Seduction As Revenge

Ch 3 Returning home for advertisement?

At Big York Airport, when Samuel Grey got off the plane, a flight attendant immediately came over and greeted, ”CEO Samuel, please follow me to the VIP channel. ”

Samuel Grey frowned and said unhappily: ”The normal channel is ok, I don need VIP. ”

Samuel Grey hated trouble caused by VIP channel, because he would often meet people who wanted to socialize with him. This time was his private holiday, and he did not wish to immediately disguise himself just when he landed and exchange greetings with others.

”CEO, theres a celebrity at the airport today. There are a lot of fans meeting at the normal channel, so lets go VIP. ” Secretary Martin Hanks reminded him softly from behind.

Samuel Grey slightly raised his cold eyes and said coldly: ”That has nothing to do with us. ” He strode past the flight attendant and headed straight for the normal channel.

Martin Hanks went silent behind him. It was useless to stop him, so its better for him to be silent instead of being scolded.

When Samuel Grey arrived at the corner, he saw a huge crowd of fans gathered there, making the whole passage extremely crowded. Not only fans, there were also many media, and the atmosphere was extremely high.

Samuel Grey frowned, and pushed his glasses up: ”CEO, I don think I can protect you to squeeze out of here. ”

Samuel Greys hands were in his pockets, and glanced at the signboard held by the fans, which read: ”Only loves Jessica. ”

His thin lips moved slightly, and said: ”Jessica? Never heard of her. They say she is the sexiest girl on earth. Huh, is it another starlet with artificial face? ”

Samuel Grey was originally just mocking her, but he didn expect Martin Hanks to laugh behind him. He said awkwardly: ”CEO, although I am definitely not this Jessicas fan, but she is really hot, and her face is very charming. Not only that, her face is not artificial.

Samuel Grey tilted his head slightly, pursing his captivating red lips.


When talking about sexy, until now, other than that girl, he had never met anyone who is sexually impressive to him.

The person who suddenly came out to Samuels mind made him unhappy.

Why did he think of that woman?

Lowering his head, Samuel Grey turned around and coldly said: ”Whats sexy? In the end, she is just an evil Siren. These kind of female stars, rely on the sugar daddy to get the chance of being famous, which are the most disgusting things on the Earth. ”

As Samuel Grey spoke, Martin strode towards the VIP channel, and started laughing bitterly.

I forgot that CEO hates sexy women the most. Martin Hanks had always known that the CEO was different from other men, but he was actually very puzzled about why even his taste of women is so strange from others.

No man does not like sexy women, does not like beauty, even if some men spoke to like pure. When sexy women stand in front of them, they would still surrender.

However, CEO was different. He had always kept his words. He didn want sexy women, only those pure and cute girls can go to the bed with him. Sigh …

When he glanced back, Martin Hanks felt a little regretful. In fact, he really wanted to glance at Jessica. The great CEO said that such women are most disgusting. However, Martin thought, if he could sleep with her, he would be happy even at the expense of half of his possession.

Turning around, Martin Hanks followed Samuel Greys upright figure and after walking a few steps, shocking cheers burst out from the passage behind him.

”Jessica! Jessica! Jessica! ”

”The sexiest star! Only! ”My Goddess! ”

Martin Hanks was a little excited: ”She really came out from here. ”

As Samuel Grey heard this deafening shout, he continued to walk without even turning his head around. He sneered in disgust and spat out one word, ”Boring! ”

Martin Hanks shook his head. Although he was CEOs loyal secretary, he couldn help but look at the sexy female star.

She was only wearing a shirt and skirt. As it was summer, the buttons on the skirt only reached a little to the chest and the skirt showed the snowy thighs. It looked like she was wearing a boyfriends shirt.

The skirt swayed back and forth. It was as if there was nothing underneath it, which was very seductive. It looked as if something was about to be revealed, but it was also covered up. It was even more seductive than being revealed.

Martin Hankss blood pressure suddenly rose, just at this moment, Jessica saw him, her bright eyes blinked at him, extremely charming and breathtaking.

Martin Hanks immediately covered his heart and became anxious. He was not innocent virgin either, but his heart was beating extremely fast because of the electricity. He quickly coughed to cover his panic as he followed Samuel Grey.

He thought: This Jessica, indeed cannot be underestimated.

At this time, Samuel Grey had walked far without turning his head back, even glancing at Jessica once, and on Jessicas side, under the escort of the bodyguards, she very skillfully signed her sexy signature, and casually dodged the perverted hands of the crowd.

”My Goddess! ” Jessica, I enjoy your photos and masturbate every night! I love you the most! ” Suddenly, an otaku male fan started shouting. Such immoral speech was made by a fan, it was extremely insulting, and the media were all looking forward to how Jessica would respond.

Ignore or get angry? Whether or not they could get the news depended on this time.

However, what made them pleasantly surprised was that Jessica actually raised her hand and looked at the male fan with her charming eyes: ”Is that so? It seems that my photo has made your nights pretty good. In return, please continue to love me, is that okay? ”

The male fan was stunned for a second and excitedly screamed, ”Forever! ” Jessica, I will continue to support you! I will definitely love you till the end. I will forever only love you! ”

Jessica could only smile as she walked out of the airport and got on the car.

A bunch of media crowded in front of the car and asked: ”Jessica, can I have a few words with you? ”

”Miss Jessica, may I ask why you have come to Big York this time? New movie? A new TV show, or photo works? ”

Taking out a beautiful, blank invitation letter from the car, Jessica kissed on it, leaving a red lip print. She then passed it to the reporter closest to her, and smiled sweetly, ” This is the reason why I came, why don you have a guess?

The car window closed and Jessica left. In the hot summer wind, all that was left was an invitation with her lip print on.

The reporter who received her lip print excitedly and nervously called his editor: ”Hey, editor! Guess what, Jessicas big news, the scoop, we got it! ”

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