, Geoffrey took a deep breath: ”Alright, then Ill forgive you this time, you
e not allowed to have another time. Even if you want to do it alone, you have to do it under my arrangements. Now, lets get down to business. What ingenious plans do you have? ”

Jessica raised her eyebrows, walked to the sofa and sat down comfortably, then tilted her head and said: ”You know, the TKs nemesis, the Grey Group, the Big Yorks largest commercial empire, is famous for its aromatherapy industry. This time I won against the Grey Group in my advertisement. From what I know, the president of the Grey Group is a person with high self—esteem and this time he lost with unwillingness. I met him occasionally today, he seemed to really hate me. Well start from him, then. ”

”So, what do you want to do? ” Geoffrey sat down opposite of her and asked.

Jessica had her legs up on the sofa, and said: ”I want CEO Samuel to come and attend tomorrows TKs Celebration, to congratulate my victory over my opponent, and then dance with me under the watchful eyes, which is spectacular. Oh no, this must be the headline. Im getting a little excited. ”

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