Seduction As Revenge

Ch 3 Returning home for advertisement?

: ”The staffs of Tank Company is so rude that we have to head to their company as soon as we arrived, shouldn they arrange a hotel for us to rest first? ”

Jessica pushed her sunglasses and said unconcernedly: ”Instead, I think its better to come here first. ” Jessica said. As she looked through the glass door, she could see that there was another company on the other side of the road.

Yes, it would be better to come here first.

After a few people entered, there were immediately people who came to welcome them. Along the way, Jessica reached the top floor and followed the secretary to Office of the President.

”Miss Jessica, welcome. It is truly an honor for us to have your visit. ” Tanks CEO, Jack Burton, shook Jessicas hand. Jessica had already taken off her sunglasses, and facing Jack Burton, she smiled: ”President Jack are too courteous. This is my advertisement, so its my duty to be here. ”

Her smile made the corners of her eyes raise upwards, and an alluring mole appeared at the corner of her eyes. Seeing this, Jack Burton suffocated as he held onto Jessicas hand for many seconds without letting go.

When Hazel saw such a great CEO of the company being enchanted by Jessicas smile, she burst out laughing, Geoffreys face immediately darkened as he glared at her.

Hazel quickly suppressed her laughter and lowered her head.

However, her laugh caused Jack Burton to come back to his senses, and he anxiously pretended that nothing had happened and released Jessicas hand: ”Miss Jessica, sit down please. ”

Geoffrey was really worried that Hazels stupid brain would destroy their business, so he greeted and brought Hazel out, leaving behind Jessica and Jack Burton. After a while, a few designers went in, and they discussed inside for nearly an hour.

Jack Burton shook Jessicas hands happily: ”I have a feeling that with Miss Jessicas help, the new Product will definitely become very popular this time. ”

”President Jack compliments me too much. ” Jessica laughed humbly but looked out from the French window behind him. Her moving eyes blinked, and Jessica said: ”Your office view is overlooking the scenery of Big York, do you mind if I take a look? ”

”Ah, I don mind. Please feel free. ” Jack hurriedly said when he heard this.

Jessica nodded, she did not look outside, but looked at the opposite side of the window, at the big house. Although she could not see anything inside, Jessicas hand still reached out and touched the glass, as though she could touch the opposite side of the glass.

Jack Burton stood behind her and saw that she was wearing a shirt and skirt, with her bright and fair thighs falling into his eyes. It caused his breathing to quicken.

It was as if she were wearing a mans shirt and it was too long and blocked out certain hidden sights.

Jack Burton had a dream. They had spent the night together and she wore his shirt this morning to enjoy the scenery outside the window.

Fragrance came from her body. Jack Burtons breathing became a little hurried, and his body started to become a little hot. He clenched his hands and said: ”Miss Jessica, you
e surely tired because of your journey, why not have a relaxing dinner with me?

Jessica came back to her sense, her eyes cold, but she raised her charming smile: ”Im sorry President Jack, in order to keep fit, I can only eat vegetables at night, you know that being a super star is not easy. I have to go. ”

Jessica did not give Jack Burton a chance to speak further as she strode off.

She wasn a woman that would have any feeling on such a man.

This man wasn qualified to bring her to bed.

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