Seduction As Revenge

Ch 6 I don\'t want to marry him

There is no way to describe him as handsome or cool.

His naturally noble bloodline allowed him to slightly lift his smooth chin, bringing with him a powerful and domineering air. His long pitch—black eyebrows and tall nose made him exquisite. Even the male celebrities who had finished make—up were not as good—looking as he was.

But the thing that was most captivating was, of course, that pair of black eyes that flickered like obsidian, and the overly gorgeous lips.

His gaze always made her think of the ice in the Polar Regions and gave her an innate coldness. However, it was as touching as the brightest star in the night sky.

As for his lips, although they were tightly clenched without a trace of a smile, they were sexy and gorgeous, tempting people to get close to taste.

”Truly, long time no see. ” This time, he was only more mature, charming and handsome than before. Of course, the gaze with which he looked at her was also much colder and loathsome.

Jessica smiled innocently, and calmly looked at Samuel Grey who was standing there. His complexion gradually turning worse, and he did not move in the slightest.

”Samuel, why did you come back so early? Coincidentally, Aroma has just arrived, it has been a long time since you last saw her. ” Samuel Greys mother, Moon Grey, stood up to welcome him awkwardly.

Samuel Grey did not look at his mother, but fixated on Jessica.

Really, it was unexpected.

This woman had dared to come here before him. She didn bring any children with her. Was she here to scout first?

Narrowing his eyes, Samuel Grey also looked at Jessica.

In these five years, this woman had truly transformed completely. Before, she had tried to wear a simple dress to hide her Siren—like charm, but now, she was wearing one with beautiful colors.

Her eyebrows completely widened, completely changing into a siren appearance.

That pair of alluring eyes were currently looking at him with a smile. Truly amazing. In the past, even when looking at him face to face, she would be scared.

What, she wants to scare him? Did she think that he would behave in panic? Ridiculous.

”Since you
e back, you should stay for a meal. ” After he lightly said that, Samuel Grey calmly walked over to the sofa and sat down.

Moon Grey saw that his son was so relaxed and did not mention anything about the past. Her heart was upset, but she also still silently sat down.

”I haven seen you in a long time. I brought you a present. Jessica said as she took out a beautiful box and handed it over.

Samuel Grey opened the box coldly and found a watch inside.

Seeing this watch, Samuel Greys lips could not help but tighten.

This Watch… It was the brand he hated.

Was this woman doing it on purpose?

”Hmm? Whats wrong? Samuel, you don like it? Ah, could it be that I got it wrong? ” Slightly embarrassed, she laughed. Jessica frowned and said helplessly: ”Sigh, Im serious. I vaguely remember that bands you like and dislike. Im confused. I will take this back and give the other to you later. ”

Extending her slender fingers, which was smeared with red nail polish, Jessica was about to take the box back.

”No thanks, this is ok. ” Samuel Grey held onto the box, stared at her, and said, ”It is a terrifying burden if you can still clearly remember my preferences after such a long time. Im glad you can remember wrongly. ”

”Samuel! Aroma kindly gave you a present, how can you talk like that? ” Samuel Greys father, Wood Grey, had never spoken a word, and currently, he reprimanded Samuel Grey a little harshly.

Jessica released the box and she laughed like a flower: ”Father, Samuel is right, I was too innocent in the past. ”

”Even after so long, your engagement with Samuel is still here. ” Then Wood Grey said seriously: ”I promised your parents that I would take care of you. As for the marriage agreement, as long as you want to — ”

”Dad! The engagement should have ended long ago! I already have Lucy! ” Samuel Greys cold voice cut off Wood Greys words.

Mother Moon Grey was a little helpless. The father looked at Samuel Grey angrily and said: ”The matter between you and Lucy that I permit is just because Aroma went missing, then, I have to allow it, now that Aroma is back, you have to marry Aroma! She was your wife at first! ”

”I said that I don want her, I don want her for the rest of my life. Its absolutely impossible to get an engagement with her! ” Samuel Grey was also furious.

”You! ” Wood was so angry that he was about to beat him. However, Jessica who was in the middle of the storm suddenly laughed bitterly and said, ”Really, Daddy and Samuel, why do you have to fight? Is there really no one else asking me for my opinion? ”

Samuel Greys gaze was like an ice—cold blade, piercing towards her.

This evil woman messed up Grey Family as soon as she came back, what did she want to say? In the past, she would always try to dissuade him and her father, causing their relationship to worsen. Yet, why did she want to say something like this to make her father protect her?

Both of her hands rested on the table. She looked at Samuel Grey with her pair of alluring eyes and suddenly burst into laughter: ”I don want to marry Samuel anymore, so the previous engagement doesn count anymore. ”

The room suddenly became silent. After a while, when no one said anything, Samuel Grey completely did not expect her to actually say these kinds of words while smiling.

For a woman who had been delusional enough to dream of becoming his wife for more than ten years, and who kept pestering and loving him, to suddenly say such words to him one day made Samuel Grey feel that it was completely inconceivable.

Aroma Spielberg? This Aroma Spielberg said that she doesn want to be his bride now?

Was it real? Or was it his fantasy?

Moon Grey held her breath for a long time, as she was the first to react. Looking at Jessica, Moon Grey asked somewhat hesitantly, ”Aroma, you suddenly came back, could it be … could it be that it wasn for Samuel? ”

She was always pretty when she smiled, and even though she looked a little flashy, it revealed a hint of flirtatiousness. She shook her head and said: ”Mom, what are you thinking about? I came back to Big York just because of work, and thats all I want to take a look around. Of course, I also want to cancel the engagement that I had with him due to my ignorance. ”

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