Seduction As Revenge

Ch 9 This is just the beginning

Under his fathers pressure, Samuel finally take the key and drove Aroma back. On the other hand, he also wanted to ask her something.Today, she suddenly came, and it seemed like she really was only here to see his parents. But what exactly was she thinking, and where was the child? He had to ask her and think of a way to deal with it.

Aroma Spielberg, what kind of conspiracy do you have in your heart …

Jessica followed Samuel Grey out of Grey Family Residence, and naturally sat beside Samuel Grey. She politely smiled and said, ”Samuel, Ill have to trouble you to send me back, Ill be staying at the Garden Hotel for the next few days. ”

Samuel Grey drove the car with a cold face. While driving, Samuel Greys gaze became gloomier, but Jessica who was by the side felt at ease, and change the radios a few times.

Samuel Grey frowned slightly, and he almost did not know where to start to criticize her.

With regards to the matter of her being a super star, her sudden visit to the Grey Family, or the shameful scene in the advertisement, each of them made him want to make a public announcement and humiliate her.

But as expected, he had to get to the point, because he didn want to be caught up in her concealment.

”Wheres the child? ” He coldly asked Jessica as her thin lips slightly parted.

Jessica was surprised for a moment, and then looked at him with a puzzled expression, ”Samuel, what are you saying? ”

Samuel Grey laughed coldly and said sarcastically: ”You don need to pretend to be stupid. You came back this time with your child to divide the property. Theres no need to pretend. Coming back after vanishing for five years, I can help but praise you for your patience. ”

Jessicas charming eyes slightly rose as she tilted her head to look at him. ”Fun! ” She laughed, covered her lips, and Jessica shook her hand: ”Im sorry, I couldn hold back from laughing. You
e obviously talking about such a serious topic. ”

”What are you laughing for? ” Samuel Grey felt that he had been fooled, his voice suddenly dropped to zero degree, as his eyes swept her with a sharp gaze.

Jessica shook her head and gave a charming smile: ”I don have the child because the child was killed long ago. Theres no need to worry. Take it easy. ”

The car suddenly skidded and tilted to the side. Jessica was shocked, but right after, Samuel Grey suddenly turned the steering wheel, stepped on the brakes, and the car suddenly stopped at the side of the road.

Jessica blinked her eyes, and tilted her head, looking at Samuel Grey with lingering fear.

Samuel Grey frowned, just now …In an instant, just for an instant, he panicked when he heard that the child had been aborted.

The matter was completely out of his expectations. He didn think that the child would be aborted. After all these years, he would occasionally think back to that time. Although he was reluctant, he would subconsciously guess that she and the child were somewhere in the world.

He had also imaged that, one day, she might shamelessly bring her child to compete for the family property. Just now, he even thought that everything was exactly as he had expected.

However, everything was different from what he had imagined. Everything was different.

The child… actually wasn born at that time.

”Did I say something that would move you? ” In the slightly dark car, Jessicas voice could be heard. Her body was emitting a long fragrance that seemed to have passed through several centuries, coming over once again.

Samuel Grey held his breath in disgust and laughed: ”You told me a very good news, the child was not born, which saved me a lot of trouble. ”

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