The ball ended peacefully. Avyanna was back in their house and she was too exhausted to even meet with his father who was calling for her. She didn care about it.

Diane undo Avyannas garments and hair braids.

”How was the party, Lady? ” Diane asked while undoing the braids of Avyannas hair.

”Exhausting. But it was fun. I saw the person of my dreams. ” She said.

”Which is? The Princes? The Duke or the Marquis? ” Diane asked desperately to know who.

But none of the title she said where Avyannas person of her dreams was.

”Not gonna tell you. ” Avyanna said teasingly.

”Eh? ” Diane sounded disappointed but Avyanna can do about it.

They are in an era where same sex is still not allowed in society. Its even more difficult than in the 21st Century. It can create a scandal that could overthrow the whole family. The greatest shame in this era is to become a fallen aristocrat.

But… Isn this a fantasy-romance genre? Isn everything possible here? Avyanna thought quickly. Monsters and magic exist here so why not same sex relationship?

It was a really hard thought for Avyanna. Confused if it was fine or is it not.

”Lady? ”

”Ah. Sorry, I got lost in thought. ” Avyanna said. She looked in the mirror and everything was done. ”Thank you for attending to me, Diane. You can go back to your quarters now. ”

”Understood, My Lady. ”

Diane took away the dress that Avyanna used.

Avyanna was now alone again. She lie down her bed but eventually she couldn fell asleep. She irritatedly get off her bed and went to the balcony to see the big and bright moon.

Ive always wanted this kind of scenery.

Living in the city is very inconvenient especially if you love nature. You have to travel for hours just to see the sea, the sunrise, the sunset and the bright sky in the darkest night.

Watching city lights is good too. But back in 21st century, Avyanna couldn do those things. Shell look up the night sky but couldn see the brightness of it because of a lamp post beside their house. Every street have a lamp post that annoys her so much.

She dreamt of living off the mountain where she can be alone and free. Where she can enjoy the fresh air breeze.

This time. I would like it to happen. After we secure our relationship, I will ask her to live with me in a small town near the beach.

Avyanna smiled at the thought but her smile faded as she shattered her own dreams. I forgot she wanted to be Emperor! An emperor can just go somewhere! This is gonna be hard.

She scratched her head and went back inside her room. She went to bed and slowly she fell asleep.


”Yena, would you like to spend eternity with me? ”

I found myself standing on a battlefield. Holding a sword and with the womans every word I kill monsters that are attacking us. She is leaning on a tree trunk.

”I-I do! ”

”Im so happy right now. ” I saw her wide smile but blood is dripping down her chin.

Where am I? Who is this lady? Why is she asking me to be with her for eternity.

”Yena, I love you. ”

”M-me too. ” What the hell are you saying?! What am I saying?! ”Please hold on a little more! Im sure rescue is on the way. Please, hold on. Don leave me, please. ”

”No!! ”

I woke up with my hands reaching out. I feel like Im out of breath. I was sweating so much too.

I rang the bell beside my bed and in just a minute, a maid came inside my room.

”My Lady, you ca– Oh my. My Lady, why are you crying? ”

I stumbled and immediately touch my cheeks. It was wet. Did I cry? But why?

”Get me a change of clothes and a water. ” She immediately ordered as the maid ran away panicking.

I held my head as I felt it throbbing. And my chest is aching so much.

That dream is so strange.

I took a deep sigh and calm my thoughts. Everything in that dream was vivid. But its so strange. Why do I feel affectionate to that woman? Just who is she?

”My Lady, the change of clothes and the water is here. ”

The maid put the pitcher and glass on the side table and gave me the change of clothes. I drank the water on the glass and pour another one. Water was leaking down my chin but I didn care about that. I feel like Im running out of oxygen.

”M-my Lady… ”

I glare at the maid who then shriek and shivered. I calm myself and then face her.

”You can go back. ” I said that made her move swiftly.

I stare at the clothes and help myself on wearing it. After doing so, I went back to my bed and unfortunately I couldn get back to sleep. Im also afraid to go back to sleep. The scenery in that dream felt so real and horrible. I always thought that itll be a piece of cake fighting with monsters. But those faces are scary I want to run away.

I saw light coming from outside the balcony.

The moon sure is bright today.

I went there and sat on the railings. The breeze of the wind is chilly.

”Yena.. ”

A whisper of the wind… Yena.. Is that a nickname for me? Its cute. Whoever the lady was. I was thinking that we have a really strong bond. Like we were really together.

But, how? Who is that woman anyway? What are those I love yous? Why is she asking me to spend eternity with her? What was our relationship? Is that even possible? But I like men. No, I like Roshan.

I let out a loud sigh.

”Goddess of Moon, can you answer my questions? ” I asked while I look up the sky, staring at the moon shinning so bright.

And so, my night that was filled with questions disappeared like it was sway away by the wind. Will I be able to find the answers to everyone of them?

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